Bolshoi Booze 2.11

T-Bag finally rips off his goddamned hand and escapes the cops. Smartly enough, he put a tracker in the bag of money and traces it to a swanky hotel, where he finds Geary about to have sex with call girls. He tells them to leave and then we are left to wonder what happens to Geary, only to later see T, happy as a clam, sipping champagne, as it trickles out of his major blood vessels.

Bellick was taken to the hospital and has to fence questions from Detective Slattery on the mysterious bump on his noggin. He claims a black guy snuck up behind him, even though the wound is on the front of his head. When he thinks he’s shaken them off, he leaves a voice message threatening Geary, only to discover his dead body being wheeled in as he’s outside the premises. When he confirms that Geary was a friend, Slattery has more questions for him.

Michael buys a whole box of fishing reel oil, and a GPS locator, but he doesn’t have enough cash, so he only buys the oil. When the elderly sales clerk attends to something else, Michael tries to take the GPS with him, but the salesman catches him. After briefly tussling, the old man falls on a pile of coolers, who subsequently says, “Take it, please don’t hurt me.” Michael immediately has flashbacks to S1 and 2, where all sorts of bad stuff is happening. He sees a church in the distance and decides to confess. Hey, what if it had been Episcopalian, huh? You were gonna spend all that time looking for a Catholic church?

We find out that Michael watched a man bleed to death when he was a kid and he enjoyed it. Who was it? After he feels unburdened, he checks his GPS and finally stops in a desolate, sandy place with a unabomber-styled shack. Meanwhile, Mahone is freed by Kim from the metal cage, who is pissed off about being in the field. Shut your pussy pie hole, Kim. He tells Mahone that he will no jurisdiction once they go over the border and would be of no use to the Company. Kim then asks about Bolshoi Booze, and he assures him he will figure it out. When Kim mentions his son, Cameron, Mahone grabs him by the throat. While furiously working to decode the words, he takes a breather and leaves a voicemail for his ex-wife. He looks at the tattoo of Bolshoi Booze again, but this time upside down, which looks like 32009 1045709, or bO7ShOl bOOZE. I have to say, writers, clever! It is missing an exclamation point, because fans figured it out months ago. To which I have to say, is a little sad. Back to Michael, he has arrived at the location of those coordinates.

Now Michael has a lot of hair! A car stops for him, and a Coyote steps out, asking for the medical nitroglycerin in exchange for the plane information. Oh, that’s why he buried the nitroglycerin in the garden that was eventually dug up by the feds! So, did he give them the offer and buried it like the day before he got arrested, because that is some crazy shit waiting for all that time. Michael gives them the box with the vials of fishing reel oil. The Coyote explains that he’ll get a call about the plane’s location shortly before they leave, so they wait in the shack.

Inside, the Coyote becomes suspicious and thinks aloud that he thought nitro came in glass vials, not plastic. Michael quickly covers that his supplier put it in plastic to decrease the risk of danger. The phone rings with the plane’s location, but the Coyote doesn’t say anything about it. They test the nitro and discover that it’s sugar water. But… I thought it was fishing reel oil. Anyway, Michael is hilariously called “blanquito” and they pull out some firearms, but someone comes in… Sucre! He shoots the leader, and they tie them up, but the wound is serious. Michael finally has a Spanish translator for all this “agua de azucar” business. Sucre asks for the location of the plane in exchange for their freedom. He gets the info, but doesn’t let them go. Mike is having second thoughts while Sucre insists on leaving. The former eventually frees them, to many thanks, and the leader gives them the real location of the plane. See, Sucre! Flies like honey, not vinegar. And your name is supposed to mean sweet or a Bolivian capital. The plane will be going to Oaxaca.

Kim’s mole in Aldo’s group has already killed a few men and gets ready to kill the three Burrows men. Lincoln has supersonic hearing, though, and directs the others to leave when he hears the tinny clink of a shell falling to the floor despite the use of a silencer. Lincoln takes a kitchen knife as his weapon, but even his brute strength can’t help him… until a shot rings out and the mole falls dead. It’s Jane to save the day! The guy’s cell ring and Lincoln answers, even though Aldo tells him not to. “Is it done?” Kim asks. Lincoln threatens to kill him, but Kim laughs it off because he doesn’t even know who’s calling. Nevertheless, when Kim hangs up, he looks visibly shaken, not stirred.

LJ will have to go with Jane, because it’s safer that way. Aldo explains to Lincoln that President Reynolds is working for the Company’s corporate interest rather than for the people. The evidence he has that will free Lincoln came from an NSA analyst sympathetic to their cause, who found a conversation involving Terrence Steadman on the White House Echelon servers, two weeks after he supposedly died. He handed it off to the late Governor Tancredi, but now the analyst is missing and Tancredi is dead. He adds that Sara is key to the whole thing.

Mahone’s wife, Pam, returns his message. He explains it was better that they were divorced so they were not with him. He apologizes and admits that if he could do things differently, he would. She offers to pick him up, but he says, “If you hear anything in the media… I love you, give Cameron a kiss for me, okay?” He hangs up, takes out his gun, and exits his car. He’s at Bolshoi Booze.

Back at the shack, Lincoln appears, asking about the money. “Long story,” Michael says. Yeah, it’s been like 30+ episodes. Linc brings out someone from behind the shack… Aldo. Dude, this shack is totally an effective plot device. Not only does it shelter people and can hold fugitives, it can hide people from anyone’s field of vision. Lincoln is under the impression that Michael’s never met their father, since he left before he was born, but Mike says, “We’ve met before.” Does it have anything to do with watching a man bleed to death?

Kellerman had tied up Sara and keeps asking her where “it” is, but she has no idea what he’s talking about. So he decides to fill a bath tub with water. Hey, that tub is in the middle of the room — that takes up a lot space. I thought this was a motel, not a rich-tel. Kellerman tortures Sara a little by dunking her head beneath the water, but she really has no idea. Finally, she sees the key that dropped from her father’s dead body and figures it out, but is still not willing to divulge the information, so Kellerman dons latex gloves and shoves a plugged iron while Sara’s underwater, because electricity is crazy like that. When Sara still doesn’t say anything, Kim gives the order to kill her. Kellerman seems reluctant, but does what he’s told. He asks her one final time — “Don’t make me do this.”
“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.” After he tells her to “smarten up,” she retorts, “Go to hell.”
“You did this to yourself.”

Sara struggles beneath the water as Kellerman holds her steady.


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