Hi, Infidelity 3×06

Claire is expelled for faking her rape. Nish didn’t report it as false in the paper because she thought it would hurt the other rape cases, and as she says, it’s a “powder keg” out there. They’re both angry at Veronica for exposing the truth. God, these feminists are stupid. Why couldn’t they, you know, not report it as a rape in the first place? Did Nish know about the plan, or did she only find out during the article? Why would Claire fake it, knowing full well how it could affect the actual cases if she was found out? Is she that stupid? But I’m right in thinking it was faked, so there.

After being publicly praised for writing an excellent paper, Veronica is accused of plagiarization by an anonymous student, which of course, she denies. She has three days to clear herself, and you know she’s not going to back down. First, she confronts the entire class to try to find the culprit and a Jeff Ratner admits to turning her in. Veronica asks if they’ve met before, to which Jeff replies, “We have, but you don’t remember, so whatever.” Then he tells her he did it to bring the teacher’s pet down a peg, who is ruining the curve for everyone (for writing the only ‘A’ paper). He snots that she should own up to her cheating and not get all pissy about getting caught. The class applauds. Not uproariously, but still.

The paper was supposedly posted a year ago to a website by a rory.finch@hearstcollege.org, and she traces its creation to an IP address at the Neptune Grand. While in Logan’s hotel room, she recognizes the voice bringing up room service… Jeff Ratner. She accuses him of setting up the Rory Finch account, since there is no Hearst student by that name and he just so happens to be working at the Grand. He retorts that he’s been here for two years, and they’ve met, like, a hundred times, except she doesn’t notice the “little people” because she’s too busy cozying up to Captain Admiral Moneybags. Then who the hell was Duncan, Lieutenant? Gee, another character telling her she’s out of touch with the non-rich that will lead to nothing in the future, yet we need to be reminded of it every now and then because she was with the little people in the excellent S1, and the writers feel compelled to point us to that work of television art during something that probably shouldn’t exist, but does, even though it isn’t as great. I mean, I think Jeff spat in that steak. Don’t eat it, Logan!

With a little help from Tina at the front desk, when “Rory Finch” checks in, Veronica knocks on his or her door… to reveal Dean O’Dell’s wife. She feigns a mistake and leaves, only to meet up with her Intro to Criminology professor, Landry, as she enters the elevator. She calls out, “Rory Finch?” and he turns around as the doors slide close.

She shows the proof of the recent e-mail creation (meaning it was registered after she submitted her paper) to TA Timothy Foyle, then asks why he did it. He confesses yet not really confesses that he was jealous of the attention Professor Landry was giving her instead of him, so he decided to send her on a little expedition so she could see his true side; the Dean’s wife is the recent one in a line of many. Foyle asks if she really thought Ratner did it, and off of Veronica’s, “Oh, crap,” we cut to a funny scene of Jeff’s car, full of Neptune Grand stuff, surrounded by security. So, Jeff probably admitted to turning her in because he only wanted the glory of publicly knocking her off her “star pupil” pedestal (Landry invited her to lunch, to be in his program, and offered to be her faculty advisor). Gee, another character leading Veronica through a wild-goose chase so she can find out the truth, which will benefit the character who led her to the mystery in the first place. Well, at least the first time it happened was only in S2.

Wallace actually cheated, rather than reveal his sources (which I originally thought), so he gets a zero. (Well, it makes a lot more sense since Johnny Cash’s Busted was playing through the montage of various people getting busted, but the execution of the scene was lame.) He has the option of dropping Mechanical Engineering so he can stay on the team, but eventually he decides to drop basketball till midseason to focus on Mechanical Engineering, because it’s been his lifelong dream all week. This “Evil Wallace” is more intriguing than “Regular Wallace,” whose moral center role seems to be slowly overtaken by Piz. Whatever. I like a little angst. It doesn’t have to be murderer parents or cheating parents. It could even be lame angst like Wallace running after Jackie and finding out she has a kid. If I wanted fun-time, happy happy joy joy where the main characters can do no wrong, except the kind that make you smile, I’d read the Anne of Green Gables series. Which I’m doing right now.

Piz invites Veronica out to bowling with “Wallace and the gang,” only Wallace is stuck studying, and he didn’t really invite any gang (not even the PCH!) so it’s just Piz and Veronica… and Logan. And Parker. Now it seems like Veronica invited Parker out on a cheesy double-date setup (rather than inviting her out because Parker’s new BFF, Mac, is busy), but Parker’s actually interested in Piz. In a very junior high move, she wants V to find out what Piz thinks of her, but he says she’s not her type. Parker drags V along as they swing by his radio show, meeting Mercer on the way, who DJs Club Flush, the show after Piz’s. Parker drags V away again, but this time, explains that she recognized Mercer’s cologne from the night she was raped. Is Mercer the rapist? Is it too early in the 9 episodes? It’s only the sixth episode, so… yes? Veronica sneaks into Mercer’s room and finds an electric shaver… which really isn’t much, since I’m sure Mercer’s a guy who produces testosterone. She tells Lamb about this new development, who perks up at the name Mercer Hayes, because when they recovered his stolen cash box, there were two vials of GHB inside, the drug of choice on two of the victims. (1) Mightn’t it have been the rent-a-cops that put it in there, who stole it last episode? (2) Why only two of the victims? Claire’s was faked, but there are still three victims left.

Harmony invites Keith out to an evening of film noir at the local theatre. Veronica is worried about Keith getting involved with a married woman, but he claims they are friends. Later, they share drinks at the Neptune Grand (where Veronica catches him buying two martinis), where she tells him she wants no regrets and offers an indecent proposal. Keith refuses, even though he wants to. As he’s driving home, he’s involved in pretty moderate fender bender and decides to go back to Harmony’s hotel room. What is it abouth near-death experiences and wanting sex? (Veronica and Duncan’s first time ::shudders::) With Laura San Giacomo and Enrico Colantoni making out again, I’m having flashes of Just Shoot Me. Like the time they did it in a car and Maya’s gigantic backpack was rocking back and forth. Also, 10cc’s I’m Not in Love playing during the accident and pre-sex scene? Rob Thomas must really like the Virgin Suicides soundtrack (like me!), although we don’t hear the lyrics when it cuts off at, “I like to see you.” It continues: “But then again, that doesn’t mean you mean that much to me.” Personally, I think the song is cruel: a soft, almost romantic melody with harsh lyrics denouncing any feelings. The blunt title, “I’m Not in Love,” gives it away, although I guess it could be ironic — the person’s actually in love and denying it, while the music betrays what the person’s saying. But I like my first explanation better.

Mercer Hayes is arrested for the rapes, but Logan asks Veronica for help because they were together when one of the rapes happened over the summer, but he totally can’t tell her what they were doing. Oy vey. It’s not going to TJ and getting Liquid X, is it? Is this the source of their fight next episode? Although the part where she falls unconscious whilst being stalked by a hooded figure (who sort of looks like the unabomber) is seriously creepy. Hey, maybe it’s those damned feminists! Nish, the college student who’s been left back for about 40 semesters, threatens V with, “You’ll regret this.” Nish will totally get her comeuppance. Or at least smacked in the mouth.

Other little stuff:

– While in the Timothy Foyle’s office, Veronica sees he has a “crazy press-clipping board” of the campus rapes, just like the ones those serial killers have in the movies.

– Dean O’Dell is alone in his office watching boxing when Veronica breaks in to retrieve the e-mail files, because he tries to find as much time for himself when his wife has one her frequent “functions” because she doesn’t condone scotch, cigars, or televised violence, all of which are in play while Veronica snoops around in the filing cabinet in the background. Yeah, I’m totally calling all my affairs “functions” now. It’s sad, because he obviously cares about her (see: last episode), but she’s such a slut. She slept with Chip Diller! Even though he’s totally awesome, she’s still a slut.

– The rapist doesn’t leave behind evidence — hair or semen. So, that leaves it open for a woman? It could be a man who shaves his pubes and wears a condom. Just because he’s a rapist doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. The head shaving, though. It’s either not a female because she knows how important hair is to a girl, or it is a female because she knows how important hair is to a girl. Or it’s a condom-wearing dude and he has alopecia. Dude, totally.


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