Papa’s Cabin 3×15

Mindy thinks the culprit was her ex-husband (Steve Batando), since his fingerprints were all over the keyboard. Keith breaks down the clues one-by-one: if there were prints, why were there also gloves included with the bloody packet of clothes? If Mindy claimed that she was alone with Hank Landry, why did a witness hear two men arguing? If she had supposedly never left the hotel, why did surveillance say otherwise? If Cyrus O’Dell had run out of Xanax, and Mindy had signed for the prescription, yet didn’t meet up with him, why did the autopsy report test positive for it? (Thanks for the recap, show.) Keith believes Landry killed the Dean, and if she’s covering for him, she will go down, too, the bad kind. Mindy finally admits that Cyrus came to their hotel room. In a flashback that hurts my eyes, we see Cyrus threaten to ruin Landry’s career, no matter which school he wants to work at. Mindy decided to visit Cyrus at his office to talk to him and give him some Xanax to calm him down, and left after five minutes. Hank called to see what had happened (the toothpaste call). When Mindy returned to the hotel, Hank was gone. Mindy agrees to testify against him; Keith warns her not to leave town.

Okay… I admit the flashback looks a lot better as a still photo, but I’m not watching VM as a flipbook, you know. I will definitely miss the show when it had all the flashbacks differently toned according to the type of flashback.

Landry’s arrested, but he mentions something Mindy failed to include: Cyrus also threatened to leave Mindy with nothing, thanks to a prenup. He finally knows about the bloody clothes, and believes Mindy is setting him up, since she has access to his clothing. Landry claims he was at a convenience store, where a woman supposedly bummed a couple of his cigs, at the time of the murder. Tim Foyle goes to the jailhouse to visit Hank, who asks him to find out who and how long someone had bugged his phone and to “find a needle in a haystack.” Landry has the strangest orders for him — why not ask him to chip a large hole in a mountain with a needle? Tim breaks into Mars Investigations to look for the bug Hank left there, but Veronica catches him. Stroking Veronica’s velvet-headed ego, he asks for her help in clearing Landry’s name. While Tim interviews someone inside the convenience store, Keith calls Veronica (who’s in the parking lot) to inform her Mindy’s left Neptune and had sent her boys to her parents’ in England. Just then, a woman with a cigarette appears, and when V asks if she’s seen the person in the photo, she confirms it. The woman, whom I shall call Cam, goes into the sheriff’s department with her photographic memory. Click. Now we are supposed to think it’s Mindy’s fault again!

When he’s released after the woman’s statement, he thanks Tim and Veronica, who also reveal that Mindy skipped town with the life-insurance money she received after Landry was arrested (we see her buy a boat), and that they think she was working with Batando. TV discuss amongst themselves that Batando was probably the one that bugged Landry’s phone as an insurance policy, and break into his home to try to find the tapes. They do, and listen to the phone call between Landry and Mindy: she says she won’t let him take everything, and he says that he will take care of things. Veronica plays another file from the same day, and we hear Pepperdine call up Landry because Tim put him as a reference. Tim’s referred to as “kiss-ass” and a “linear thinker” — “You could do worse, but… at Pepperdine, I’m sure you could do better.” Ouch. Though, I can’t imagine Tim is thick enough to not know it isn’t true. Veronica begins slowly, “Tim…” but he says he’s fine. Veronica brings in the tapes to her father, hoping they incriminate Mindy, further clearing Landry, but the professor has also disappeared from Neptune. Only the guilty run! Or so they say. Next, we see Mindy awake to a noise: it’s Landry starting the boat engine.

Veronica listening to tapes again! This is getting kind of old… but too bad she will not have guilty dreams about the recordings. She hears Mindy and Landry discussing a trip to “Papa’s Cabin,” and believes the partners might have met there. She and Tim, using the latter’s key, sneak into Landry’s home to find evidence of any cabin. They find good photo candidates of it, and Tim finds a disposable cell, where they redial the last call back to a Sansone residence. They visit J.D. Sansone, who knows Landry from juvie board. His mom calls out for him to do his homework… it’s Cam! It’s commercial time, and now Keith is informing the duo that Hank blackmailed Cam to be a “witness” so her son wouldn’t have another strike on his record. They also bring him the photos and to put it succinctly, Keith sees a picture of Ernest Hemingway in one of the photos and believes it refers to him, while Tim and Veronica blab in the background about Quaking Aspens, license plates, and the western U.S. A quick Google search turns up Papa’s Cabin Retreat in Cabo San Lucas, a hideaway once beloved by Humingyay.

Keith goes down with the Mexican authorities, where the manager makes a positive ID of Landry: he paid for a motorboat, no room. They see a shiny, new boat in the distance and they head out. When they board, Landry opens the bedroom door slowly and states he didn’t kill O’Dell, and is convinced Mindy set him up, despite covering for her. (The keyboard was covered in Batando’s prints because he switched the keyboard.) When Keith asks for Mindy’s whereabouts, Landry admits they fought, he hit her, and she fell overboard. He swears it was an accident and we see our dead femme fatale washed up ashore. Why do all of the show’s femme fatales have to die??

Wallace sees Parker and Logan hanging out, and tells Veronica, who tries to shrug it off. Parker’s worried and doesn’t want to lose a friend like Veronica, so Logan asks Veronica if it’s okay. She uncomfortably gives her permission. Is this all Wallace is doing now? Gossiping with Veronica and being severely underused, especially in that basketball coach murder mystery, especially since he’s a basketball player? And I don’t even really care for Wallace, but dang… those S2 days are looking soooooooo good.

Tim’s taken over Landry’s job for the time being, and asks Veronica to be his T.A. One of the students wants to talk about Landry killing O’Dell, and though he claims it’s awkward, Tim shuts his book and gets right into it. He revels in his teaching job as he describes how Landry and Mindy might have colluded to murder the Dean. He mentions the perpetrator can become sloppy as he has to improvise, noting his fake alibi… the phone he used to call Cam was left in his garbage can. Veronica, whose wheels are always turning, raises her hand and asks when he could’ve had the opportunity, since he was arrested and taken straight to the sheriff’s department. Tim assumes perhaps that Landry called her in anticipation, when he realized Mindy was under investigation and had shipped her sons across the Pond. Something finally clicks in Veronica’s brain as she surreptitiously slides off the back of her phone and sees a bug nestled inside (hah, there’s no SIM card). She raises her hand again and asks how he knows the boys are in England. She accuses him of bugging her and Landry’s phone, because there was no way he could’ve heard her conversation with her father since he was inside the store. He was the one that called Cam, and since he had all the tapes, he had known since day one that Landry shot down his chance at Pepperdine, so, with all the circumstances ripe for the plucking, Tim exacted his revenge by murdering the Dean and framing Landry for it.

First: Hey-o! I was half-right again, but my motive was way off. Second: Huh? They were all led to believe it was a suicide for six weeks, and his death wasn’t even questioned until Mindy went to see Keith. Did Tim anticipate Mindy hiring a P.I., Keith realizing the Scotch was still there, and Lamb dying, thus putting the sheriff position in much more competent hands? Third: When did he have the chance to bug Veronica’s phone? She isn’t as forthcoming with her personal property as are others. Fourth: What was the needle in the haystack? Don’t tell me it’s another spy pen! This is like the Fifth: Tim, O’Dell was going to ruin Landry anyway, so you wasted all that time and energy… tsk. Oh, well, see ya. You were totally unconvincingly in your wig and odd facial hair (it’s like that charcoal stuff in a hobo Halloween packet you use to draw stubble). I liked you better as Lucky.

Doesn’t he make you want to punch him in the mouth?

Worst. Multi. Episode. Mystery. Ever. There were more holes than you could shake a stick at! I know they lost an episode (in the O’Dell murder) due to the reduced order, but couldn’t they’ve gotten rid of one of the upcoming standalone mystery episodes to make room? We all know how much they can pack into one episode, and this one was probably the densest it’s ever been, which isn’t great because for the first time in this show’s history, I was confused during the first viewing.


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