A list, for myself, of all the TVB shows I’ve watched. Really incomplete. Haven’t even cracked the first lustrum of the 2000’s yet (I have to go back to the 1980’s, if not the 70’s, for this list to be complete). Also, a bit amazed at the sheer number of TVB shows I’ve watched.* However, I often don’t remember a single thing about most of them (except exclamations of “ooh yeah!” if I see old clips of it) because they are either: pretty forgettable, a pretty long time ago, or only saw once. (I don’t care what bad stuff you have to say about rote learning, it can help you remember. Repetition is key, repetition is key, repetition is key.)

(Not including shows I just happened to catch a whiff of passing through the living room. :D )

A Bride for a Ride
You’re Hired
The Stew of Life
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Rosy Business
The Threshold of a Persona
Burning Flame III
Born Rich

Wars of In-Laws II
A Journey Called Life
The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
The Money-maker Recipe
Catch Me Now
Forensic Heroes II
Love Exchange
Moonlight Resonance
Last One Standing
The Gem of Life

Green Grass of Home
Heart of Greed
On the First Beat
The Drive of Life
The Ultimate Crime Fighter
Marriage of Inconvenience

Welcome to the House
Safe Guards
Glittering Days
Forensic Heroes
Dicey Business

The Charm Beneath
The Herbalist’s Manual
The Academy
Wars of In-Laws
Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Into Thin Air
Life Made Simple
Healing Hands III
Real Kung Fu
Always Ready

*That probably has more to do with Hong Kong TV scheduling — most series only go up to an average of twenty to thirty episodes, whilst airing five times a week — equaling to a very high turnover.


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