Rendezvous 2.10

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: the FBI prematurely celebrate Lincoln’s capture, for the police cruiser escorting Linc and LJ are run off the road by a van. The van’s occupants leave the vehicle to take the duo away, but Lincoln punches a woman. My sympathy points for Lincoln = down, down… (walk like a loaded man!) She claims they are working with his father.

Geary and Bellick tortured T-Bag all night, playing Walking on Sunshine full blast. After the three of them tussle, T-Bag swallows his bus-locker key. The boys secure him to a toilet to force him to, uhm, dump it out into the colander Bellick attached to the bowl. When T-Bag groans, Bellick tells Geary to get the stool. After he washes off the bus locker key, Bellick calls 911. T-Bag begs him not to, but you know Bellick don’t care. T-Bag’s attached by his gimp hand to the radiator. As the sirens sound, he struggles to free himself. I bet he’ll rip off his reattached hand so he can exact his revenge! Gross, yet fitting.

Sara sits in a motel room, in Gila, NM, reminiscing about the key that fell out of her dead father’s pocket. Later, she receives a fax telling her to meet at Butterfield Rd in one hour. At the address, she finally meets Michael for the first time since the end of season 1. Meanwhile, Mahone is looking in all the Gila, NM motels. He finally reaches the Sundown Hotel and the clerk recognizes Sara, or “Kelli.” He shows him the fax she received and Mahone is on his way. Wait, if Sara used an alias, how did Michael know which room to send the fax to?

Sara’s disappointed his plan to make things right is to run away to Panama. Michael’s sorry for a lot of things, but Mahone is approaching quickly down the road. They rush into his car and he drives down the only road available… the one Mahone is barreling down on. Michael turns the wheel just in time to avoid an accident, though not avoiding some sparks. They run into an abandoned factory, with Mahone close behind.

Sucre’s car breaks down. He calls Maricruz, but her sister, Theresa, answers. They’re getting ready to leave for Ixtapa, Mexico, the honeymoon trip Hector had planned, but they are planning on going anyway without him. How unseemly. That’s like keeping the engagement pulls into the gas station just as the pay phone begins to ring. Sucre doesn’t take the chance.

Lincoln’s father’s associates bring Lincoln and LJ to a safehouse so they can meet his dad. Lincoln is apprehensive, but Jane, the woman Lincoln punched, warns they better start cooperating. Father explains to son (and the audience who forgot, or didn’t know) that his grandfather, Aldo Burrows, worked for the people who want Lincoln dead. Suspicious of the whole thing, Lincoln tries escaping when his father arrives.

Michael explains to Sara Mahone doesn’t want to catch them all, but kill all of them. He distracts Mahone so Sara can make a run for it. Once outside, she either hotwires or messes up Mahone’s car. Michael cuts himself, so he turns on the gas.

Michael lures Mahone into a fenced cage that houses a bunch of pipes. Michael locks him in and informs him he shouldn’t shoot, since he turned the propane on. …What? That gas was totally not colorless! If Hank Hill or science class has taught me anything, it’s that propane is colorless and odorless; the smell is added so you know there’s a leak! Personally, I thought it was steam Michael was turning on. We all know what happened when that hot-steam pipe was wedged into Michael’s back. Out of all the implausible things on the show, this is what I latch on to. I mean, there was a hissing sound. What else could it be, a snake? Obviously it was gas coming out of a pipe.

Michael tries reasoning with Mahone: Lincoln’s innocent, he’s on the wrong side, and that when he gets close, Michael will win every time. Well, I did say tried reasoning with him. Mahone lets loose that knows he is running to Panama. It’s okay, Michael, switch sides and run north. Who’s going to see you in the Northwest Territories, Bigfoot? He’s not going to talk. Sara picks Michael up.

Bellick and Geary open the bus locker to get the bag of money. Geary snuck a meat pounder out of the house and pounds Bellick on the head so he can take all of it. He tells an unconscious Bellick, “Next time, you pick through the crap.” He can’t hear you, dumb ass.

Kim tells Kellerman someone will take care of Lincoln Burrows… there’s an army. Kellerman’s told to find out what Sara knows.

Sucre tries calling again, but leaves a message. Okay, that’s kind of stupid. He tells Maricruz that he will be waiting in the Mexico City airport when she finishes her vacation. His grandmother has a farm outside the city and the baby can ride on the llama. An alpaca would’ve been funnier. Also, llamas are gross for babies. What if the baby grabs it the wrong way and it spits at him or her? Hector comes by to see Maricruz and finds out she’s going to Ixtapa. I bet he will also go to Ixtapa. I like typing Ixtapa. I’m hungry and I want tapas.

LJ meets his grandfather for the first time. Aldo offers to pick up Michael, but Lincoln refuses. Aldo says he needs more time to gather evidence to exonerate him. Meanwhile, one of Aldo’s crew is working with Kim, and he gets the order to kill all three generations of Burrows.

As Sara cleans up Michael’s wound, he mentions how glad he is she came. They need one more day before they can cross the border, but he has the people in place for it to happen. After Michael comes out of the bathroom, he finds a note instead of Sara: “This time I know better. I’m sorry.” Outside, Sara changes her mind, but meets Kellerman’s gun barrel instead of Michael.


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