There’s More Than One of Everything 1.20

I think after the fourth or so episode, I stopped watching for months, until April. I had little personal time and I figured there’s always Hulu. So hurriedly watching the rest of them these past few weeks, I’m now at the season finale only a couple weeks after the on-air date. Yay!

So since the last episode, Nina Sharp was shot and Walter Bishop allowed himself to be whisked away by that observant guy with alopecia who eats spicy stuff. I’m assuming these are appropriate cliffhangers for the penultimate episode of the season, not the season finale? According to the security footage, Nina Sharp was shot by masked men whereupon the camera went black for four minutes just as we see a case of instruments brought out. Strangely, only one of them is bedecked in bandages rather than the regular black ski mask that most masked men wear. The FBI wonder why, but I’m guessing the better for us to discern the leader, my dear? They also enhance the audio, and it’s pretty clear by the first play, even with all the tinniness and fuzziness, it’s that German guy, who might not even be German because shouldn’t it be like Jan or Janssen, not Jones? I don’t know, I’m not German. But Jones is definitely English. Maybe his father is English, or being surrounded by Germans in his German prison gave him a bit of a German accent. Why was he even in the German prison?

So yah, it is Jones. Big surprise. Broyles and Dunham wonder why Jones, who they believe is backed by William Bell, would shoot Bell’s COO. Dunham wants so badly to get Bell she keeps interrupting Broyles. OHNOSHEDIDNT!! Head snap! You don’t do that to Lance Reddick. He will push you around in a wheelchair, convince you to go on a walkabout, rise in the ranks of the Baltimore PD before becoming a lawyer and then he will cut you.

Peter comes into the lab looking for Walter, who didn’t sleep in their hotel room last night. Asteroid doesn’t know where he is, then Olivia arrives looking for Walter as well. Peter makes a call to look for him and Olivia asks Peter if he ran away because she emotionally assaulted him at a pastry shop. Aw, how cute, Walter and Peter hung out at a pastry shop! Until crazy Olive came in and made Walter cry. That scene was so gut-wrenching for me… Olivia would not let up and it was obvious Walter felt so badly for what he did, even though he didn’t remember. Sadface. Olivia apologizes for her pastry-shop attack, but Peter tells her not to worry about it.

Where is Walter? In a cemetary going up to an as-of-yet unseen tombstone whilst being watching over by the spicy-eating bald man.

Nina Sharp wakes up and her robot arm is all wonky. They insinuate that she survived the gunshot because she has Kevlar parts in her ribs. So, she’s pretty much Bionic Woman, right? Why does she have more fake parts than some porn star who used to be really ugly? Broyles asks what’s up with the shooting and her crazy-ass robot arm, but all Nina does is request to speak with Agent Dunham immediately.

The next scene, I see the all-too-familiar Refrescante billboard, to which I said, “Oh, that looks like Williamsburg.” Cut next to the Williamsburg Bridge, which, if you didn’t know, is in Williamsburg. So Fringe has pretty much been a drinking game of, “Hey, that looks like [Insert some place in NYC here], and oh, wait, it is!” for me. There was also one particular scene in Episode 1.17 Bad Dreams, where the mother who was coming home from the circus with her kid, that irked me because everything about it was all wrong. She was heading down the hallway to the subway, but it actually leads to the Metro-North tracks and the underground dining sensation that lies beneath Grand Central Terminal. She swiped the MetroCard for the HEET turnstile and then went through a different door. I was wondering how she was gonna push that baby stroller through the turnstile before she went through. And, now that I think of it, it wasn’t even the right platform for the 7 train! It looked like the platform for the Times Square shuttle. And, you know, I don’t really feel like going back and checking all these things, I’m surprised I even remembered them all considering I pretty much watched these last six or so episodes back-to-back-to-back-to-back. And I know people who say only New Yorkers care about these things, uhm yeah. I live here, I kinda go on the offensive when they get these things wrong about my hometown. How about some big-name production goes to the place you live and love and gets the details all wrong. I’m not angry enough to write a letter to them, because that’s a waste of time, it’s a show and I know they take liberties telling the story since it’s not a documentary. It doesn’t mean I can’t gripe about it and nitpick a bit. And yeah, there’ll probably be a lot of griping from me, not even for NYC, just in general.


Nina Sharp explains after they fix her robot arm that Jones used to work for William Bell, and that Bell certainly is not the head of a terrorist organization. Nina thinks Jones did all his darndest after teleporting from prison to try to prove to Bell he was special, including making creepy calls to Massive Dynamic that involved a lot of heavy breathing, I bet. They think Jones will try to kill Bell, so they want to bring Bell in, but Nina has not seen him for months. I think he’s been cavorting with intergalactic honeys. Nina proposes that if Olivia can stop Jones, she will serve up Bell. Well, if she doesn’t know where he is, how can she do that? If Jones gets Bell first, all her questions cannot be answered, so stop Jones to get answers, Olivia! Oh, and probably to stop any more deaths. Olivia finally asks what Jones did to her, and it turns out he stole a powerful energy cell hidden in her robot arm. You fools! Why do people always hide things in their prosthetic limbs? That’s always the first place they look!

Not enough H-people. Also featured: Williamsburg(h) Bridge

Mr. Jones and his guys start setting up some contraption in Williamsburg, which is seriously lacking any extras that seem like they actually are from Williamsburg. (Namely, Hispanics, Hasidic Jews, and Hipsters. And others also, but they don’t start with H’s; sorry, suckas.) I think his face is supposed to be an anti-teleportation ad, because there is some kind of melted Mexican cheese blend pus running down his bandages, which serves as a foil to the photo of him that appeared in the FBI databases not more than ten minutes ago. Like a, “This is your face. This is your face on teleportation,” with Rachael Leigh Cook smashing up his mug with a frying pan sort of thing. At first I thought Jones was gonna do a sonic boom to bring down the Williamsburg bridge, but it looks like he wants to do another teleportation hole, but it fails because the back wheels of a eighteen-wheeler truck suddenly disappear, so that an out-of-control truck is suddenly veering towards a very calm Jones and his cronies. He says that it’s “too thick here” and that it’s the wrong coordinates. “Try again, please.” I don’t care what you say, German prisons teach hell of manners! I should send my future son/daughter to a German prison, then I’ll have the most polite hermaphrodite in the world! Oh, and he takes off his glasses and it looks like one of his eyeballs is turning transparent or into jelly. Perhaps both!

Sargento Fancy Shredded 4 Cheese Mexican Blend for $6.99/lb at Pathmark. And hot damn, did you know Sargento made a SIX-cheese Italian blend? Hey, Sargento, you’re forgetting the other Italian cheeses like Pecorino, Gorgonzola, Piave, and technically-not-cheeses Ricotta and Mascarpone! Dump those in there too!

Also, thank you for showcasing the Williamsburg Bridge! It is the forgotten half-step-brother of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges who is also the middle child and adopted. After all, it defeated the Brooklyn Bridge as the longest suspension bridge on Earth, why shouldn’t it get more love? And I don’t think they are actually trying to depict Williamsburg, despite filming in Williamsburg and having the Williamsburg Bridge in the background. I think they just wanted a wide road that has relatively little traffic (little compared to, say, Queens Boulevard aka Boulevard of Death) to do the truck scene in. Or maybe they just wanted a cool bridge background, and DUMBO streets are hell to have fake car accidents in? Who knows! I am focusing too much on little things, but after all, isn’t that what I always do, whether it takes place in NY or not?

On a beach, Walter and baldy walk. I hope he has sunscreen, I hear the skin on the scalp is quite sensitive to the sun. “Do you recognize this?” he asks Walter, and holds out a coin. He does, but the Observer says it is only similar to the one he knows and cryptically adds, “There’s more than one of everything.” He then says he’s done or said too much, and this is as far as he can take him. Next, he asks if Walter recognizes a beach house close in the distance. He does, and he asks if he remembers what he has to find, but Walter doesn’t remember, again. The bald hot stuff walks away, leaving Walter to walk toward the house.

Back at the Harvard lab, Broyles presents Nina Sharp to Aspirin. They want to ask her some questions concerning Walter and Peter pops out of nowhere. She says that Jones took something that Walter may know about. They maybe think Jones had something to do his disappearance. A fax comes in showing Walter Bishop at some rail station from three hours ago thanks to Massive Dynamic’s peeping-tom ways. Peter says the station’s near a beach house they own, so Peter volunteers to go fetch him himself.

In Williamsburg Olivia and Charlie start interviewing witnesses about half of a truck. A man had a black scanner thing that emitted a high-pitched noise. The truck just appeared out of nowhere, there was some weird shiny window and the guy with the scanner was wearing a mask. Olivia asks the witness if she’s sure it’s not bandages, and she said, yeah, it was bandages. Noooooooo that’s not how you do it, you are putting ideas in her head! Wroooooong. They get some info on the driver, or not, as it turns out nothing — the person, the vehicle or even parts of the vehicle, are registered or can be confirmed as ever existing.

Peter arrives at the beach house, which looks quite messy. Peter seems to be enjoying the memories, no matter how dusted over they are. He calls out “Walter” several times with no answer until he finally sees him sitting in a room. Walter says he’s looking for something important that may be in this house. Peter is quite understanding, shock!

If Jones is looking for Bell, what does an energy cell and a magical truck have to do with it? Sharp is evasive and Olivia threatens that she will look all up and down this world finding Bell. Nina finally admits that Bell is not of this world anymore. No, not something as crazy as death, silly! He’s just in another universe. Why are you so silly, silly? Charlie doesn’t quite understand, however. Olivia tells him that Walter told her it was more like an “alternate reality.” Charlies tries again: so he’s not on this planet? Nina: Nooooooooo he is on this planet, just another version of this planet. This conversation is really hilarious. I’m not sure if Olivia is really clearing things up when she explains to Charlie that déjà vu is a glimpse into the “alternate reality.” Broyles says that some people may be able to pass from one to the other, and that’s why the truck cannot be identified, because it’s from the “other side.” I thought it was an alternate reality, not Opposite Land, where people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people. I thought alternate realities were “alternate” because of different decisions that were taken (or not), that lead to different outcomes. So technically, wouldn’t the truck still be identifiable in some way? Ehh… I don’t know, I’m not good at this stuff. Okay, so Nina says that’s why Jones took the energy cell hidden in her robot arm, it was to cross over to get to Bell. Lol, “other side,” “cross over” — it’s like Ghost Whisperer all up in here. Everyone gets a call at the same time: “Did you know O not only boned her partner, but also briefly shared his memories too, after some sort of freaky fringe-science experiment? OMFG! XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

Walter is quite anxious looking for the thing he can’t remember, yet he knows he has to finish it. He looks ready to chew his arm off as he’s having a muttering fit. Then he runs to another room and says he can’t leave yet. Peter remembers aloud when he was a child living here in the summers while Walter worked in the city. On Saturdays he would wake early and smell pancakes, meaning Walter had arrived. In Manhattan, waking early and smelling pancakes only meant the winds were blowing just right from the fenugreek-seeds processing plant in New Jersey. In a turn of events, it turns out Walter made the pancakes! Hehe, I thought it’d be Peter’s mother, because it was Walter’s favorite, but it was actually Peter’s favorite, or favorite shape, rather. Walter suddenly remembers that he made them in the shape of whales, which ties in with his whole looking at the ocean thing? (Peter liked staring at the endless ocean.) I wonder if he ever iced a pancake with, “To a Whale of a Wife.” And how did he make the whale-shaped pancakes? I bet this is one mystery that’ll be dropped. :(((((((( Walter also now remembers what he is looking for.

Jones stops in Providence, Rhode Island at an amateur soccer game; how he got another set of coordinates I don’t know. The gang were called up here by Gossip Girl to interview the soccer players. Again, the same description: that a shimmery yet warped window appeared. One of the guys had hit it (that’s what he said). We saw half a soccer ball in the opening of this scene to clue us in what had happened. We then cut to a body that looks as if it had been seared by a very hot frying pan. Like Joey said, “Whoa. That’s a spicy meatball!”

Meanwhile, Walter seems to have remembered what he was searching for as he looks into a trunk with certainty, with none of that crazed, unsettling movement. He sees the coin, similar to what the Observer had held, atop a lockbox, to which he does some shifty eyes. This is why we’re here, he says, and tries to open the lockbox, but it’s you know, locked. Or stuck. They open it and Walter admits to tripping acid with Belly. LOL. They believed that they were seeing other worlds while on acid trips, so they resolved to getting there without the LSD. Bell thought children had the natural ability to see them and that he may intensify that with Cortexiphan. Walter then says that something precious was lost, so he thought he would go over and get that thing to fill his loss here. He also mentions that things from there can pass over here and it’s dangerous, which is why he built a plug, or a patch, to close the hole; that is the thing for which they were searching. Walter says they have to go to Reiden Lake.

Olivia magically discovers the link between what happened in Williamsburg and what happened in Providence! Her abilities should be a case! Actually, she asked for all files that had to do with weird paranormal things, then she stuck pins on a map to correspond to the files, and they seem to be concentrated in the areas around New York City and Boston. Well, they are the areas that matter the most (in that order). Somehow she figures the connection between the two and immediately asks Broyles to call up Nina Sharp. Olivia shows her a fancy computerized map as opposed to the paper one, showing a pattern to… the Pattern. How patternictable! Nina thinks she may know: there are “soft spots” in the world where the membrane between realities is very thin and until recently, have been rare. Turns out scientific meddling have increased the numbers of these spots. Does it not seem like a veiled global warming message? ZOMG STOP POLLUTING YOU GUYS OR YOU WILL TEAR AN OZONE LAYER HOLE AGAIN!!! Is it no mistake these attempted “soft spots” all appear along the BosWash megalopolis, the second biggest megapolitan area in the world? So Jones is looking for a proper soft spot to break through. Then they notice another cluster of soft spots whose center is Reiden Lake, NY. And oh, what is the time frame of the episode, and are these people taking helicopters or going by car, ‘cuz it takes like three hours to get from Boston to New York City.

Jones and gang are already at Reiden Lake, while Walter and Peter are driving there. Walter says it’s the place where he opened the hole. His bald friend only comes during dire circumstances, which is why they are on this little road trip to Reiden Lake. “What else aren’t you telling me?” Uhm… how about that “precious” thing he lost? It wasn’t a ring, was it? Peter sure is not curious about the matter. Walter mentions Peter’s sickness again, and that to calm himself down, he took to coin collecting, then brings out his favorite coin, that was on the box. Peter doesn’t remember any of that, but he knows how to do that awesome coin trick with his knuckles, so maybe he subconsciously does remember? Suddenly they are pulled out by mysterious big dudes, but they are only the FBI.

The FBI go to where they suddenly see the shimmery light. One of the cronies shoots an FBI agent, but all Jones says is, “Don’t stop what you’re doing,” and to hold them off. Peter goes instead of Walter to try to plug the hole and Walter shows him how. Olivia calls out Jones, who only turns around probably because he recognizes her voice. She shoots all the others and finally Jones, but apparently his new special gift is that bullets only go through him. Oh, I thought they’d be stuck to him, like how sometimes melted cheese would stick to your teeth if you had a bit too much at once. Jones heads for the shimmery window just as Peter comes along. Right when Jones is partly through, Peter plugs the hole. Am I the only person who is having flashes of Carrie ever since Walter said he made a “plug”? “Plug it up! Plug it up!” So Jones now has only parts of him on the other side.

CONCLUSION! Broyles announces a cease and desist in investigating Belly. Astral Projection brings cereal, and it makes me sad she didn’t have a bigger part in this episode’s events. She’s just at that lab, again. She and Peter see a letter addressed to him perched on a roll of Necco Wafers (looks like it): “Stepping out for a bit.” She wonders if she should call the police, but he says it’s okay because it’s the first time he ever wrote a note instead of mysteriously disappearing. Walter, turns out, is at the mysterious grave again; he places that coin atop the gravestone, where it’s revealed that ZOMG PETER ACTUALLY DIED OF HIS CHILDHOOD ILLNESS WHEN HE WAS SEVEN AND THIS LIVE ONE IS ALTERNATE PETER!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina calls Olivia and says that she’s keeping her promise of allowing her to see Bell. She tells her not to tell anyone and to come alone to NYC. Girl, you don’t do that! That’s how you get kidnapped by pimps and are forced to perform salacious acts! Olivia arrives at their meeting place, but she never arrives. She calls Nina’s office, but it turns out she’s out of the country. Olivia is in the elevator leaving when suddenly there is that familiar shimmery flash again. The elevator doors open to a too-white hallway, where a woman dressed entirely in black calls her Agent Dunham and brings her to a room. There is a New York Post whose cover is about the Obamas. Olivia continues to look around the room when a man with a shadowed face enters, which is quite hilarious and borders on the manga-style of obscuring the face. He’s been waiting quite a long time for this, he says. He finally reveals that he’s Spock, or Belly, and perhaps remembering that Nina told her he was in an alternate world, she decides to take a look out the window. Unfortunately, she’s not able to see that she’s looking out from THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.

Wow, so the major thing is, why is William Bell hanging out in Alterno-Land? What of Alterno-Bell? Can two versions of one person live together in the same world if Alterno-Bell isn’t gone? How was she able to “cross over” — was she in a soft spot? And what exactly is the deal with the Observer?

And, gah, seeing the WTC just brought up a lot of memories again. I was up there only once, but I visited the area pretty regularly… I remember going to the Borders bookstore to buy Mary Higgins Clark’s books. I remember taking the PATH to New Jersey to watch movies. I remember the really bland and boring shopping concourse, but still… I remember going to SamGoody and buying CDs… I remember discovering an entrance that was more accessible to SamGoody than the one I had been using… I remember the places, but I don’t know where they would correlate considering the state the place is now in. I remember them, and that’s all I have of them. :((((((((((


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