Breaking & Entering 4.02

Hm… so Sara isn’t Company? (She had flashbacks to the torture she was put through, but maybe they recruited her afterward with a very alluring prize! I dunno why I’m so hung up on Sara being Company. It would be the ultimate twist though, except for me.) Maybe I should watch the season finale again, just so I know what I was thinking about.

How do you know when someone is truly evil? When they cannibalize a very fat Mexican. But who?? (The cannibal, that is.) To be fair, said evildoer killed him accidentally, NOT for the sole purpose of eating him.

Lol @ Bellick pulled a groin fake stealing a purse.

A new, obvious twist: instead of breaking out, it’s breaking in! It’s not like breaking into a Jamba Juice, Michael. It’s an illusion! But… it’s not a prison. It’s supposed to be Prison Break! I suppose all the “fortress” mentions and imagery were meant to evoke that?

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I finally figured out who the big black guy trying to kill the brothers are!!! IT’S WALLACE FENNEL’S DAD!!!!

Oh noez! Michael has a nosebleed! That never means good things in TV land.

I’m beginning to like this season a lot better than the Panamanian prison last year. (It was Panamanian, right? I just like the word Panamanian.) I hope they don’t stretch it out with too many with filler episodes where you think something is happening, but really in the end, you learn nothing new.


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