Amuse-Bouche 1.02

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God is terrific.”

I think he meant it in the pejorative sense.

Another disturbed killer??  Who cares!  This is about the characters of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.  Oh, and some other people.

Even though the threads of the first major case of the pilot (Garret Jacob Hobbs) will continue to permeate the rest of the season, this is a characters’ show.  Though, I grant credit where credit’s due for not forgetting about cases in subsequent episodes.  Excellent!

But again, this episode shows that the bad guy of the week will be disposed of almost immediately.  I feel kind of bad for them because they get such little screen time. (Feeling bad only because we know so much about Hannibal Lecter. What happened to egalitarianism and equal opportunities??) When they show the guilty party, it means they will be caught shortly thereafter, so that really indicates to me that it doesn’t matter who they are catching, but WHO is doing the catching.

“Ugh, look at his office,” I said with plaintive envy.

And since Will is the main guy doing the catching, we watch him grapple with the repercussions of killing the cannibal (Hobbs) from the previous episode.  His inner conflict arises when he is glad he saved a girl, but also because he killed a man.  Except, the girl might be a suspect too!  Ohnoez!  Poor, tortured, emo Will Graham.  The good thing out of that are his visits to Dr. Lecter. Watching them become closer as they find similarities between themselves is gold, I tells ya.

One of my complaints for the last episode was that Beverly Katz (Hettienne Park) seemed to be trying too hard to be Angela from Bones.  I didn’t get that vibe so much anymore, which is good, but the vibe I’m getting now is that of potential love interest, which is bad.  I mean, we’ve already got Dr. Bloom and Dr. Lecter in the mix with Will Graham, do we really need Beverly up in there stirring shit up?  Not that her role will be shit-stirrer (well, I hope not), but just having her there in addition to all the others.  Her placement in the opening credits (compared to the rest of her team, who don’t get any) seems to suggest an expanded role later on.  Hopefully, it won’t be that of love interest…. but then again, their relationship seems to be a bit more subtle, and those are the types of relationships I like to watch.  Watching scenes with Dr. Bloom and Graham is like watching Teddy Roosevelt beat me up with a large stick. (I guess that means my soul left my body and I’m watching Teddy beat up my corpse? I’m not sure on the details here of this analogy I just made up.)

The look on Will’s face after he turns back around cracks me up
Naked blogging

We also get an introduction to tabloid journalist Freddie Lounds, and boy is she awesome.   Not that I like her character, but she’s got more balls than Modell’s!   Her first scene was kind of wtf because she was naked blogging.   I advocate nakedness as much as possible, EXCEPT when blogging.   Unless I have a piece of tape over my webcam.   Anyway, by the end of the episode, I just fanwanked that that’s just the type of character she is, who couldn’t wait to post the scoop, except she really needed to shower first.  Man, I can’t wait until Francis Dollarhyde straps her to an antique wheelchair and then sets her on fire.

I didn’t think Hannibal’s fashion was up to par compared to the pilot.  Freddie Lounds beat him on that front, which is saying something because she clearly has two styles, a fantastic one for going about town and a blah one for staying inside. (Like me, except my style for going out is blah and my style for staying inside is potato sack.) Her fantastic style fully beat up Hannibal’s three times, with a roundhouse kick to the teeth to top it off.  Combined with her at-home style, however, her overall style was just one resounding beating.

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Just in case you didn’t realize how emo Will Graham is


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