Of Vice and Men 3×07

Veronica decided not to come home all night since Keith did the same the other night. She’s upset, doesn’t tell him where she’s been staying and compares the situation to her mom and Jake Kane. Yay! I mean, bad for V, but they actually mentioned it and used it as a parallel. I wasn’t sure if they were going to do that. So, Veronica’s been staying at Wallace’s room, because Piz and Wallace are studying at a motel. Wow, students actually do this? I thought it only happened in that Korean drama I watched! Piz comes back early because Wallace was acting all crazy, and tells Veronica that she can still say. She accepts. Gag. Wtf happened to the hullabaloo about same-sex dorms? (When an RA yells at Dick for being on an all-girls floor.)

Keith called Logan to find where his daughter was, but she’s been avoiding her boyfriend too, because she suspected the worst of him after the alibi he couldn’t elaborate on last episode. She’s still helping him try to exonerate Mercer, though. She visits him in jail and she brings up the secret alibi, which Mercer isn’t giving up either, but he does say her boyfriend is a solid guy, someone he’d want to be with if he swung that way. She doesn’t look convinced (of the solidity). She mentions the GHB in his cash box, which he denies is his. He insists he was framed, because a lot of people owe him money… people like Chip Diller (Chip’s everywhere!) and Dean O’Dell (who bets on boxing matches, using his student aide to place the bets).

To make things less awkward, I guess, Veronica picks up a wayward girl and offers her Piz’s bed: Meryl, who is afraid her boyfriend, Sully, Wallace’s next-door neighbor, is in trouble. She’s his high-school gf and she came down to visit him, but he didn’t meet her at the airport or anything. Veronica thinks that perhaps it’s his cowardly way of breaking up with her, but Meryl doesn’t believe it. Every time V brings up a bad situation Sully could be in, Meryl replies she’ll be glad if he’s just okay. Veronica is appalled. Appalled, I say!

Harmony Chase wants to go on a little trip to Palm Springs with Keith. She’s planning on leaving her husband and they all think they have something very special. Hear that? Planning. Keith agrees, but Vinnie, hired by Mr. Chase, drops by with the photos he took of them during their illicit affair. After Vinnie admires his photography, he asks Keith for double the rate Mr. Chase is paying ($2000) to keep his mouth shut. Nice callback to 1×17. Wow, Vinnie’s been here forever. Keith, I presume, pays the money, because when Harmony stops by to pick him up, Keith isn’t packed up.

Veronica finds out Mercer was DJing his call-in request show, Club Flush, during every one of the rapes. Did all of them happen between 11pm and 1am, which is when I think his show is on air? She visits Logan to tell him this, but she blackmails him so he can tell her what really happened on their alibi-making night. He asks her to trust him, but, yeah, she doesn’t. Smashing in her headlights, doing body shots off of her and tormenting her for months can do that. But you know what? I like those kinds of relationships that start out that way. That’s why I’m so invested in their relationship, sadly. Too bad she can’t forgive and forget. Or forgive and never forget. I forgot who said that. Veronica wants the truth, or she isn’t clearing Mercer. Finally, he admits he was in TJ (I was half right) with Mercer, where he set his motel room on fire with some flaming drink, and later, the entire motel. Logan, who was in the adjacent room, woke up and ran very far away. He didn’t help anyone. He kept it a secret because Mexican jail is no fun, and he didn’t want to tell her precisely because of the look she’s giving him.

Meryl is stupid, and reminds me of a poor woman’s Julianne Nicholson, but a lot more gross and idiotic. There’s naïve (giant laser??), but then there’s just wholly stupid and ignorant. Veronica traces her boyfriend’s phone to River Stix, where she warns Meryl of its dangers. Moron Meryl jumps out and heads in, meeting Danny Boyd. V goes in immediately to retrieve her. She calls Sully’s phone and it’s in one of the boxes of alcohol. Then, Liam Fitzpatrick sees her and spins her around. It was weird. We go from picking her up from the ground to the pool table, with a loaded tattoo gun ready to strike, to: you spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round round. Don’t have them there if they’re not remotely menacing. Vinnie is inexplicably there and feigns taking camera photos of the ordeal and sending them to Keith. Lol, Vinnie saved the day. Veronica is stupid. She knew the danger, yet went in by herself without calling the sheriff, whom she said she was going to call before commercial break! Vinnie notes he saw Sully at River Stix drunk as a lush last night, with Danny, who was purchasing a bunch of stuff using Sully’s credit card. He was arrested for public drunkenness and we finally see Sully in a jail cell. Reunited and it don’t feel good. I don’t care, but Veronica doesn’t say anything as she watches. I suppose this was to show V that having faith in someone, even when the circumstances look awful, isn’t always such a bad thing.

Professor Landry has a friend who can get Veronica on the shortlist for a summer FBI internship. If she wants in, she’ll have to write an essay on how she’ll benefit from the program, which would be in lieu of the end-of-term paper — its subject: planning the perfect murder. (People are thinking it might inspire the real murder next arc. Yes, please.) Veronica thinks about taking it, but later rejects it when she feels that the internship is a way to keep her quiet on his affair. Surprisingly, Landry is very blasé about the whole extramarital affair thing and insists he’s recommending her because she’s his best student.

Logan finds out from Keith Veronica is staying at Wallace’s dorm. He knocks on the door to find Piz, that smug-looking bastard, who tells him Wallace is at a motel. Theoretically, this would make me like Piz more, not being goody, but they have to pick the one thing I’m sensitive about (person trying to wedge himself in a relationship that still EXISTS). Sorry I ever doubted you, Wallace. At least you tried to clear the thing up with Rashard, even though it was executed horribly, and you owned up to cheating. You’re still the moral center. Meanwhile, Veronica finds a hair in her food and exchanges it in the food court. She left her drink! When she returns, she drinks her drink as she listens to her voicemail messages — mostly from Logan, but the last one from her father telling her the relationship with Harmony is over and that he’d like to see her. She smiles, but then she realizes something is wrong. She recognizes the feeling of GHB coursing through her veins, but she decides to go to her car in the dark, empty-of-people parking lot. What??? Her exact VO is: “I can’t believe this is happening… again.” That’s right, you know what’s happening, but go out into the empty, dark parking lot, away from the public, bustling food court. If the GHB was affecting her train of thought, then why the hell have that VO? And how could she just leave her drink like that on the table?? I would’ve brought it with me on the tray to prevent anyone from stealing it, or, in this case, to prevent anyone from dropping GHB into it. I guess she wanted to reserve her table. I don’t think she would have trouble, she has a taser. As Veronica walks in a daze to her vehicle, we see a hooded figure in the background. She sees him too, and rushes for her car, but doesn’t make it inside, though at least she’s smart enough that she manages to press the alarm. Logan, who is still trying to find Veronica, hears and sees her flashing Saturn. The hooded figure, wearing latex gloves, stops the car alarm. Logan quickly makes it over there, but sort of quietly. He lamely calls out her name, but then again I guess he didn’t know IT IS THE RAPIST!! By the time he gets to her, the hooded figure is gone. Logan picks her up and to my horror, he sees huge chunks of her blonde hair on the pavement. Gingerly holding her head, there is a huge bald spot. Veronica weakly asks him to take her home.

At home, Keith feeds her some weird liquid on a spoon, probably not ipecac. Later, as the two men are asleep in the living room, Veronica is wide awake musing to herself, “So what would Stan Marsh say in a situation like this? I think we all learned a valuable lesson about faith. You give it to the people you love. But the people who really deserve it are the ones who come through, even when you don’t love them enough.” Ha, it totally does sound like something Stan Marsh would say. Or Blossom. I don’t know, I haven’t watched Blossom in over ten years. Too bad it seems this VO will be negated next episode.

When the hell did Veronica become such a bitch, and a stupid, hypocritical one at that? I’m thinking when she got back with Duncan. Man, I really hope it’s some character arc and she’ll realize what she’s doing, but I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to bet on that. I’m not even watching the show for her anymore, like in S1. I’m in it for the long-arc mysteries, (Logan), and (Logan + Veronica). I myself have become so jaded, I’m not transcribing quotes regularly anymore. Yes, I’m admitting, I also contributed to VM @ Wikiquote heavily since late S1, but now if I don’t enjoy it, why should I keep doing something I’m volunteering my time for? I am still writing here because it gives me a chance to vent, and to straighten out my mind on the mysteries. Also, why is she becoming more gross as the seasons progress? I liked her short hair in the first season, and the second season’s longer hair, while I missed her old hair, brought some new styles. But now she’s stuck on this wormy, dreadlock-y look that makes her look like a two-bit soft-core porn star. It’s… it’s just gross.

The “rapist” has already started to shave Veronica’s hair. Is it really the serial rapist, or one of several people who want revenge on Veronica? Veronica’s attack reminds me of Claire’s rape, which is a big, fat stinkin’ lie. Except, there were no Pi Sig parties, so this clears that frat even more… sort of. We get info that Chip Diller might have access to GHB. Though, that’s not really saying much. Apparently even my dog can get GHB in Tijuana, and I don’t even have one. Also, if it was really the rapist, did he see an opportunity to strike and decided to do it when Veronica left her drink alone? That doesn’t sound like the person who seems to be doing everything pretty much the same way every time, which is why he’s a serial rapist. Veronica’s attack was either an act of revenge, or at least not the precursor to rape, meaning the rapist is someone Veronica’s met, and he feels she’s getting too close to him so he sends a warning. Also, the person’s white, so it’s not Nish… but it doesn’t mean it isn’t some cracker she hired.

They seemed to focus silently on the RA Moe’s habit of offering oolong tea to people (seen in 3×01). Maybe he spikes his tea with GHB? I know he was cleared, but wouldn’t that make the mystery real twisty? Having a guy exonerated, only to have him actually be the culprit? Yeah, I know, other people said it already. I don’t think Moe did it, unless he’s as gross as Moe Syzlak.

Moe says in an offhand comment that all R.A.’s have keys to their rooms. Does that prove Moe did it, or is it setup for the next mystery?

Sully owns a razor. Hear that, Veronica? Either’s he’s THE RAPIST or he’s A DUDE.

Mercer is still in jail when Veronica’s assaulted, because Lamb’s an asshole. So that clears Mercer. And Logan. And Keith. This is hard. I don’t know, I’m started to think maybe it was Moe. Both he and Piz looked at Veronica when Meryl told them she believed Sully was in trouble. I don’t remember Moe being so aware of Veronica’s investigative abilities, but if he’s keeping track on all the after-rape happenings like a psychopath would — Claire getting exposed, Veronica clearing the Pi Sigs, etc., then he would be very aware. Moe is the only one that fits right now.


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