The Killing Box 2.13

Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone meet face-to-face again, but Mahone wants them to turn around. Michael says that he will have to look them in the eye if he wants to kill them. “I just want my life back!” Mahone yells. Their tryst is interrupted by Border Patrol, who bring them in and lock them up. Kim doesn’t like that they are still alive, so Mahone tries to make arrangements to travel in their transport vehicle back to Fox River.

Bellick is denied bail, and eventually accepts a plea bargain for 25 years rather than go to court and probably getting the death penalty, under the condition that he be sent to Fox River, so he can be near his mother. Aw, that’s sweet… and little loser-ish. In reality, he did it so he could be around his friends and former colleagues, whom he thinks will grant him favors and make things easier for him. The new warden, however, means business and sends him into Gen Pop, in Avocado’s cell, who I’m pretty sure anally raped Tweener last year. Have fun, Brad.

Sara calls Michael’s cell, which is in a plastic bag. She leaves a message, explaining she didn’t leave him, because something had happened to her. Later, she finally sees a newscast about their capture. She goes into a bathroom with a razor blade she bought, and we’re supposed to think she’s going to kill herself? Uh, sure. In her next scene, she has choppily cut off her long hair and throws away her old life (IDs, etc., but keeping her cash) into a public garbage can on a busy street.

Sucre’s plane has made it into Mexican airspace, but the military aircraft has followed them. The pilot says the only way out is to jump, and provides him with a parachute. The pilot dies; Sucre survives, in Mexico.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is in a veteran’s hall asking a man playing pool about his prosthetic hand. After being called a Nancy-boy, T-Bag kills him and then swipes his plastic limb. Then, he seduces a postal worker, Denise. It was creepy seeing him in action, because he is very charming, but that makes it all the more disturbing. Good thing we don’t have Smell-o-vision yet, because I bet he stinks worse than an unwashed buttcrack. Then again, maybe he took a little shower while in Geary’s hotel room. When he picks her up from her job, he asks for a favor: the forwarding address of his “cousin” so he can inform her of her newfound wealth. Denise reluctantly agrees and hands him the info, only then seeing the Wanted poster for T-Bag. Uh… how the hell did she not know who the hell he was?? What about all those Wanted posters posted in the post office?? T-Bag notices that she notices and kills her. He makes it to Ness City, Kansas, where he greets his ex: “Don’t be frightened. Teddy’s home.” Did I mention the creepiness?

Kellerman calls Kim, blackmailing him with his knowledge of President Reynolds’ wrongdoings into letting him have final chance with the brothers. He claims he has an in with someone at the Department of Correction, and they’ll create a diversion where it’ll be possible to shoot them without suspicion. A mysterious, non-talking man is also listening to this conversation on speakerphone. Kim, with instructions from the mysterious man who likes to write succinct notes, calls Mahone to tell him he’s off the hook, and that after the brothers are dead, to kill Kellerman.

In a tunnel, a semi blocks the road. The guards leave the transport vehicle to help, who just so happens to leave the keys. Mahone stares at them from aways, hoping they’ll take the bait. Michael figures out it’s a ruse, and that if they escape they will have reason to shoot, but Lincoln convinces him it’s better to go now. They run into an open door in the tunnel. Mahone takes off after them, but he’s really forcing them to run into Kellerman. After a long chase, Kellerman and Mahone have boxed in Michael and Lincoln. Kellerman fires a shot… at Mahone. He quickly informs them that, “President Reynolds ruined your life, she ruined my life. You want to take that bitch down? You just found your inside man, but it’s got to be right now.” Well, finally! I was waiting for this ever since we saw his worried look that Sara would be “taken care of.”

Is Mahone really dead? The wound looked like it more toward the armpit, than the heart, but who knows. Mahone, we hardly knew ye.

Farewell, weekly PB entries. I started this because I thought I could do this on weeks VM wasn’t on air, with a few overlaps here and there. Boy, was I wrong: I completely forgot about sweeps! And now everybody and their grandma’s chicken is putting their serialized dramas on hiatus till winter of next year, so they’re even returning around the same time. Anyway, I’ll probably still keep doing it here and there, if the timing is right. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.


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