Chapter VI

Hua Ze Lei is back! Like me! Holy crap! He wanted to surprise them, so he didn’t tell them he’d be returning. I guess (at the time, maybe) Taiwan’s not too keen on cliffhangers — all the episodes so far have ended on a relatively unmelodramatic note. It’s just strange to me… even books have chapter-end cliffhangers. They don’t have to be, “OMG she was dead and now she’s back and she’s carrying your alien-hybrid child!”, but at least a bit of an “Oh,” moment. Shan Cai hesitantly welcomes him home after he greets her. Dao Ming Si quickly wraps an arm around her the way a crazy gold prospector stakes his claim and announces she’s his girlfriend now. She tries to literally brush him off as he states that if you mess with another guy’s girl, you’ll get trampled by a cow. Xi Men says offscreen that the idiom is “kicked by horse.” I don’t care, I have no idea how that could’ve possibly originated. Maybe it was originally a punny Japanese phrase? I don’t remember, maybe it is. It has been almost four years since I read the translations. The other two tell Lei to ignore him and they get right back to being the normal F4.

Or maybe not so normal. After Shan Cai has a moment to collect herself in the ladies’ room, she is once again thrown when she spots Hua Ze Lei openly flirting with a girl, using tactics such as pecking her on the cheek and brushing his iced drink against her thigh. HILARIOUS. She goes back to their table and says she’s leaving; she only wanted to come to tell DMS to take his stuff back.

“Baby, I wish you were my baby / I’ll make you make a baby.”

Shake shake shake uhhhhh eat a cake shake your booty

At home, she wonders about Hua Ze Lei’s sudden reappearance and whether if Teng Tang Jing has returned as well. Her used-to-be in vogue Nokia phone rings (I also remember it was all the rage, standing it upright and be all, “LOOK AT IT MOVE!!” when the phone rang/vibrated. For us, anyway. I dunno, maybe only silly preteen Asian girls liked rectangular Nokia phones that could go all vertical and shit. I’m not sure if they still do, I’m not any of the above anymore.), but she puts it away. She can’t believe that that was really HZL all flirtatious with some girl, when usually he’s aloof and… not flirtatious with some girl. He’s not Xi Men, hello!

The next day, SC goes up to the roof and sees HZL hanging precariously off the ledge again. How is he not scared shitless? Oh wait, I bet it’s actually only 15 feet off the ground! You know it. She asks him about France and he replies it’s full of dog crap. That’s why you go to Canada, people, not only do they speak English (and French… but it’s Québécois), their streets are cleaner and something about unlocked doors. She begins to ask about Jing, but he quickly changes the subject to her and Ah Si’s relationship. Shan Cai says he’s just going on on his own again, and Lei expresses his delight and wants to know if she wants to go out with him. “Are you really Hua Ze Lei?” she asks, and he bursts out laughing. “‘Twas a joke!” Then he took out a lute and played Greensleeves. He goes on: it wouldn’t be right anyway, since Ah Si’s his friend. “Of course,” he continues, “we can always go out behind his back.” “Behind his back?” she parrots. She sounds like a naïve little twelve-year-old who doesn’t even know the type of the conversation she’s participating in. Which ties into the whole Nokia phone thing, but anyway, she chuckles uncomfortably and figures that’s a joke as well. She makes her way back to class, but not before he says she looks more beautiful than he saw her last.

She thanks him and hightails it outta there. Alone, she VOs that HZL’s now no better than Xi Men or Mei Zuo (but probably better than them combined), then flashes back to his last line and gets all flustered. Then we see HZL all hanging off the roof and saying to himself, “What am I doing?” You’re right, Lei, what are you doing? Don’t do it! Don’t jump!

Dao Ming Si receives a phone call concerning the location of someone. He intercepts SC as she’s walking to somewhere and asks when she gets off work (ten), so he can pick her up. When she asks what for, he cryptically answers, “You’ll see.” Shan Cai says he’s doing that thing again where he doesn’t explains things beforehand.

We see an establishing shot of the sun setting before cutting to Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai walking in the dark. Ten o’clock is a good few hours after sunset, but whatever. SC asks again where they’re going. Instead, DMS goes on a half-hearted rant about how he can’t stand people who hurt her and how he has the address of the person who took those pictures of her cavorting with a German. Don’t you wanna know? he asks. Of course, she replies, after balking a bit.

They arrive at a shabby doorway and DMS rings the bell. Shan Cai steels herself against the person who could take un-incriminating photos of her and post them up at school. After some more buzzing, the door is finally answered by Li Zhen. “What brings you guys around?” she asks and DMS tosses an envelope of pictures at her person. Did he take down the photos and collect them in said envelope or did the photo-developing place somehow have extra copies around? He could’ve just flung one, but it can be dangerous. She could’ve screeched, “You careless ___, that came within two inches of my eyeball!” whilst turning red from anger. Actually, that happened with an old math teacher of mine, and we know no MG characters could muster up the energy or passion to turn on a light bulb. Anyway, SC defends her and tells him he’s wrong. He claims he’s never wrong (yeah, we’ll see about that) and asks how Li Zhen could treat a friend like that.


Shan Cai, speaking directly to Li Zhen this time, insists she couldn’t have done it, because Qing He brought her drunk ass home. LZ admits that she wasn’t as inebriated as she led them to believe, and that she’d actually doubled back so she could follow SC. Holy plot holes, Batman! First, why did LZ decide to follow SC, when she had no part in orchestrating the interaction between her and Thomas? Unless she’d been following her around nightly in hopes of catching something, which goes against her academically-inclined schedule as suggested in the first episode. Second, why did LZ believe anything naughty would happen, as SC didn’t display any sort of drunkenness? Chalk that one up to the acting? Finally, everyone just acts terribly in this scene — the direction, the acting. I don’t know how this garnered like 60% viewership in the Philippines, maybe there was nothing else on, or the Filipino dub is excellent. Still can’t account for high ratings in its native Taiwan.

SC answers softly that she didn’t realize she was such a conniving person. LZ snaps that she has no right judging her (you don’t know me!), considering she’s just as bad: didn’t she give to Li Zhen Dao Ming Si’s gifted dress so he’d hate her? Sweetie, sorry to call you out on your conceited bitchery, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. It revolves around me! And the two aren’t even comparable — SC was physically assaulted! What did you get, a snub from some rich asshole? Dao Ming Si tells her to stop giving excuses and I half expect her to bring up the kiss, even though I know it doesn’t happen. It just seems like such an opportune moment. What does she have to lose? She’s already been outed and it can be seen as an attack on Shan Cai, if she believes SC harbors feelings for him. What will DMS do, be more vengeful? He’s not gonna have a chance anyway as we’ll see. I’m just saying, they could’ve mined for some drama. You don’t have to dig too deep if it’s natural, but whatevs. The actors probably wouldn’t even know what to do with it.

SC continues, evenly, “Aren’t we good friends?” “Sure, we could’ve been, if not for him [DMS].” Mrow! She doesn’t understand how someone like Shan Cai gets all the attention — though they’re both poor, Li Zhen is on scholarship, at the top of her class and studies harder than Shan Cai ever has (except when she’s stalking her at night). Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Shan Cai always struck me more as upper-lower middle class. LZ’s home exterior is definitely more shabby than SC’s, almost laughably so.

DMS informs Li Zhen that she will receive a red tag. She thanks him with that wry Chinese wit (“xie xie”) and shuts the door, but Shan Cai stops her. She apologizes for making LZ hate her, then (humorlessly) thanks her for the friendship they once had. I’m sure when Li Zhen ignored her after Shan Cai got the red tag was the zenith of their relationship (before all the lying, of course). SC takes out the voice-recording bear (I’m convinced it’s just a regular bear with a pearl on it to act as the Play/Rec button) LZ gave her in Episode 1. She’s carried it with her ever since, but is returning it because she doesn’t think she’ll need it anymore. LZ takes it from her and now facing her back, hears SC tell DMS not to give her the red slip. She stares at the bear and cries dryly. Like, no tears flow forth from the ducts. After they leave, she presses the button and her own voice plays back, “Shan Cai, I’m sorry.”

An indeterminate amount of time later, Qing He relays that he’d heard that Li Zhen transferred from Yingde. Shan Cai doesn’t say much except acknowledgment that she’d heard him. When she opens her locker, that evil little bear is sitting inside. Wasn’t there a horror movie involving a possessed Teddy Ruxpin or something? Or am I just thinking of Chucky? She presses the button to hear the new message, “Shan Cai, I’m sorry. Even though I’ve treated you horribly, you really were my only friend at Yingde.” Damn, then I’d hate to see how she treats somebody she considers a stranger.

Muzak: “There was a little Spanish flea / A record star he thought he’d be / He heard of singers like Beatles and the Chipmunks he’d seen on TV / …Why not a Little Spanish Flea?”

Dao Ming and Shan Cai are suddenly travelling on an escalator for some reason. He tells her not to look so grim because Li Zhen’s not worth it. She says it’s because she transferred, not because of what she perpetrated. (I’m such a vindictive person, I would be thinking about her assiness rather than her cowardice.) It turns out DMS brought her out to go shopping. “OMG, then we could totally do manis and pedis for each other!” He brings her to an expensive shop, where a clerk welcomes him and thanks him for his family’s purchase of wedding apparel for his sister’s ceremony. He instructs the shopgirl to help SC with a clothing makeover. He helpfully informs her it’s for a vacation, then literally pushes her to get fitted.

Wait for it

Shan Cai finally comes out in something that looks like a normal potato sack, and DMS manages to reveal they’re going to Okinawa. SC was quite complaisant during this whole time. OOC! At the airport, he lets her know he’d already called her parents and they were quite happy about this whole excursion. DMS hands her a phone that will work in Japan. She VOs that it was thoughtful of him. Lei comes by with his own arm candy, whose expression is perfect — if the character had known that Shan Cai still liked Hua Ze Lei. SC wonders why HZL has changed so much since his return from France.

“I’m sorry that you seem to be confused. He belongs to me; the boy is mine.”
I would like to know if the Hello Kitty carry-on belongs to the girl or the boy.

Bow chicka wow wow

They arrive at their hotel, which has been completely booked out by them. That’s nice, you won’t have to pay more money for extras. After Shan Cai checks out the dark ocean view, Dao Ming Si wraps his arms around her and tells her that this is their room. “Huh? Uh, I’m hungry,” she stammers. That’s not gonna stop most guys.

The rest of the gang just laugh and laugh (and laugh and laugh) as Shan Cai buys a drink from the vending machine. Apparently Xi Men tried to tell a joke, but it was so fucking hilarious, hypothetical milk shot out their noses. SC can’t help but notice Hua Ze Lei and his girl being all touchy feely and tries not to stare. Much.

They match!

In their room, Shan Cai VOs that she’s nervous about their sharing quarters. Dao Ming Si walks in in his robe and asks if she’s all right. She says she’s tired so he pushes her down on the bed so she can sleep. She quickly reverses her stance and gives a myriad of excuses on why she doesn’t want to sleep yet. DMS cuts her off, explaining he’s not gonna do anything (or her) until she gives a definitive answer. He goes to sleep on the sofa.

Guess she was right the second time, because when the lights go out, Shan Cai tosses and turns under the covers. She gets up to take a walk on the beach, but spots Hua Ze Lei’s crouched figure sitting alone on the sand. She asks if he’s been out here all night; he confirms it. As she says he’s going to catch a cold, he pulls her toward him and says mysteriously, “Ten — no, five minutes. I can handle it during the day, but not at night,” and rests his head on her shoulders. She suggests he should call that girl, but he claims he doesn’t want someone he doesn’t know to hold him.

She thinks inwardly that it’s been her dream to hold Hua Ze Lei; during her hellish days in school all he had to do was smile and she could forget about her pain. Lei says that the time he spent with Jing in Paris were the best days of his life, but it didn’t last as she returned to school and had to work, which left him alone in her apartment. He adds that they also talked about SC’s perseverence and how much Jing likes her. They compared her to a hardy flower — a weed. Shan Cai jokes that it’s like a cockroach. Lei goes on, bringing up the first time SC and DMS met (when she called them nobodies who were only somebodies because of their fathers’ wealth). He agrees with that description because he couldn’t do anything for the woman he loves. He apologizes for unloading all this cargo on her when her phone rings. Lei mentions that Ah Si really does care for her and she should go. She does, but after we see a closeup of her leaving her cell on the sand. Ugh, all that sand! It’s irritating and it gets everywhere.

I’m scawed, mommy

When she makes it back, she sees the F3 standing outside in their sleepwear. Dao Ming Si demands to know where she went and she replies that she took a walk because she couldn’t sleep. Mei Zuo laughs that DMS was knocking on all their doors and screaming, “Shan Cai’s missing!” thinking she’d drowned or something. The others go back to bed as SC begins to apologize to DMS. He tells her to leave a note next time and to go to sleep already. He turns around to go back to his room. Instead, she thinks that she’s sorry for lying, that she was actually with Hua Ze Lei.

You know, almost everything I thought of is possibly to mildly offensive to minorities and/or women, so make up your own

The next morning, the boys play beach volleyball as the girls gossip amongst themselves. Shan Cai overhears Lei’s chick telling them that Lei wasn’t in their bedroom the whole night. When Lei falls during the game, Dao Ming Si notices something drop from his pocket. He says nonchalantly, “Oh, I was talking to Shan Cai last night and she forget to take her phone. Can you give it back to her, kthx?” DMS hearkens back to the previous night when SC told her she was only taking a walk. He’s so caught up in thinking that he doesn’t notice the ball fly his way, hitting him on the noggin.

HZL is the first on the scene, asking if he’s all right. DMS quietly asks there’s nothing going between them, right?, but Lei can’t hear. (“Zuh?”) He wants to clarify, but SC makes her way and asks if he’s okay. He tries to hide the phone behind his butt. DMS says he wants to sit down, as Xi Men jokes with Mei Zuo that he hit the ball too hard.

Lounging on beach chairs, DMS asks SC where her phone is. She VOs an awful long time, about how she can’t find it and can’t let him know she was with Hua Ze Lei, possibly creating even more suspicion for DMS, but who knows what the producers are up to. She finally lies, claiming that the phone’s in her room.

Here I come to save the day!

In the distance, a familiar voice calls out, “Shan Cai!” Qing He runs toward them excitedly. He explains he asked around to find out where she went on vacay. He takes out a magazine, whose front cover is all about Teng Tang Jing’s engagement to some Parisian. In shock, Xi Men asks Lei if he knew anything about this. He smiles wanly and says, “Sure did, pardner! It was the hot gossip all over town when I was over thar!” I’ve always wanted to know, since the manga, why it wasn’t gossip when Lei was living alone with her? I’m gonna take a leap and say that I believe that their characters did the naughty business over there, because, although it’s a tad ambiguous (Kamio drew them laughing… in bed… under the covers… without visible clothing!), it’s Paris! Even Ugly Uglerson could get it on there. Anyway, they ask if he doesn’t care and he says it’s all in the past. Shan Cai VOs that this explains his bizarre behavior as everyone looks quite dumbfounded at this. Except DMS. He looks kinda confused, then constipated.

That night, Shan Cai lies awake in bed again. She checks if Dao Ming Si is asleep, then quietly slips out. However, he was faking it the whole time! She comes upon Hua Ze Lei on the beach again. Without looking at her, he says he’s fine and tells her to go back to her room. Instead, she sits down next to him. He turns and sees her crying. She confesses she tries not to think about him, but she can’t. All she can think of is why he can’t ever be happy. HZL is so moved, he also starts crying, then blurts out why isn’t she the one he loves. He kisses her forehead, then what appears to be her nose, then her lips. We cut to DMS who is watching from behind, but seems to be absolutely paralyzed, including his face. HZL and SC hug as he tells her he feels he can break her in two if he held her any tighter. Like so many other scenes, this interaction seems really unnatural and stilted. You can almost see them think, “Okay, the script says to do this. Oop, the line’s finished, now I have to do this!”

I’m not sure if she finds this slightly painful or slightly delicious

Feelin’ punchy

Shan Cai says she does not care if that happens, because I suppose she has some kind of death wish. She VOs that she doesn’t care if boom goes the world, HZL is the only one. However, Lei’s spidey sense tingles so he checks out behind them. He calls out Ah Si’s name as some corny dramatic music plays. Totally ineffective considering we’ve already cut to him watching them twice. DMS says he understands now, walks up to Lei, calls out his name (because there are so many other people standing there), then simply punches him and stalks off. Shan Cai calls out his name, wanting to explain. What is there to explain? he asks. He really did liked her, but now she’s broken his heart. She walks up to him to apologize and tries to take his hand, or something in that vicinity :x because it’s off screen. He screams not to touch him, swatting her away. He takes back everything he ever did or said and tells her not to talk to him again. He walks away as she begins to cry… again. During their scene, she looks quite slack-jawed as if she doesn’t know what the hell’s going on. She says to his retreating back that she’s sorry and she really didn’t think that… but she trails off. She thinks of the time he first told her he liked her and when he said he believed her. She drops to the sand, weeping as Hua Ze Lei walks over. Get outta here, youse! He doesn’t say a word. That’s right, punk.

Dao Ming Si leaves the island by himself, though we only hear about this from Xi Men and Mei Zuo talking to each other. By the waves, Hua Ze Lei goes up to and then sits besides an already seated Shan Cai. He comments that she’s shaking. She agrees and mentions it’s strange. He takes her hand, telling her not to worry and that he’s here for her. She VOs that HZL’s cold (clammy, maybe?) hand is different from DMS’s warm one, but this is the hand she picked. She will never see DMS’s smile again.


Once home, Shan Cai’s mother starts babbling in that annoying, ear-piercing voice again. She wishes her daughter would get married soon so she could go to Okinawa too. She wants to know if Dao Ming Si proposed or did anything else to progress their relationship. She answers that any hanky panky will now never be and goes to rest. Mom is rendered quite speechless, which is possibly a first.

At the Dao household, Mei Zuo states that there’s no way Lei and Shan Cai could be together, with Jing in the picture. Xi Men says that even so, the picture is in the form of the magazine Qing He brought. No wonder he changed so much from the trip, he adds. MZ says that he would know (is that a smidge of characterization??), but before XM can utter a complete sentence, Dao Ming Si orders them to shut up and to never mention their names again. MZ says it’s childish of him because this won’t solve anything, especially at school. He mentions the name which must not be said, so DMS tries to fight; XM stops them in time. This is a strange role reversal: it’s been portrayed that the Akira character is the mediating, mother-hen type while Soujirou clashed more with Doumyouji, so was it lazy characterization (frankly the producers/writers made MZ and XM interchangeable as hell) or just a case of giving him something meatier to do? Author Kamio didn’t have a steady focus on Akira till much, much later, right before the events of MG series’ end, but the producers didn’t even use it. (I don’t remember if they used it in the sequel and the side stories. I don’t want to.)

Xi Men says you would never hurt your bros, right? Dao Ming Si, after a moment, agrees and that is precisely why he’ll never forgive HZL. A strange slapping sound clues me in that they are shoeless! I love it (not) — hordes of maids to wipe your bottom, but no shoes, please. Eh, what am I saying, I would totally force everyone to take off their shoes even if I were as rich as Bill Gates or a Saudi Arabian prince. DMS in particular is barefoot. Also, maybe I’m used to crusty, old-money East Coasters, but would rich people really sip beer from a can?

O Tannenbaum

At school, the F4 congregate. After no one speaks for a long time, Mei Zuo finally says what we’re all thinking: “Say something!” Dao Ming Si won’t hear of it and informs Lei that he’s no longer his friend or a member of the F4, but it sounds like he’s informing a little girl her stuffed bunny is lost. Also, this used to take place in front of more people. Why are they sitting sequestered like some deadlocked jury? It’s supposed to be the news of the century (or at least the school term), and it helps if we see the Gen Pop’s reactions.

Standing alone in the middle of campus, Shan Cai VOs that she feels horrible about what she did and feels she has to apologize. Again? As if on cue (or because it is exactly so), Xi Men and Mei Zuo walk by. She senses their presence and asks if they’ve seen Dao Ming Si. The duo act quite like catty girls, except they don’t have the neck rolling. MZ asks whatfor, and XM says you’re not thinking of apologizing? Don’t forget his slogan, “If apologizing were enough, what do we need the police for?” Is he implying Ah Si will have her arrested? It’s interesting how the show’s taken this line that was said only once in the manga probably as an offhanded remark and they are kind of jogging with it. XM says it’s too late, anyway, because HZL is out and colored tights are in! Oh, and the F4 is no more. He can’t believe someone like her could terminate their sissy group. Wow, they are really pissed, but it comes off more like a girly fight, something BHQH would say, though I guess Shan Cai had to find out what happened in some way. MZ tells him to forget it and they leave.


On the roof, HZL sits too close on the edge again. Shan Cai brings him some lunch and apologizes for getting him kicked out. He says there is no need, because it wasn’t her fault to begin with… he kissed her because he wanted to. Well, I want to jump naked into an oil-wrestling match with a pig and a goat but you don’t see me ripping off my clothes. She sighs, prompting him to ask her for a notebook. He draws how he imagines Ah Si’s face is like now. SC decides it’s not good enough and on a fresh page, draws his thick brows that make him look angry all the time (really? You don’t mean look like a pussy?), his fish eyes, and pineapple hair. She stares wistfully at her drawn creation, which I’m sure Freud thinks is somehow related to the Oedipal complex. HZL sees this and asks her out on a date on Sunday. She turns around so fast I’m afraid she has whiplash.

Dao Ming thinks back in black and white on Hua Ze Lei’s and Shan Cai’s kiss. He begins throwing things on the ground. Butler says this is the first time he’s seen him like this. I’m sure no one cares.

Shan Cai and Hua Ze Lei meet up on Sunday, but neither have any inkling where to go, so they decide to walk… somewhere. Her VO comments that HZL really is handsome and that Dao Ming Si isn’t so bad, if not for the pineapple hair. She admonishes herself for her thoughts when she said she’d forget about him.

As they continue to wordlessly walk around, she gets a bit sweaty. Just as she’s thinking that he hasn’t said a word, he 33.333% proclaims, 33.333% confesses, and 33.333% admits that this is his first date, so sorry if he’s boring. She calls out his full name (like she always does), but he insists on just the given Lei. She tries it out a few times, and he jokingly says, “Wei! (Hey!) Use with caution.” Chinese puns FTW!

She’s so happy and preoccupied that she doesn’t see someone walk by, bumping into him. She looks over to see HZL continuing his stroll. She fantasizes that if it had been Dao Ming Si, he would’ve offered her clumsy self his arm, but she would’ve retorted that her hand would rot. HZL finally takes notice and asks what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that she keeps thinking of DMS while on a date with HZL! Someone give me a scarlet letter, quick!

They make their way to the park without a word. She feels the silence is deafening and wants to say something, so she uses the tried-and-true method — she talks about the weather. She notices a flying kite despite the impending cloudiness. Hua Ze Lei claims it’s more fun to fly on a rainy day. I guess because when the air pressure drops and the hot air rises, the ensuing air that rushes in makes for a great lift? They somehow obtain a kite and they get it flying.

“So if you wanna flush, just pull this. Whoops.”

With this scene, they conjure up some nice imagery: Shan Cai notes that though the kite is far away, there’s still hope because the string attached to it is in your hand — just like Jing is still attached to Hua Ze Lei’s heart. HZL seems to react to it, but doesn’t say anything. The next scene, they’re sitting down as Lei falls asleep against Shan Cai, holding the kite. Two hours pass, according to the on-screen text.

Butler answers the phone, which informs him someone is coming, though we don’t hear who it is. He quickly goes to greet her, but she whizzes past. She says because he called her home, her whole schedule is messed up — does he work for her or is it the other way around? He claims he didn’t know what else to do. He’s tried talking and reasoning with Master Ah Si, but he just gets drunk and breaks things. We hear glasses being broke in the background noise, or should I say, it’s the only background noise. She tells him to let him have at it and to prepare a bath for her. She adds to bring in the French crystal she brought over for him to smash. Probably so he won’t break the antiques.

Dao Ming Zhuang finally turns around!

Some time later, with that similar Beserker music and camera work, someone enters Dao Ming Si’s bedroom. He’s lying there asleep when all of a sudden, pink sleeves pull him from his slumber and start pummeling him. As she’s doing so she calls him a disgrace to their family name. When things kinda calm down, he finally asks when she arrived and what she’s doing here. She says mysteriously that he’ll find out tomorrow, then leaves. Guess cryptic messages run in the family.

The next day, presumably, a fancy car drives up to Shan Cai. Dao Ming Zhuang tells her to get in. SC believes she’s mistaken, but she calls her by name. She’s already taken a day off school for her and drags her into the car. SC looks kinda worried, but I don’t know why, it’s a convertible; she can jump out the top. She takes her to the Dao mansion and forces her to sit. DMZ finally introduces herself as DMS’s older sister. SC is all ohhh… “nihao.” Haha, I don’t know why that little bit makes me laugh. Dao Ming Si walks in and seeing SC, asks what she’s doing here. He grabs her arm and asks doesn’t she know she betrayed him? Ah Zhuang wallops him in the back of the head and scolds him for mistreating not only a lady, but her guest. She takes SC away to another room.

Ah Zhuang pours Shan Cai some red wine as the latter VOs that she should get outta this weird situation. A maid informs the former that Ah Si’s locked himself in his room. She says to forget about him, and they clink glasses and start drinking. Meanwhile, in his room, DMS wants to leave, but then sighs heavily and decides against it.

Next, we see Shan Cai visibly drunk with five(!!!!!!!!!!) empty wine bottles. She says it’s easier to forget when you drink, which implies a heavy alcoholic past for her! Why does Ah Zhuang handle her liquor so well? SC says she did a horrible thing and it’s only natural DMS is so upset. She admits things aren’t going so well between her and Hua Ze Lei. The end. WHAT!! What a weird “cliffhanger.”


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