The new PBJ

Wow I gotta remember I want to use this blog for TV instead of putting it elsewhere. Well, I’m trying my darndest… starting now. (Pretty sure I reiterate this sentiment to some degree every time I come back once a year.)

So I’ve been catching up on The Office (just finished the last season…) and the Andy and Erin relationship is… hm. They are clearly trying to push this as the new Jim and Pam relationship, but they are certainly no Jim and Pam. I couldn’t care less if they got together or not. I think Erin can be cute and quirky, and Andy’s certainly… a character (I mean that with the best of intentions). Yet trying to put them together is so uninteresting I nearly zone out whenever their relationship is onscreen. The forced breakup with Gabe was just that. (Then again in the time between the episodes where they seemed happy and then the breakup, I stopped watching for six months.) It probably doesn’t help that Gabe is kind of likeable (he was Lady Gaga, lol) and Pam’s previous beau, Roy, was painted badly, especially compared to Jim. If anything, I dislike Erin more than Gabe; there’s naïveté and then there’s, “Did she shave a slice of brain away from her cerebrum or something?” I find those types of “innocent” characters off-putting.

Maybe when I start the new season things will feel different.*

*I doubt it.


4 thoughts on “The new PBJ

  1. The problem is that we have so many bloggy-type places, and all this competition for our brilliant words is tearing us apart!!

    Back to the topic… I’m like the complete opposite of you: I LOVE Erin (and Andy!), and I want Erin/Andy to happen so, so much. Erin, to me, isn’t so much innocent as insanely stupid, and I mean that in the best of ways. (Really!) I love crazy characters like that, characters that make you think they were never raised among humans, but could function pretty happily in a cult or in the Christian church. (Hence, my love for Creed.)

    I also like Gabe because he’s awkward and weird.

    Also, as an aside, I think Pam/Jim is so lame these days. Every episode we’re reminded of how in love they are, and I’m like, okay, I get it already, back off, Jack. <– Who's Jack? Jack Ass, that's who.


    1. For some weird reason, when you mentioned you wanted Erin/Andy to happen, I suddenly I remembered I *did* want them together… before she got with Gabe. I think I’m just slightly bitter that the breakup with Gabe seemed out of nowhere, because I like his character. (Though like I said I might not remember some foreshadowing.) That episode where they invited everybody over to their place (or Gabe’s), they seemed… cool. I dunno. I wish they didn’t try to fashion it like Jim/Pam. Maybe I’m reading too much into it… -__-

      Haha, Creed! I love Creed. (At first I thought you meant Creed [Can you take me HIGHYA?])


      1. Yeah, it was totally weird because, like you said, they at least SEEMED like they were such a happy-dappy couple (my words, not yours obvs — lol “dappy”) at the “Glee” party episode, and then suddenly, not too long afterwards, Erin’s eating sandwiches alone in her car..? WHAT HAPPENED INBETWEEN, WRITERS?

        Ack, I had forgotten that band and its association with that name/word and now you have made me remember. You just don’t want me to be happy, do you?!


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