Happy Go Lucky 2×21

Time for finals, and Weevil needs at least a B in algebra to graduate. He asks Veronica for tutelage, but she is too busy with her own tests. When she sees Beaver’s car has been (accidentally?) keyed with “AMBER IS A BITCH,” she hatches a plan: Beaver is smart and complained about the fees for fixing his car (HOLD ON A MINUTE, ISN’T HE A RICH BASTARD AND JUST MADE A KILLING ON ALL THE PROPERTY HE BOUGHT BECAUSE INCORPORATION FELL THROUGH?), and Weevil needs a smart tutor and works for his uncle’s car shop. Ta-da! Apparently, Hart is Beaver’s friend inspecting the damage along with him, and tells Veronica he still hadn’t told anyone. Oh… kay.

(Back in season one, Logan’s mother’s car was found on the Coronado Bridge and presumed dead. He didn’t believe it and asked Veronica for help. Hart was filming a crappy war movie near the bridge, and he happened to film a body falling and splashing into the water. OR WAS IT?!?! Veronica told him this footage better not make it out for public consumption, and Weevil reaffirmed that sentiment. Logan quietly left the room shocked. Does his reappearance actually lead to something in the next (and last) episode, or has the show gotten so self-referential that I’m officially sick of it? I think they just brought him back on a whim; if it was important they would’ve had that as one of the previouslies. Or maybe not, since it would’ve been an even more in-depth previously to explain his presence. Veronica herself didn’t remember him, so I think it was a joke. At least Mr. Wu came back as Peter’s crush, and Mandy came back to as… well, that would be the second-worse self-referential moment in the show. Bad, PTB, bad!)

Beaver is smart (apparently so much so, that he doesn’t need to study for his finals), but he isn’t a very good teacher. Mac overhears them arguing and explains it to Weevil much more simply. She agrees to help, if he’s still planning on fixing Beaver’s car. Mac and Beaver banter with each other as if they still like each other! Aw. Weevil is sickened. Hee.

Lucky was fired from his janitorial position at Neptune High School, so he brings a gun to school looking for “[his] girl,” G-G-G-Gia (is it wrong I laughed at this?). Yep, totally get his train of thought. Jackie tries to dial for help, but he catches her. Wallace leaps to his lady love’s rescue and wrestles Lucky to the ground, but he finds himself at the wrong end of the muzzle. He shoots — but does he score? Nah, just a bunch of blanks. Ah, Lucky, he’s got a sense of humor! Then a real gunshot rings out, and Not-So-Lucky falls with a fatal bullet to the heart. Heh? I thought a shot to an extremity is what they’re taught, but I guess I’m thinking of cops, not security guards, who, apparently, also have guns. Maybe he’s just a really bad shot. Maybe he watched Tokyo Eyes.

Keith found several e-mail attachments on Lucky’s computer sent to Woody Goodman, under many different addresses. Luckily, Veronica was invited over by Gia to study, so she makes an excuse to use one of the Goodman’s many network computers. After she logs onto his account (his password is Mr. Goodwood… yuck), she forwards Lucky’s messages to her father. A suspicious e-mail subject catches her eye: “Kill Incorporation or Else.” It’s a recording of two people discussing Woody’s pervertedness, how what he did to them as kids was wrong, and that the other Sharks must’ve known. Even though Woody’s supposed to be at a Sharks team dinner, he’s home for some reason and catches her, but she manages to close the incriminating windows before he saunters over to take a look. Veronica tells Gia she has to go, while Woody leans creepily in the background. Who knew Steve Guttenberg could play creepy so well, and that leaning is so creepy in and of itself?

The Marses analyze the forwarded files; in the Kill Incorporation audio, there appears to be French spoken in the background, and the two people talk about the “three of us.” Keith thinks the third person has been edited out because of the audio gaps, and that that person is Lucky, because he used to be a Sharks bat boy. Reading his e-mails doesn’t really provide any clues, unless you know how to read Rambling Crazy Army Guy, but in one of his messages he talks about leaving presents, and somehow Veronica remembers that when she found Gia with Lucky in a closet, he called bombs “presents.” Keith tries to warn Goodman, inevitably bringing up the molestation thing, but the County Supervisor threatens to ruin him if he publicizes it. “I’m not a fifteen-year-old boy… You don’t scare me.” Nice comeback, Keith! Take that, Steve Guttenberg!

Terrence is finally released from police custody. Jackie is so happy she has her two important men in her life, she’s considering skipping France… at least for a semester. His casino buddy, Leonard Lobo, comes forward to say he was with him at the time of the crash. Ah, now it makes sense. Lobo probably figured he could keep Terrence indebted to him by saving his ass from prison, sneaky bastard. DON’T FORGET; YOU’RE HERE FOREVER! Terrence thinks Jackie leaving is a good idea. I suppose he doesn’t want her around ‘cuz he’s doing all sorts of crazy stuff for Lobo. (Also, Lobo called her a hot, young thing, which probably contributed to his decision.)

Veronica asks Logan, apparently their first real conversation in a week (“Ain’t epic love grand?” her VO says), if Lucky ever mentioned Woody or his days as a Sharks bat boy. He does recall one weird semi-baseball thing: catching a topless Lucky in a catcher’s mask pouring bleach on his feet, because he thinks he has gangrene (and muttering that they did something to him). She tells her father, and he remembers seeing some art piece of a guy in a catcher’s mask in the stalker video, and thinks Lucky hid the bomb behind that. He calls the bomb squad, but they only find a bomb under his car. Stalker meant business, yo.

In the stalker video, Veronica now recognizes two of the boys in one of the Little League photographs on the wall: Peter Ferrer and Marcos Oliveres. Remember them? THEY DIED ON THE BUS. Now the blame has shifted to Woody. Like, finally. Did he also molest the bat boys, in addition to the three Little Leaguers, if not all of them? Creepy. They go to Lamb with the Kill Incorporation audio, having identified the voices as Peter and Marcos. Officer Fuckface thinks they’re out to humiliate him by telling him to arrest the “mayor.” Besides, he thinks it’s Lucky, who was notably absent from work the day of the crash, and both the bombs on the bus and under Woody’s car were phone-activated.

And who can forget Aaron Echolls on trial? He claims he and Lilly Kane never had nookie, and that he broke off their “fooling around” relationship on the day she died. When he discovered she took his Oscar, he went to the Kane house to retrieve it, but Duncan came home ranting and raving about Aaron, who then left. He insinuates her brother as her killer. When actors are on trial, it’s so unfair. They’re acting!!!!

Veronica goes up on stand, who is accused by Mr. Lavoie of propositioning Aaron in exchange for returning the tapes to him. Of course, she denies it, but he brings up her STD treatment, which, if that chlamydia thing wasn’t fake before, it definitely is now. (Either that, or Aaron is paying big bucks to some other P.I. to dig around in medical records.) STDs doesn’t mean you’re a slut, but damn it all to hell if people’s perceptions don’t automatically equal sluttiness with a sex disease. It definitely, to the jurors, discredits her non-slut stance.

Keith is sworn in, and testifies he was looking for Veronica when Aaron jumped him. Then Mr. Lavoie starts revealing that Veronica broke into the Manning house, and was on Leo D’Amato’s report when some evidence went missing last year (season 1) while Leo was on duty. Basically, he tries to sell that Veronica is not so truthful (which is true, but dammit, Aaron Echolls killed her!), because Keith didn’t know about those things. Then he starts air-quoting the word “boyfriend” over and over (once for Leo, Logan, and Duncan) which, I think implies her sluttiness again, so Keith grabs his tie and threatens to break his fingers. Mission accomplished! Lavoie was trying to anger him, and gives the jury a reason to think it was possible Keith instigated the fight, not Aaron.

Aaron asks Logan not to testify before he is scheduled to, because it’d also be admitting he committed a felony when he destroyed the evidence; he doesn’t mind. He recalls in detail what he saw on the tapes to the prosecution. Mr. Lavoie asks one simple question: has he been granted immunity for his appearing on the stand? Yes he has, and another testimonial is doubted.

Jackie leaves for France, but doesn’t tell Wallace; she leaves him a note. Weevil passes with a B, but his plan B cause the two kids to come forward and identify him as Thumper’s attacker. Wallace tells Veronica he’ll miss her (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!) when she goes away to Stanford. Keith tells Lamb that Lucky wasn’t in work the day of the crash because he was in a padded cell; Lamb finally sends men out to find Woody, who skipped town on his private plane. Veronica’s father texts her that the verdict is in, and she skips out on her Western Civ final to attend, effectively ruining any chance of winning the Kane scholarship. The result: NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

It would’ve been less true-to-life if he were guilty. Look at O.J., Robert Blake, and Michael Jackson. The court scenes did not bug me as much as it did other people. I do have to say, Aaron testified first????? If they wanted that scene first, couldn’t they have used the discombobulated timeline (like text that says, “One Week Earlier…”), which they’ve done before? After all, Rob Thomas said it was a film noir device, and even though the show isn’t totally film noir per se, it definitely has a lot of those moments, which is still cool. Obviously, the writing team kinda really sucks at stories that involve the court.

Where the hell were the Kanes? I never really thought about them over the course of the episode, but when they reached the verdict on the Lilly Kane murder case, I wondered why the KANES weren’t there. I know Jake’s busy being the First Gentleman on Commander-in-Chief, and Duncan’s on the lam, but couldn’t Celeste be there, at least? She’s already popped up twice this season, and with such an important part of Season 1 reappearing again, the fact that there were no Kanes involved is the real injustice.

Who was the prosecutor? Was she hired by the Kanes? She acted like a kindergarten teacher, not an offensive lawyer. I thought it would’ve been great seeing two high-priced lawyers going at it with each other, but then again the show’s not called “Two High-Priced Lawyers Goin’ At It With Each Other.” I really wish they would’ve stuck to their original plan, show bits and pieces of the trial throughout the second half of this season. It would’ve most likely allow more time with the court scenes, showing BOTH sides, which would be much more realistic than all the focus we had on Mr. Lavoie. So actually, yeah, the court scenes really did bug me!! (But I’m not a lawyer, so not in the technical sense.)

I think the pertinent question is… WHERE’S BACKUP??

Always bring Backup!


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