Meteor Garden

Apparently, it seems I have the first-ever Meteor Garden tag on WP.

I decided to write this entry to preface what’s to come… blogging about MG. I am doing this because I’m hopelessly devoted to the J-drama and wanted to write it up, but I thought, “Dude, I can’t do that without first yukking it up with Meteor Garden, no matter how bad.”

I’m doing this in whatever free time I have and it’s taken about three weeks to get the first episode written up… and I’m still not done. It’ll be up soon, but here’s a preview:

Bai He meets up with Qian Hui on the steps of Ying De, whereupon they immediately start showing off their new acquisitions.
Bai He: “Chikkit out, bitch, I got a Prada bag!”
Qian Hui: “Prada? Slut, please, Burberry coat!”
Bai He: “Who cares when I have this priceless diamond necklace!”
Qian Hui: “Julia Roberts’s nose FTW!!”
Bai He doesn’t like that her friend went without her to Beverly Hills to get it. Also, they will now collectively be known as Baiheqianhui.

Can I do it? Will I make it? Will I die trying to recap what is a true serial, not diluted American TV show serialization?


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