Scan 2.03

In front of a wrecked car, some guy asks Mahone who died in a car crash. Twelve hours earlier…

With hospitals out of the question, Michael brings Lincoln to his wife’s apartment. I wonder if they will ever divorce. Nika brings the cayenne pepper Michael asked for, who generously sprinkles it on Lincoln’s gun shot wound. Michael insists on returning for the car they abandoned, because, he says, it has everything they need to disappear inside. When he goes back to the scene, all that’s left in lieu of their car is an empty space littered with broken pieces of glass.

I’m confused. Now he’s William Fichtner? Make up your damn mind, opening credits!

The thief was picked up with their bag containing various items, like phone cards and fake passports. (Phineas McClintock!) Mahone asks him what he remembers about the car, which was towed. He’s got a good memory. Meanwhile, Michael’s gone to the tow yard to retrieve his baby. He’s disappointed his bag is missing, but is almost ready to leave when Mahone calls. Chuck, our none-the-wiser employee, answers and basically confirms that Michael is there. Mahone asks Chuck to stall, but Michael, nervous about Chuck’s googly eyes (especially from some guy named Chuck), has already run off when he was momentarily distracted.

He makes it back to Nika’s to pick up Lincoln, who’s already hunky dory. He looks perplexed over his brother’s “relationship” with his “wife.” Michael apologizes to Nika for involving her, but despite that, she seems genuinely grateful, because he helped her get her green card and away from some baddies. He tells her, “I’ll see you.” Oh, you’re just sayin’ that to any girl, aren’t you?? Sara will be so jealous.

As they drive along, Lincoln is forbidden from turning on the radio. C’mon, the man was just on death row, let him live a little! Michael acknowledges Mahone’s prowess, then calls a number and leaves a voicemail to meet someone. Unfortunately, the FBI know about this number and have it tapped, and are tracking Michael’s cell phone. Oh, no! Oh, yes.

Bellick walks into a local convenience store and is upset there’s no teriyaki beef jerky. His emotions are exacerbated when security guard Geary appears (essentially the guy that got him fired last episode) and they fight. It’s kinda sad. And a little funny. Fortunately, a quick cut later and they are still tight. They are both out of jobs at the prison, so they team up to capture Michael and Lincoln. I bet later, Geary will try to cheat Bellick somehow. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Or something.

Sucre is in Ohio (already?) and calls from a payphone his cousin in Bedford-Stuyvesant to ask about Maricruz. (DUMP HER!! She’s so annoying and wishy-washy. Yes, even more than Veronica Donovan.) Real smart, since he figured they’d probably tap Maricruz’s phone (picked up some of Michael’s tricks, eh?) He finds out she will marry Hector the asshole this Saturday. He’s calling on Thursday. Sucre hangs up quickly and steals a car. He’s going east!

C-Note also gives a ring, to his understandably pissed-off wife; she had been lied to all this time that he was in Iraq. As the FBI folk are listening in, C-Note says he will come into a lot of money and that, a week from now, he’ll be at the Rainbow Room near where they had that picture. Agent Lang takes it upon herself to notify their NY field offices. Mahone asks her to speak, woman-to-woman, to C-Note’s wife.

Bellick still has considerable influence at the prison, so he arranges a meeting with Manche (another of Sucre’s cousins), who was the only person they caught in the escape who didn’t die. He’s tight lipped about any details of where they might go, but Bellick threatens with the prisoner buttfucking. Always threaten with the prisoner buttfucking. Manche folds faster than Superman doing his laundry and mentions the money in Utah. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, FATTY!

Doctor Tancredi is arrested as an accessory to the escape as she tries to discharge herself from the hospital. Agent Kellerman is hiding behind some plants and promises ex-Vice President now President Caroline Reynolds he will keep an eye on her. Governor Tancredi bails his daughter out and tells her to go back to rehab and lie (to plead “not guilty” and place the blame on ex-Warden Pope). She refuses, but I think she acquiesces. I don’t remember. The guv’nor reveals she will receive an invitation to the ceremony where he’ll be sworn in as Vice President, but she is not to attend. Ouch.

Sucre is stopped in Pennsylvania (already??) for expired tags. The registration is in Ms. Miller’s name and Sucre lamely replies that he is Mr. Miller. The patrolman is suspicious and goes back to his vehicle to call it in. Sucre sees a train coming and quickly exits the car and into a cornfield, in a sequence that kind of reminds me of Signs. Let’s presume he hops onto the train. ‘Cuz that’s what I did.

C-Note sees his daughter for the first time in a long time. He’s still behind bars, though. The children are having recess inside the gates; it was nice imagery. He talks to her about stuff, and tells her to relay a message to her mother: if she agrees to what he had spoke to her about earlier, turn on the porchlight at 7pm.

Mahone and some other guy are tracking Michael and Lincoln by their cell phone. They note they stopped in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere, Michael and Lincoln are busily unscrewing part of the railing on a bridge. Michael takes out several bags of bloody body parts hidden in the trunk (yuck), and turns the radio on to scan, which will detonate a bomb at a certain station. Together they push the car down, but it doesn’t explode. The sirens are getting closer, and one of them will have to manually blow up the bomb. In a brilliant display, a raging fireball erupts into the air.

Sucre arrives in Bed-Stuy (ALREADY???) to his cousin’s place. His cousin says that if he hadn’t hung up the phone so quickly, he would’ve told him they were getting married in LAS VEGAS. Holy crap, he made a semi-cross country trip in 12 hours for nothing. Seriously… it must be Saturday now, and Sucre is just hopping on his cousin’s motorcycle to go all the way to Nevada?? Since everyone’s going out west, I fully expect some Colorado and New Mexico action. You can’t mention Utah and Arizona and then not mention CO and NM!! Sucre rides off down a Brooklyn street. Yeah, I guess it looks like Bed-Stuy. (No, it doesn’t.)

Tancredi is introducing herself in rehab. Then Lance introduces himself. Or should I say, AGENT KELLERMAN!!

Mahone & Co. are inspecting the wreckage and someone asks who it was. Mahone answers distractedly, “Shales… Scofield.” Earlier, he had knocked down some files in anger, revealing Shales’ folder. As Mahone walks off, his partner explains Oscar Shales was a fugitive he never recaptured. Off by himself, Mahone sticks the pen into his mouth and swallows a whole bunch of pills quickly. Hm…

C-Note’s wife looks at the clock while C-Note waits anxiously outside. She walks into their daughter’s room, revealing a wall with a huge rainbow, the camera panning to a framed photograph hanging nearby. (Slightly clever.) Outside, the porchlight lights up. Huzzah! Inside, C-Note’s wife sits down to have a girl talk with Agent Lang, who asks her about the information she says she has.

Convinced that their trail is clean for the time being, Michael and Lincoln wait for a car — it’s Nika! Oh, so you are not a playa, Michael. (You just crush a lot.) They are actually quite nice together, but I know they will not end up together. Too bad. Michael says he plans to compensate her monetarily, and that they will drop Nika off at the nearest town so she can take the bus back home. As the car and camera pull away, Geary and Bellick are in another car. Bellick smugly announces he knew the little whore would lead them to Scofield, and follows.

So… like… where did he get the corpses?


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