Manhunt 2.01

Hey, it’s the encore presentation! I wanted to start next week, but oh well, I’ll start now, I guess.

Season 1 finale: Night.
Season 2 premiere: Day.

It doesn’t matter that you sped up the sun’s journey across the sky — I don’t believe you!

Hearing all the charges of the escaped eight (that rhymes) listed like that makes me want to run away, too, like George, Sr. Look at them go through the train and then sprint away! Only, not really. They’re more like doing the lazy jog when the “don’t walk” sign is blinking.

Why does William Fichtner also want to be known as Bill Fichtner? It could get confusing. I’m going to keep calling him William.

Ooh, I didn’t notice the first time around that Agent Mahone (Fichtner) has two pens, because I’m actually not on my computer this time.

Holy crap, Fichtner and my mom are only two years apart, yet they both look around 40-something.

Mahone gives a TV speech about the quintessential escaped fugitive, John Wilkes Booth (maybe Harrison Ford could play him in the supposed upcoming movie). Bellick is jealous he doesn’t get any screen time so he gives the FBI agent the cold shoulder. Bellick is hellbent on finding them (doesn’t he already have a job at the prison?), but Mahone wants to dig a little deeper — he wants to know how mastermind Michael Scofield’s brain works.

Mahone visits Scofield’s old apartment and imagines he is Michael by feeling up the pocked walls. He looks out at the river below and figures he probably threw papers down there (What? That’s stupid pollution, Michael!); he wants divers down in the water. Yeah, if shit and toilet paper dissolve by the time they reach the water purification plant, I don’t think there’s really gonna be anything down there. And I’m not even an FBI agent.

He also studies his tattoos and determines some cryptic text to be street names the prison is on. He thinks that all the words on his skin have significance!

T-Bag carries around his hand that Abruzzi cut off last episode and packs it into a cooler of ice he stole from some campers. Anybody getting flashes of Arrested Development and The Simpsons? He goes to a medical clinic, and forces the guy to reattach it. He’s gonna try his darndest, considering it’s an animal clinic. He goes to get some anesthesia, but T-Bag threatens him with a screwdriver and is all, “I don’t think so, bitch. I want it raw.”

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Michael secretly talk about ditching the gang. Oh, no! What about his BFF, Sucre? The guys meet a little girl who is none the wiser, but then her dad shows up with a shotgun (they were hunting). Abruzzi somehow hid a handgun in his pants, so he uses it on the girl as leverage to let them go. The father acquiesces and gives them his car. In prison, he’d be a bitch.

The car is going sooooo sloooowly to Oswego. Bellick’s team dug up Scofield’s credit card history and found a lot of purchases made in Oswego, so they go to a storage locker there that Scofield rented space from without telling Mahone. Bellick acts a fool when he finds out he’s been tricked. Michael and the others are in Oswego, but at a cemetary. They dig near a grave for the supplies he buried, including clothes and cell phone cards.

Veronica found Terrence Steadman in Montana, but she’s locked in. Silly Veronica, you are somewhat sassy but not as quick-witted as Veronica Mars. There’s no cell service and Terrence suddenly pulls out a gun. Then, there is service! I’m confused. She dials the local authorities.

Mahone has been staring for a long time at the words “Ripe Chance Woods,” which is tattooed on Michael. He somehow made it to the storage locker. Is he secretly Nightcrawler? He sure travels from place to place really quickly. Mahone stops an officer, and sees his nametag, “Rivers.” There’s no chorus of angels as he receives his epiphany: it’s a name, not a place. He asks his partner to bring up the county database on his PDA. (You can do that? I’m woefully ignorant of PDAs.)

The guys are almost ready to leave when they hear a noise. They hide as Mahone comes over to the headstone marked, “R.I.P. E. Chance Woods.” The gang wonder how he found them as they run away. Michael remains, watching Mahone kneel, take out his super-special pen, and open it to take out a large, white pill. Hm… Druggie? Dying? Vitamin? He knows he’s met his match. Mahone hears a noise and looks up just in time to see Scofield’s retreating form. He chases after them, but loses them in the civilian crowd. Until next time, my pretty.

Did Michael see the pill and did Mahone swallow it? This is important, because people can’t write fanfiction without the facts.

When they get to a safe place, Lincoln calls Veronica right when the police arrive at Terrence’s house. She tells him to turn himself in because Terrence is still alive. If Veronica weren’t so busy yapping on the phone, she would’ve noticed something fishy about the “local authorities.” The suited men draw guns as she drops the phone. Lincoln hears gunshots, horrified. Veronica lies dead on the floor, then unceremoniously brought out in a body bag. (On the first viewing, I thought they cut her up because I thought they had brought out several, large bags. Reading TWoP’s recap it seems that they did chop her up? But those bags were huge! I dunno. She died. The end.)

The agents(?) find Terrence’s gun and admonish him. They leave him behind, prisoner of a beautiful Montana mansion. He got it better than Martha ever did.

Dr. Tancredi OD’d, but she didn’t die. In fact, the mere thought of Michael brings her back from the dark recesses of unconsciousness. Twu wuv?? When she wakes, she’s questioned and is told seven others escaped along with Michael. She thinks she was played better than a violin until she finds a Scofield Origami BirdTM in her purse. (Did Michael stick it in there last episode or something? When did he have the time??) It says: “There’s a plan to make all this right,” followed by a series of dots. Eh?

Mahone rushes back to HQ to stare at the photographs of Michael’s tattoos some more (who had the time to photograph every inch of his body?). He tells his partner the plan is all hidden in the body art — he thinks they will know how Michael thinks by analyzing his tats. Oh no, then he’ll become Michael!

I have become such a (bigger) fan of Fichtner that I totally switched sides from Scofield to Mahone.


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