Postgame Mortem 3×13

Two murders for the price of one!

Keith wants to drop the O’Dell case, because of the eggshell he found on Mindy’s Volvo and a phone call between Landry and Mindy around 1:30 am — if they were together all night, why call? She remembers that she called Landry for his toothpaste preference, because he didn’t want to be seen by one of his students that works there, Jeff Ratner. Keith confirms this with Landry and agrees to keep at it. He visits his friend at Neptune Grand security, but they don’t keep surveillance tapes for long. However, the valet records note that a Volvo left half an hour before and came back half an hour after the time of the heard gunshot. Veronica, pretending to be Logan’s current girlfriend, drops by the Grand to look at registration receipts and finds out from Jeff that he heard two men arguing when he delivered food to “Rory Finch”‘s room. Keith and Veronica discount Prof. Landry because he seems to know the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was ordered on PPV a little before 2 am. Right, because that is the only opportunity anyone could have had of watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Landry lets Veronica know that O’Dell had written her a letter of recommendation for the FBI internship before his death. Keith and Veronica read the letter and, in a heavyhanded moment, lets us know the late Dean was a good guy. Yeah, because I totally thought he was evil incarnate before! ::rolls eyes:: Keith turns his attention back to Mindy, spouting all the new information he acquired about the suspicious Volvo and how someone heard two men arguing. Mindy lies that it was probably the TV (unless Cyrus really only popped in, said, “Yo,” and left). She thinks she’s being framed and wants him off the case when he doesn’t let up. Keith will continue to investigate even if he is not under her employ anymore, because he liked Cyrus. Yeah, because if he wants to solve it for justice or to catch a criminal, it won’t make any sense. Oh, and it seems they are really serious about Veronica attending the FBI. Joudan ja nai wa yo! That’s hilarious, because I’ve always wanted my FBI agents to be manipulative, condescending, egotistical, annoying females who don’t undergo and/or regress in character development.

The economics professor tells Dick that if Logan isn’t coming in for the next class, consider himself failed. Apparently, only economics cares about Logan, not science or statistics. Dick comes home and sees room service trying to get into the room and clean, because Logan is so depressed he doesn’t even open the door. When Dick enters, he claims there’s a fire in Veronica’s neighborhood and that it’s visible from the balcony. Logan falls for the ploy and when he goes out to check, Dick locks him out, and gives him a thumbs-up sign, lol. When the hotel is cleaning their room, Dick relays the message from the prof. He also adds that he’s a loser, and that he has a girl coming over with her cute sister. Logan is slightly intrigued, but still mopey. Melinda and her sister, Heather, drop by the suite to meet them, but Heather is an eleven-year-old girl. Melinda and Dick go out on the town while Logan babysits Heather for a couple of days. The partying couple end up in marrying in Vegas. Meanwhile, Heather discovers Logan is all gross because of a girl. She thinks two people should be together if they love each other and that he should keep trying. She calls into the local radio station and have them play Nick Lachey’s “What’s Left of Me” with a message that Logan wants Veronica back, which the person the message was directed to hears when she’s in the hotel tracking down Jeff. Later, they all happen to converge in the elevator. Heather squeals about meeting “Miss Veronica” and keeps nudging Logan to talk to her. Veronica asks if Heather’s wearing her shirt, and Logan blithely answers that she ran out of clothes. When they exit, Heather complains that he missed his chance, but Logan shouts that love isn’t so simple, unless you’re eleven and/or delusional, and what would she know about love and heartbreak anyway. Heather cries. When Dick calls back on how his relationship with Melinda has soured, Meli asks how Heather’s doing, and explains that she isn’t as energetic when she takes her Prozac, which she had started taking after their father left. Feeling sympathetic, Logan knocks on the door and offers to take her out for ice cream. Yup, if I were a hermit my first stop would be the delicious creamery of ice cream. By the next economics class, Logan’s shaved off his stubble and hands the prof an apple while entering the room. Great. Because no way Veronica deserved all that emo crap.

Goran? Y/N

Coach Barry, Wallace’s basketball coach, is found murdered on the PCH. His son, Josh (who reminds me a little of Goran Visnjic), locked horns with his father in the locker room and quit the team after a disappointing game. The coach often went out to a cliffside spot after games, so Josh went out there to mend fences, but found him dead of a gunshot wound. He claims there was no cell signal, so he went home to tell the news, not wanting the sheriff do it. Lamb, however, immediately suspected Josh because they arrived as he was coming out of the shower; they also found his bloody clothes. Mrs. Barry hires Keith to clear him and put the real culprits behind bars, the PCHers who have been carjacking out there as of late, but Veronica does more of the heavy lifting here. Keith approaches Mel Stoltz, a rich benefactor of Hearst (the cigar-smoking alumnus who threatened Cyrus he would pull his donations if the Greeks weren’t reinstated), because he had wanted Barry gone since he started losing conference titles years ago. Stoltz was on Air Stoltz (heh) at the time of death, so he’s out. PCHers are also out, because they wouldn’t carjack a sorry-looking car like Coach Barry’s. Also, Arturo, the pizza-boy mugger from Versatile Toppings (of which I made no mention), is now the leader. At first, I thought it was lame, but the kid who has the ingenuity to orchestrate the conditions where he can mug the delivery boy is actually pretty smart. Veronica visits the crime scene and notices tire marks that look as if a car had been pushed into the ocean, but no motorcycle tracks. Meanwhile, Mason, whom the coach removed from starter in favor of Wallace, comes into the sheriff’s department to say he saw Josh and the coach arguing as he drove down the PCH. Josh is promptly arrested and Veronica asks how Mason could see them clearly, if they were supposedly facing each other and Mason was in his car coming from behind whoever was arguing with the coach, if that’s what he really saw at all. Josh claims Mason has a temper and a gun; Keith talked to Mason’s girlfriend, his alibi. V decides to bake peanut butter cookies because she wants Josh to believe she believes in him, and sneaks them into his jail cell in a hollowed-out book. He believes strongly that it is Mason, but V figures that if he had shot him, the gun would be long gone by now. After she leaves, Josh lies down on his bedding, looks up at his cellmate, and chews on a cookie. The next day, Veronica is arrested for aiding and abetting Josh’s prison break.

Do you know what I don’t like about Veronica Mars? Veronica Mars. She’s bossy, manipulative, thinks she is always right, closed off, angst ridden, sarcastic, and snoopy. Why are we supposed to like her? Because she used to be popular and now she isn’t? She hasn’t learned humility. I dislike her. There. I’m glad I finally figured that out. – from Make Me Watch TV

Amazing that a guy has been forced to watch VM and who isn’t really a fan, can garner that. I mean, I’d always thought that of Veronica, but a non-fandom person really displays to me how bad it’s gotten. I said it before I don’t watch for Veronica, not anymore. Granted, I like her at times and her quips (which get pretty old if there’s too much at once), but she’s no longer my favorite character. I can nearly guarantee you I won’t buy the S3 DVD, but if it returns for S4 I might still watch it. On the offchance for some LV. Sad, I know.

On a lighter topic, did the femme fatale really kill her husband? I don’t think it’s Hank Landry, because he’s sort of blasé through it all, unless he constantly puffs on the ganja, and not only for sex. I do think it might be Tim… just because he couldn’t kill a fetus, doesn’t mean he can’t kill a grown man. I think Mindy had a hand, because femme fatales always convince some chump to do their bidding. If she weren’t a participant, why did she drop Keith from the case? If she had been framed like she claimed, why not ask him to find out who’s framing her? And I have no clue about Coach Barry.


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