Show Me the Monkey 3×10

One of the lamest episode titles ever begets a similarly lame episode. Seriously… I cannot put into words the lameness (of the title). The actual mystery wasn’t as lame as the name let on, but as a whole the episode was a huge plummet from Spit & Eggs. I hate that since S2 there never seems to be any, or barely any, fallout when something huge happens. I’ve mentioned it around. It’s like everything is tied up in a neat little package, then onto the next thing and no mention of the past again, or let’s wrap it in a wry joke.

Veronica’s hired by research students Gil and Pauline to find the rats and monkey that had been freed from the school’s laboratory. They suspect PHAT (a student animals’ rights group), so she infiltrates the gang with Mac in tow. Mac Attack attracts the attention of the leader, Bronson, but she is sort of oblivious at first. It was funny how Mac and Veronica were told they had to pose naked with “No Fur” signs, only to be punked. Eventually, the suspect turns out not to be PETA-lite, or the bitchy lab worker who has something against the monkey, but Gil! He bonded with the capuchin, stole him, fried the hard drive, left the rats on the leader’s doorstep, knowing they would be well taken care of, and named the primate Oscar, saving him from a fated autopsy. Veronica sympathizes, returns the check, and informs the professor she could not find him. The professor orders another one online. V looks sho shad.

Mindy O’Dell wants Keith to try to prove Dean O’Dell was murdered, but Keith is skeptical because it had already been ruled a suicide because of his computer memo: “Goodbye cruel world zzzz.” He decides to dig around some more before taking on the case. His first stop is O’Dell’s office, which was left alone, to my surprise. It’s been six weeks! Keith notices the 40-year-old scotch still sitting there, remembering the good dean once told him he was waiting all his life, till his dying day is through, to drink the sweet, smooth taste of a Scotsman. Keith tells Veronica of his potential case, telling her of the Dean’s clichéd message. When her father tells her the contents of the suicide note, Veronica acknowledges that that was in her Perfect Murder paper. Finally, Keith confronts Landry in a bar, pretending (or, who knows, maybe he did actually dredge it up from the memories of his past) he did something totally crazy for a woman: trying to toss a Molotov cocktail onto a rival’s car. He gently probes Landry if he did anything crazy, too, but Landry eventually lets on that he knows exactly who Keith is, thanks to his Aaron Echolls book. Yeah, I’m not really sure what Keith was thinking, a man with a bit of fame (or infamy) trying to deceive his daughter’s criminology professor in a not-terribly large town. At least Keith is in an interesting storyline!

Mac and PHAT leader eventually get together after an episode of awkwardness (whatever). What the hell happened to Parker? Now that the rape mystery is wrapped and tucked away, she’s back to being her pre-rape self as a jockstrap-chaser. Logan is bummed out, so Dick and Chip(!) try to cheer him up. They meet some surfer girls, one of whom hooks up with Logan in his car. After the act (I think it involved some sort of blowing) she says aloud that she “can’t believe [she] did that with Aaron Echolls’ son.” Veronica inwardly pines for Logan, and late in the show Piz and Veronica share a talk about the good things in life, which makes her run into Logan’s arms. The next morning, Piz is stung when, while trying to buy Veronica breakfast, he encounters Logan placing a tray in front of her.

Uuuuuugh and here it comes, Piz as a love interest. Have I mentioned how much I do not like Piz? His character just fundamentally annoys me. It’s time like these I wish Duncan didn’t knock up Meg, that fertile, horny schoolboy.

I can say, with a somewhat heavy heart, that this show is no longer on the top of my must-watch list. It’s not due so much to the show itself, though that’s a part of it. No, it’s due to other shows, like Battlestar Galactica and Hana Yori Dango, that have burrowed deep into my heart, which is sort of sad and amazing at once because both are shows I cannot watch in real time. The former slowly snuck in without my really knowing it, while the latter flared up within days. (Though that’s not really surprising since for years I’ve been fostering an epic love for most things HYD.) If things start going good, which I doubt (sadly), perhaps my epic love will be restored in VM. But I really think a huge part of why I liked it so much was because of the year-long mystery. It was fun trying to figure it out along the way, and catching the clues X amount of episodes before the reveal when rewatching it later. Nobody else was doing that, and it sounds like they don’t even want to do smaller mystery arcs anymore. Believe me, I don’t like ragging on a show I once adored so much. Also, Piz doesn’t help.


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