Wednesday Night Finales

I made a Mother’s Day resolution to post more here. After all, it shouldn’t be that hard, I watch tons of television. (I’m not exactly sure why I stagnated.) BTW, this site focuses on television, did my About page not mention that at all, commentator who questioned the purpose on an entry I don’t remember right now? (I edited the page now for clarification.) Anyway, it used to be episode-by-episode, as in, each entry only focused on one episode of a particular show (except for the TV on DVD parts), but I’m going to include more general entries too, that is, posting about more than one show in an entry. So, let’s go! (Spoilers for last night!)

ANTM Cycle 12 Finale: Who really expected a different winner? They kept pushing Teyona on us so much I just ended up feeling meh about her. Sure, she took great pictures, but with all the throat jamming they did (could they be anymore obvious) I just got sick of it. Oh, and whenever she and Aminat were being bitchy in the house because of in-fighting (Lord, I don’t even remember what they were about, which is, honestly, a good thing) helped sour my impression of her. I was totally rooting for Allison, BTW, but I’m glad she didn’t win, because many of the ANTM winners seem very Where’s Waldo? right now. Runners-up look like they have more promising careers. Being “America’s next top model” is more like being “America’s next CoverGirl shill,” anyway, so good for Allison for not winning! Yay for Teyonasaurus selling makeup awkwardly!

Okay, that’s a velociraptor, but you get the idea. And at least I didn’t photoshop the dinosaur head onto her body. Because other people did it already.

This post sums up pretty nicely my feelings toward Teyona. Plus, I think most other people’s.

Lost Season 5 Finale: WHAT THE HELL IS LOCKE?????????????????????

Whoa… seriously did not expect that. I hated Locked more than ever this season, with his smarmy, cheeky, shit-eating grin he had plastered on his face constantly this year. Now, it makes sense! Or… not! What the hell happened? When Christian returned, his body was gone, but Locke’s body is still here! And that flash! I think it means time travel again, but back to their correct times. Also, I think I’m wrong. ONLY ONE MORE YEAR.


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