The Graduates 3.25

Seth doesn’t go to jail for burning down his father’s office. Sandy goes back to being a public defender. Kaitlin comes back. The four graduate in a painful, but fun, montage. Seth gets into RISD. Ryan gets a car from his mother. The four have fun. Someone dies, and it isn’t Johnny. Holy crap, this is like every other frakkin’ episode, except they graduate.

Yeah, I was spoiled for Marissa’s death, but I hoped it wasn’t true. That’ll teach me to be optimistic. I know the location is called the O.C., but O.C. the show isn’t the O.C. without the fantastic four, which is why they should end its painful run now (at least, the second year was), when they’re all leaving for college. Then again, Dawson’s Creek followed all the dopes across the country too, so maybe they’ll still do that.

The worst part is that the death didn’t make sense. Ryan was sitting right next to her, yet he managed to break the glass and pull Marissa out? If Mischa Barton wanted to leave the show, why not have her character go off somewhere else? She was already on the way to go to Hawaii to meet her father and work on a boat instead of college; was her death really necessary? They pick on Marissa all the time, with the worst crap ever, so I was not surprised she died. If they wanted a cliffhanger, having Sandy’s or Summer’s life in danger would’ve been more shocking.

– Gets into fistfights all the time
– Burnt a house
– Dated illegitimate half-sister of Kirsten, whom he considers a mother (so it was like dating his aunt)
– Gets into fistfights all the time
– White knight complex
– Had one-night stand with mother’s co-worker (this was stupid, like they couldn’t have Marissa having sex with someone without Ryan getting some too)
– Beat up Volchok to get back stolen prom funds; is blackmailed into stealing a car
– Gets into fistfights all the time

– Is made fun of constantly for being a dweeb
– Had to choose between Summer and Anna
– Sailed away on a boat, leaving Summer behind
– Professed love to Summer on top of a coffee cart
– Drew a comic book; fought over the rights
– Smoked a joint, blew Brown interview
– Lied to everyone he got into Brown
– Broke up with Summer, told her he decided not to go to Brown with her
– Concocted elaborate scheme to try to get Summer back
– Smoked a joint, burnt down his father’s office

– Dressed up as Wonder Woman to convince Seth to choose her
– Even though she’s Miss Popular, she lost her virginity to Seth, but she didn’t exactly tell him that
– Won prom queen, despite not seen talking to anyone outside of the cast
– Stepmother(s) not very motherly
– Taylor tried to steal Seth
– Discovered her father’s dating Marissa’s mom, Julie, after another stepmother left
– Got into Brown
– Won prom queen, then kissed her date to spite Seth, who had broken up with her
– Got drunk, threw up, got back together with Seth

– Alcoholic
– Lost her virginity to Luke, who, after they broke up, slept with Julie
– OD’d in Tijuana
– Went to psychiatrist, met nutso facto Oliver, who tried to steal her
– Dated the gardener to piss off Julie
– Had a lesbian relationship
– Alcoholic
– Ryan’s brother, Trey, who was under the influence, tried to rape her
– Shot Trey, who was beating up Ryan
– Didn’t go to jail, but was expelled and had to go to public school; met Johnny
– Johnny fell in love with her, but she picked Ryan; he died by falling off a cliff
– Actually had feelings for Johnny
– Alcoholic
– Dated greasy sleazoid Volchok, who introduced her to coke, then cheated on her
– Left Volchok, but he actually had feelings for her, so he ran her and Ryan off the road; she died
Or did she die?? Sure, her long death scene was excruciating to watch (in a good way), but maybe Ryan knows CPR! Marissa just can’t ever catch a break. I guess, until now.

It was nice Ryan carried her in the same way he carries her all the other times (e.g., Tijuana), but we’re not retarded. They were some of the most iconic scenes in the series, there was no need to flash back to those times to pound in the parallel. I like parallels (see Not Pictured), but not when they shove it down your throat.

I am not pretending it’s a smart show. Some of the plotlines are eyeroll-worthy, and relationship troubles do not a good show make. However, the relationships and interactions between the cast members were what made it fun to watch.

This felt like a series finale, but there will be a season four. Marissa annoyed the hell out of me, but I didn’t want her to die. I don’t want to watch Marissa-lite (her little sister) rule Harbor. Like, do I give a fuck? No. Thanks for giving me a reason not to watch this show next year, Josh Schwartz.


2 thoughts on “The Graduates 3.25

  1. OMG i know ay!!!! when Marissa died…..Ryan didnt even try giving her CPR!! its so werid…like is he dumb or something!!, or maybe he wanted her 2 die….JEEZE LOUISE….well he did cry and said NO 2 many times…so i guess that does it…, anywayz…i didnt want Marissa 2 die..she was kool!! and her and Ryan were perfect 2 gether…jeeze
    i wish Volchek will die…i hate him…its his fault marissa died…..ARGH I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!! HES A DICKHEAD!!!, But wat was so annoying in the car crash, was Ryan wasnt even hurt, he only had like a scratch, and Marissa had really bad DAMAGE 2 her head and she bleeding heaps on her face!! EWWW!!! LOL anyway, and yeh, i mean woldnt ryan get hurt like that 2…but NO he could carry her….LAME….LAME…LAME…LAME….LOL!! yeah anwyayz Marissa dying was so sad…..SO I GUESS,…. JOSH SCWARTZ AND MISCHA-it was a crappy and stupid season finale!! p.s except the only great thing about it was when Marissa and Ryan held hands….and actually TALKED!!


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