Wednesday Night Finales

I made a Mother’s Day resolution to post more here. After all, it shouldn’t be that hard, I watch tons of television. (I’m not exactly sure why I stagnated.) BTW, this site focuses on television, did my About page not mention that at all, commentator who questioned the purpose on an entry I don’t remember right now? (I edited the page now for clarification.) Anyway, it used to be episode-by-episode, as in, each entry only focused on one episode of a particular show (except for the TV on DVD parts), but I’m going to include more general entries too, that is, posting about more than one show in an entry. So, let’s go! (Spoilers for last night!)

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The Girl Who Is A Model, Not A Masseuse 6.08

It’s been over six weeks since my last ANTM post, and man, have things changed. This season has been interesting in that I did not have a clear favorite throughout the cycle. In the beginning, I really liked Nnenna. She was beautiful and smart, but by the third or so week I could see her personality was kind of ugly. Her photographs were good, but did not get better. I’m glad she’s been booted.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been rooting for Danielle. She has this sweet Southern charm that isn’t overpowering. I thought her toothy gap added to her overall personality, and I applauded her for standing up for the gap. Then I remembered the judges are hypocrites and don’t take kindly to non-conformists, so then I wasn’t sure what to think.

I hope Jade and Furonda leave SOON, other than that, whoever wins I won’t complain about. Sara looks like a giant Scarlett Johansson; Joanie’s all right, I guess; I hope Danielle wins, but I have a nice losing streak I don’t wanna mess up:

Cycle 1: Adrianne
Cycle 2: April
Cycle 3: Not Eva
Cycle 4: Naima
Cycle 5: Worst. Cycle. Ever. Kim

Plan B 2×17

As I said previously, Logan wins the county-wide essay contest on freedom. Although, it's weird Mrs. Murphy would just announce it in her class rather than Principal Clemmons announcing on the P.A. to the whole school. Veronica is suspicious and checks out his essay, which has been posted for all to see. After the girls de-flock from Logan, she goes up to him and quotes his essay, but it turns out he just lifted lines from Easy Rider, which he made her watch last summer. (He also made Hannah watch, but that's neither here nor there.) I would like to see this flashback!

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The Girls Go Bald 6.01

First impressions:

Poor grape-stomping girl! I would’ve liked it if she made it to the final thirteen… or would I??

Racist Texan bitch = SEE YA! Wow, this girl was so hypocritical, she would’ve made Stan Lee blush. I know this sentence made no sense, I just wanted to quote Comic Book Guy. Anyway, she wanted people to keep an open mind about people whose beliefs were different, YET SHE HATED GAYS AND MUSLIMS. Does she even know the word hypocritical? Does she think it a river-dwelling animal with enormous chompers that lives in Africa? Actually, I don’t think her brain is big enough to comprehend this.

Nnenna is the frontrunner, and I’d loved it if she won, but I hope she falters here and there… or it’d just be too fricking obvious she’s the winner.

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and Jade just smacks of arrogance. There were others in previous cycles that were also confident, but didn’t sound like a complete douchebag while at it; they had something different. Also, she’s old. Granny.

Gina is the most stereotypical Asian girl ever. She’s a composite of about five different girls I’ve personally known in my life, from her speech, her looks, her mannerisms even to the sound of her voice. She also has terrible diction. Not good times.

Furonda should shut the fuck up, she looks like one of the aliens on South Park that stuck a transmitter up Cartman’s asshole.

Moo-moo, moo moo moo moo?