Catch-22 3×17

21:56 I’m going to liveblog Lost. Yeah, eek.

22:04 OMG! Desmond says someone’s coming! Who is it, the ice-cream man? Sorry, that was kind of a lame cliffhanger for the cold open. At least end it right when Charlie died in the premonition (and who didn’t see that coming from a mile away?), or on a better line. Someone’s always coming.

22:08 And… that’s the origin of that.

22:11 What does Desmond want happen?

22:12 Rubbing sticks and stones make the sparks ignite and the thought of loving you is getting so exciting.

22:14 Camping?!?! Aren’t they technically camping now? Someone’s coming to the island!! Okay, that’s a much better explanation than only, “someone’s coming.” Someone came last week — Juliet.

22:19 Lol, Jin is so enthusiastic about camping. Is Penelope coming?

22:23 Ah of course, revenge sex that the other person won’t know about. WORKS EVERY TIME.

22:24 Jin’s high-pitched singing is great.

22:25 FORESHADOWING! Penny’s totally coming!! Unless she’s not.

22:26 How did a helicopter make it out that far away from a mainland?

22:27 What the hell am I looking at????

22:33 I LOVE SCOTTISH ACCENTS! Ruth before Penny, eh? All these girls for Dezzie.

22:36 Whoop, now Sawyer knows why Kate came.

22:37 Jack + Sawyer = BFF <33333333

22:39 Ardil-22: Why the Portuguese copy? Is it really Penny? Is it one of those Portuguese guys from the South Pole? Does Penny know Portuguese?

22:43 It would be nice to, you know, see Bernard.

22:44 OMG WE GET IT DESMOND SEES AN ARROW STRIKE CHARLIE IN THE THROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeezum criminy Christmas.

22:47 Great, I just figured out it was the antennae of my crappy analog television that made everything darker (thus I couldn’t see the beacon).

22:48 WWDD? (What will Desmond do?)

22:49 Well, that was kind of obvious. WCBA? (Will Charlie be angry?)

22:51 BTW, was that a hatch beep when Desmond was getting “fired”?



That nearly wasn’t as dense as I thought it would be. This episode seemed like the calm before the storm of meeting up with Benry and his peeps again. Was the episode bad or was it because I was typing at the same time? It seems like I keep liveblogging bad episodes of shows. (‘Course, the only one before this was One Angry Veronica, but that episode really did suck major ass.)


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