Dead Fall 2.08

Sucre done stoleded the $5M, and he and Michael exchange unpleasantries as he leaves with the bag. When he’s gone, Michael tells C-Note the plan is to tie up T-Bag, but he has suddenly vanished as well. Later, Michael meets up with Sucre, looking as if they will have a showdown — but they are in cahoots!

The plan had always been to split the money amongst the brothers, Michael’s BFF Sucre (always and forever you and me), Westmoreland’s daughter, and a check sent to C-Note if he ever got back home safely. They check the bag and it’s full of National Geographics. Awright! Let me start with November 1949…! (Luckily Michael has $5000 he pocketed from the stash earlier.)

In a turn of events, T-Bag had switched the bag and is now traveling in a pickup with the old Benjamins. Michael was right never to trust him. T-Bag has only one thing on his mind: a promised visit he threatened to his ex-girlfriend — who had happened to turn him in to the authorities.

Shocked by the morphine and drug paraphernalia on the table, Sara doesn’t realize when a creepy guy sneaks up on her. She begins smashing things to make it look like a struggle, in an attempt to force questions to be asked about the strange circumstances of her “overdose.” I mean, yeah, U.S. government, at least space out your homicides faked as suicides a few days apart. Her father just died hours ago! She ends up spraying roach spray in his face and running down the fire escape.

LJ is released in the middle of town. A guy hands him information on where to find a decent job for the incarcerated. Lincoln watches in the shadows. The guy asks him if he doesn’t need a ride, but LJ declines. As he walks away, guy calls Kellerman with the message , “Kid didn’t bite.” (This reminds me of NYC releasing convicts from Rikers in the middle of Long Island City with only a $4 MetroCard.)

Geary and Bellick somehow set themselves free and make it into a bar, just in time to see Jeanette’s TV interview. What were they doing digging in her house in Tooele, Utah? she asks. They magically transport to the town to personally ask Jeanette some questions. They figure T-Bag now has the money.

Sara calls on a payphone her father’s aide, Bruce, for help. He asks for her location so he can send a car. As she’s waiting behind a corner, her ugly doppelgänger appears to make a call on the same phone. A car drives up and shoots Kelli dead. We know this because Sara knows this… because she took out her ID. (Did she also take it with her?) Bruce calls her on her cell and Sara finally figures out she can trust no one. She pulls out her battery and hurls it to the ground. Now she’s also a fugitive (for disappearing after her arrest in connection to the prison break).

Sucre and Michael try to cross a river, but the former falls in and is stuck by a tree, although he’s not hurt. Most of the plot here is trying to free Sucre and him telling Michael to leave him so at least one of them won’t be caught. Michael finally figures to use Sucre’s friend’s motorcycle to lift up the log and he’s free! As Michael is buying a $1799 car, Sucre makes a call to give his friend the bad news. He explains Maricruz did not marry Hector. Whoo hoo! he thinks. Well, she can’t be back, she’s too busy on The Nine, right? Pleasepleasepleaseplease? Sucre tells Michael the good news and that he won’t go with him to Panama. (Isn’t this how people try to capture wild animals for transport, by funneling them into a constricted area and then on a truck? Is a truck waiting for them in Panama?) Mike slips a piece of paper into his hand “in case of trouble.”

Lincoln pays a meth head to beat up his son to land him in the hospital. The druggie admits this later on and the agents tailing LJ burst into his hospital room, but father and son have already escaped.

Sara kept all the swans with her in her purse. Aw, that’s sweet, I guess. Magically, she figures the numbers might correspond to phone keypad. She finally spells out the word, “rendezvous.” But where? We flash back to her dropping the envelope containing the final paper bird earlier that day. Meanwhile, Kellerman asks a computer guy to decode the first number he copied down, and he uses his super computer to also figure out it says “rendezvous.” Later, he enters Sara’s apartment and tells the others to clean up. He picks up the missing piece of the puzzle.

Internal Affairs sends Sullins to speak with Mahone about the two convicts’ deaths. Apparently, they had not spoken since the Shales (whom Mahone had also killed) case. Sully asks how an “infantry grunt” made it to Special Ops, then FBI agent in charge of the largest manhunt in the history of… history? So Mahone has an even shadier past than we thought — there were a lot of blacked out terms in his documents. In the final scene, Mahone meets up with… KELLERMAN! Oh man, I really thought the “manhunt” and Kellerman trying to find the brothers were independent from each other. As Kellerman hands him the results of the decrypted numbers, Mahone wonders if killing all the prisoners is really the right idea. Kellerman shuts him up by telling him if he doesn’t ask questions, then no one will ask questions about him.


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