Wildlife 10.07

This episode was another one where it started at Point A and ended at Point WTF (girl is found dead –> smuggling animals! [although to be fair, the episode actually began toward the end, then backtracked [“One Week Earlier”]), but it featured the two best hugs EVER. (EVER.)

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“Oh, God.”

Emmy crack!

Also, why did they revise the theme I only just picked barely a month ago? I liked it perfectly fine. The perfect way the image perfectly matched the width of the entry was perfect! And it wasn’t even on purpose. Now I have to fix them and get used to this new theme.

…Okay I’m kind of used to it now but I hate the “without comments” section. Why couldn’t they move that to the bottom, too?

Scylla 4.01

Uhm. Sara being alive is no secret, as there have been a number of hints (most notably LJ hearing the gunshot, but not seeing it) in the last season, but hasn’t it already been established she is part of the Company as well? That’s why in the opener she’s all nervous and shifty-eyed? I dunno. Maybe I’m remembering something wrong. I could watch last season’s season finale again, but I really don’t want to.

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