Disconnect 2.12

How did Michael see his father if he left before he was born? After their mother died, with Lincoln in juvie, Michael was sent to an abusive foster father. After six months, Aldo finally tracked him down and saved him… by killing the foster father. Was this the watching a man bleed to death? Michael ran away from his killer daddy, though. Now, he asks him how he could kill a man. Love makes you do crazy things, I’d say. Their father says he left to protect them from the Company and now is back to fix this. He thinks Sara Tancredi is the key to exonerating Lincoln. “I don’t believe it!” Michael’s face says. Before they can talk more, Mahone shocks them by appearing with a gun. Aldo stays behind in a two-man shootout while the other three get the car. When they pick him him up, Aldo is bleeding.

Bellick gives a story that he heard one of the Fox River Eight were in town, and he and Geary came out to catch him. They had a little argument, where Geary hit him and they split up. He said a black guy did it to because he didn’t want his friend in trouble. Detective Slattery seems to believe him, until she’s told Geary held in his dead hand the hotel room receipt with Bellick’s credit card number. She thinks he used his last ounce of strength to name his killer, kind of like when Burns pointed W and S, only upside down it looked like M and S. Then she plays him the forgotten voicemail where he threatens Geary that he’ll gut him “from bow to stern.” As he rises to threaten her, the other officers cuff him for first-degree murder. Did Geary take Bellick’s card, too? And T-Bag, deliciously framing Bellick. So how about those major blood vessels hanging from his stump?

Sara is struggling beneath the water while Kellerman prepares some tools, like a hacksaw. A motel employee stops by to inform him the other patrons are complaining about his loud television. Sara manages to grab the chain of the bath plug with her teeth and pulls it out. When he hears the last of the water draining (how fast is this water draining?), Kellerman rushes to the bathroom, only to meet the hot, hot iron. She grabs her purse and all her things and jumps out the window. But don’t worry, a car broke her fall! Kellerman sees the the broken, bloody windshield. Sara takes it upon herself to sew up her wound… in a bathroom stall.

Kellerman receives a call from Kim confirming Sara’s death. At first, he says she’s dead, but when Kim still hasn’t gotten a photo of her corpse, he calls again. Kellerman tells the truth, but Kim hangs up on him mid-sentence. Kellerman tries calling the president, but a secretary responds that they are not familiar with an “Agent Kellerman.” Later, he leaves a message for Kim, but he’s too busy directing people to erase Kellerman from history, or “make him a ghost.” We mundanely see him photoshopped from one of President Reynolds’ photographs. Gross, his sternum is all burnt and crispy.

C-Note is camping in North Dakota with his family, but he forgot their daughter’s knapsack, which has her medicine in it. They go into town, so his wife can get her prescription. The pharmacist recognizes her from a newspaper cover story. She claims she has to go in back to get change for a hundred. If she’s gone for all that time, C-Note’s wife, it means you’ve been made. Just get the hell outta there, it’s only 75 bucks! She doesn’t even try to hide her face when she’s in town with a fugitive. The authorities stop her outside. She surreptitiously drops the meds into a trash can behind her before she’s arrested. Yeah, their storyline isn’t really all that interesting.

The Coyote from last episode is recovering nicely, who has information on the plane Michael and the gang are planning to board. Mahone offers all charges against him dropped, and his medical bill paid for until his deportation. The Coyote wants citizenship, but Mahone starts pulling out all the plugs as “incentive.” Later, Mahone is on the phone calling for the Air Force and wanting to ask Mexico permission for an international pursuit.

Aldo’s dying words are to find Sara and that he’s sorry. After they bury him, Michael and Lincoln talk about their feelings. The former is feeling guilty about all the people that have died just because he wanted Lincoln free; the Company wanted Aldo dead, and they got their wish. Sucre reminds them the plane is getting ready to touch down soon. Sucre is the first on board, but the brothers don’t move — “we’re staying,” Michael states. “Hope we’ll see you down there.” In a sweet scene, Sucre thanks his friend, who then says, “Fly safe, papi.” “Give ’em hell,” Sucre responds. Oh, I get it, whitey is saying Spanish, and the Latino is saying something whitey might say. Michael plans to call Sara as they drive away, but then they hear and see jet planes. And Mahone is coming down the road again.

Suddenly, it’s night without Mahone in sight (zuh??). Michael calls Sara, but Mahone comes out of nowhere, crashing into their car. The phone’s been flung out onto the pavement, while Mahone holds a gun on them. Sara answers.


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