Unearthed 2.09

We open with Michael at a botanical garden. It’s nice he still has time to smell the roses while he’s on the run. Some guys run after him, but he manages to get away. In a diner, he watches the news announce Tweener’s death. Mahone’s TV interview lets Michael know they recovered his hard drive from the river. At headquarters, we discover that agents already combed the area Michael was planning to dig up — there were 3200 nitroglycerin ampules buried. Now those damned tattoos he spent hundreds of hours getting have turned against him. How exactly did he have the time to plan the breakout, set in motion what they would need on the run, and get tattooed?

Michael finds as much information online about Mahone as possible (including Oscar Shales). He visits Mahone’s ex-wife, Pam Mahone, in Colorado, pretending to be a FBI agent. He asks her “security clearance” questions because they’re planning to promote Alex Mahone. She claims she hasn’t spoke to him in some time so she doesn’t know how helpful she’ll be, but she answers all sorts of questions. Eventually Michael deduces that Mahone killed Shales, and swips her cell so he can call Mahone himself.

C-Note makes it back to Chicago so he can retrieve his wife and daughter. He calls up his homeboys and they set forth their plan. Meanwhile, Agent Lang intercepts C-Note’s wife: give up her husband or go to jail — we know your Rainbow Room ain’t in New York, bitch! She agrees to work with them and reveals they will meet near a merry-go-round. When she’s there, one of C-Notes homies tells her to run toward a black car, which she does. The FBI agents are thwarted by another of C’s friends. They pick up their daughter at school and the whole family’s finally reunited. C-Note’s wife asks, “What do we do now?”

With a snazzy new suit and a bouquet of flowers, T-Bag is ready to meet his ex-girlfriend, but the house is empty. Until Bellick and Geary pop by to punch him out and tie him up. They found out the address from T-Bag’s fifty-two love letters to her that were returned to the prison. They threaten to remove the stitching if he doesn’t give them the location of the money. He’s not telling, but I’ll tell you: he hid it in a bus station locker.

Sara decoded the numbers into, “Rendezvous Sundown Hot.” She figures the last word means “hotel,” so she calls information for any Sundown Hotels in America. Luckily, there’s only three, and only one of them near the Mexican border. She quickly makes arrangements to Albuquerque, NM using Kelli‘s ID and credit card. The FBI gets wind of this and Mahone circles all the alphanumeric combinations that have “nm” in it. He finally figures the location is Gila, NM.

Michael calls Mahone with Pam’s cell. Mahone answers with, “Pam, I can’t really talk right now.” I mention this, because I thought it was interesting that she claimed she hadn’t talked to him in a while, yet it seems they have phone conversations regularly. Michael asks him to let his family go and he’ll keep his secret… that he killed Oscar Shales and buried him in the garden. (Which is why he kept staring at the bird bath those times.) Michael tries to psych him out, but Mahone is eerily calm as he informs him that they’ll be meeting a lot sooner than he thinks, as he stares at the circled Gila. As Michael pulls into Gila, Mahone digs beneath his bird bath, until he reaches a bony hand.

Lincoln and LJ are caught when a suspicious man notices them. They try running, but LJ is hit by a car. Lincoln apologizes. I actually sort of sympathized with him last year, but now I just think he’s a big, dumb oaf.


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