The Same Old Story 1.02

I’ve never seen a feature like this before: it warms your ass. Wonderful. Have you tried it?”
– Walter Bishop about a car-seat warmer

I’ve been watching Fringe. Is that any surprise? I hope I’m that predictable! Teehee…

Uh, anyway, sugar rush now over, it’s been pretty interesting. It’s a super-major nod to the X-Files basically, without aliens and the awesome Mulder and Scully. However, father-son duo Walter (John Noble) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) are absolutely hilarious together and apart. And there’s someone named Astrid Farnsworth! That’s a pretty crazy name. It’s Swedish and English combined!

It’s great to keep seeing Lance Reddick now that The Wire is over. This show has also made me realize how much I miss Joshua Jackson! He is still ever so funny, and ever so pretty.


3 thoughts on “The Same Old Story 1.02

  1. test test test arrest abreast attest best behest bequest blest breast chest congest contest crest detest digest fest guest jest lest midwest nest pest protest quest rest request suggest test vest west wrest zest

    Words that rhyme with Corey: Gory. Story. Allegory. Montessori.

    You’re not fully clean until you’re Zestfully Clean


  2. I knew you had to be watching Fringe, and I was going to ask you if you thought Fringe was worthwhile since I love X-Filish programs but I also suck at watching more than a handful shows per season. Seeing that cow udder however has got me udderly convinced. (Ha?)


  3. If you also like the JJ-ster, you should definitely check it out; if you don’t like it then chuck it out! Hardee-har-har…

    Anyway, the thing is that the “fringe science” experimentation has wrought the weirdness, it’s not really natural in the supernatural sense… did that make sense? So there’s that difference.

    There’s definitely an overarching plot threading it all together. If all else fails, check out the pilot for the cow’s explanation. I hope she continues to show up in the rest of the season; she’s like the pet that appears once in a while now. Also so I can have more cow shots. Which strangely makes me think of cowbell? “I gotta have more cowbell!” Christopher Walken is awesome.


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