Charlie Don’t Surf 3×04

Where do I begin? Claire was “raped” — she was found shaved in the park, but that’s suspicious. Stacey and Parker were raped in their bedrooms, but then again, we’re not sure where the other victims were assaulted. Dick hires Veronica on behalf of the Pi Sigs so she can clear their name. There was a Pi Sig event the night of every rape and the school wants to hold a hearing to try to shut down the frat. Veronica sees this as an opportunity to get full access into the Pi Sigs.

Parker (in a better wig) still blames Veronica, but softens when she retells her own rape. (It wasn’t summer of 2004, it was winter 2003!! The writers will get hell for this…) However, when she is seen at the Pi Sig frat house during a Lilith House protest (No more rapes at Hearst/Women’s safety first!), she once again turns on V. Seems like Parker has joined the feminists.

Harmony Chase (Laura San Giacomo, heh) hires Keith to tail her hubby to see if he’s cheating on her. She’s in a loveless marriage, but he’s a good father and doesn’t want to leave him “for me,” but for an actual reason. She and Keith definitely share a rapport (pizza, barefoot talking, etc.), but he shares the news that he is not having an affair and the fact of the matter was, her husband rejected his co-worker after she put the moves on him. Harmony goes home. Was Keith wrestling with the dilemma of telling her the truth or not? Eventually, he did, but why did he have to show that incriminating photo before the exonerating recording?

After a lot of red herrings (Charleston Chu was suspected and then Chip Diller AGAIN), Veronica obtains footage from a local ATM, showing Claire withdrawing cash with another Asian guy, which means the Pi Sigs can’t be the rapists because there’s only one Asian, Charleston Chu. (Lol, I know a guy with this name, fo’ realz.) As she hesitantly hands them the proof (even though they’re not rapists, they’re still gross toward women), the feminists stare at her with their evil eyes. I’m not feeling it. Later, Parker accuses Veronica yet again of being with them, but the latter asks isn’t it better if the responsible party was punished rather punishing for the sake of punishing? Which, Parker: duh.

Logan discovers too much money from his trust fund is missing, and has Veronica dig into the reason why. After a very intricate web, she finds Charlie Stone, a half-brother the result of a one-time thing with Aaron and a flight attendant. Logan leaves a message and when they meet, takes to him immediately, probably glad he still has family out there. I think I’m being too attentive because I figured out he was a reporter (but I thought for People, not Vanity Fair) trying to get the scoop. Veronica reveals his true identity, Norman Phipps (Matt Czuchry, ha), as he and Logan are “bonding” during a surfing trip. To counter his “exclusive” Logan goes on Larry King, outing the real Charlie Stone, because he figured his actual half-brother served up Logan to Norman. Later, Phipps reveals that Charlie wanted to remain anonymous and that it was all Norman’s doing (he tapped his phone, etc.). The media hound the real Charlie Stone, a schoolteacher. Logan, so desperate for family, leaves another message for the real Charlie.

If he’s going to run out of trust fund money in 14 months, is he going to get a job?

Mac is in Bakersfield because her great-aunt died? But… it’s not her real aunt!

I forgot to mention this last post, but the NVMVOs (Network Veronica Mars Voiceover) are getting kind of blatant… but then I took a step back and realized that if I were blind, I’d have no idea what she was doing because she has to be all stealth and quiet about it. So NVMVOs: for the blind.

And what is this I see? No aerie girls yakking about shite? Wishes do come true!


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