Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense.”
– Mark Twain

Originally an outlet to write out Veronica Mars episodes, because I was trying to figure out who blew up the bus, but now ever since we found out that multi-episode-long mysteries on VM were down the crapper, I was kind of in limbo.Veronica Mars has ended!  Haha good riddance.  I still have fond memories of the first and second season, don’t get me wrong, but the third season sucked and blew and the behind-the-scenes (executive producer and cast-wise) stuff was… no good. (I’m not going to relay it since it was told in a protected avenue and I know that makes it sound more false, but whatever.)

So I decided to focus on television shows.  If it aired on television somewhere in the world, it’s game.  Don’t ask me why I call East Asian shows CJK TV serials, it’s a term I think I made up in 2002 and it just works for me, and now I can’t undo this horror I have unleashed upon the world.  I suppose I could just call them “dramas,” but what about those crazy HK comedies that take place at the turn of the century when whitey is coming in?  Actually, I could just say CJK TV or CJK Dramas, but I like the word “serial.”

If it seems like I’m hating/harping/being mean/being irreverent to something I claim is my favorite, that means I LOVE IT.  Why would I watch something I don’t even want to watch in the first place, and then take time out of my day to make fun of it?  So the more I make fun, the better I love it, my dear.  Oh and that irreverence quote has nothing to do with anything, except Mark Twain.

This site is certified 47% EVIL by the Gematriculator
This is the most evil of all my blogs.

(TV Guide‘s Watercooler Poll inspired me to make use of this [eighth] journal…)


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