President Evil 3×05

While Veronica is waiting in Mercer’s dorm of secret, illegal gambling for Logan, two guys wearing ex-presidential masks rob the cash box and the patrons of their own valuables… including Veronica’s necklace, given to her by Lilly. “You’re going to regret that,” she assures. The fake presidents with faker Hispanic accents run off.

The campus police aka rent-a-cops swing by before the sheriff’s department. One of them, Sasaki, has a really deep Japanese accent. “He did it!” I thought. Man, they must be slipping if I’m figuring it out this early. Sasaki’s partner did all the talking to hide Sasaki’s heavy Asian accent. At first, Veronica accused Weevil, because shortly before the robbery he said he missed his life of crime, he recognized Lilly’s necklace, and she told him about the gambling hall and that she was still dating Logan. Weevil’s appalled, especially after how Logan treated Lilly. You have a point… if I knew what the hell he did. If anything. Veronica gets her necklace back. It’s all very happy and hilarious, because she gets called a stupid cow.

In his own storyline, Keith has to find Dean Cyrus O’Dell’s wife’s ex-husband (Richard Grieco), Steve Batando, for his marrow, because their son is dying from bone cancer. At first he refuses, but he turns up missing and Keith is a suspect. The O’Dell’s kidnapped him to steal his precious, delicious bone blood, but he tells the authorities he went “camping” for a week while the O’Dells pay him off handsomely with a Ferrari (and who knows what else).

Meanwhile, Wallace boringly states he always wanted to be a mechanical engineer (why don’t I believe you), but the class is too hard so he buys a “study guide” without the answer key to help him out on an upcoming exam. Later, he also buys the answers, but I think he tells the truth in the written portion of the exam. He’s called to see the professor. Yawn.

Throughout the episode, Veronica’s also trying to find out the identity of the Asian guy with Claire at the ATM. She asks Claire about him, who says she doesn’t recognize him. Veronica enhances the photo and sees he’s wearing a shirt from Camp Waterloo, and makes up a story about camp reunions, hoping to get a list of those who attended within the last five years. There’s only one Asian guy who went to the West Virginian camp and is currently living in SoCal… Wang Yi. She visits his home and his roommate answers. She shows him a picture and says he raped Claire. “I doubt it,” roommate says. “She’s Wang’s girlfriend.” Am I right?! Was it faked?! Why am I so excited?! (Oh yeah, because I’m right. [?])


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