I Am God 2×18

Logan and Wallace finally talk! To EACH OTHER! They are paired for a class project in Mr. Wu’s class (MR. WU!), that ubiquitous (even though I never had to do it) egg-drop protecting dealio. They pass the minimum for a four-foot drop, but when bitchy Angie, now the frontrunner for the Kane scholarship, disses Veronica (they both got into Stanford), Wallace tries for the final-exam exempting twelve-foot drop to try to get even. Logan agrees, but claims it’s for the sake of competition. Even though they lose and have to take the test, Logan and Wallace sort of bonded, and isn’t that the sort of important thing?

Keith’s been asked by PRINCIPAL Clemmons to investigate a rash of students citing Generalized Anxiety Disorder to reschedule tests; they all had notes from the same doctor. In funny, but somewhat superfluous, scenes, Keith goes on a series of dates (through a service) to find the manager of a doctor’s office. When he finally finds the “lucky” woman, he records a conversation where she offers the GAD diagnosis (to Veronica, heh) in exchange for $1000. Clemmons announces to the school that anxious students will have to take the exams as scheduled by the teachers, and in a nice bit of karma Angie has to take the Crime and Punishment test she postponed because she spent all her time gussying up her egg-drop contraption instead of studying. I’d like to know what makes Veronica go to Hearst (thus staying in Neptune) instead of going up to Stanford…

The rest of the episode served as this year’s Lilly flashbacks; we could finally (FINALLY!) put faces on the students that died in the bus crash. Veronica finds out Michelle had another pre-death phone recording from her friend, Rhonda, which prompts her to sneak in to check out the bus wreckage. She photographs an ominous drawing on a seat: the words I Am God and nine tombstones. I’m not sure where she got the rest of the quote from, but she continues to Keith after showing him the picture, “because I have the power to put myself and my classmates into nine coffins” (paraphrased). She thinks whoever drew it could’ve crashed the bus, and surprisingly finding out the artist becomes the MotW, although it doesn’t seem like it at the surface. The clues invade Veronica’s dreams and manifest themselves as the student victims as she tries to make sense of them.

Meg Manning
– She was on the bus because she didn’t want to be in the limo with Duncan and Veronica, who felt guilty so she decided to stay on the bus to talk to her. During a pit stop, Meg lied they were “all here” as she saw Veronica talking to Weevil and the bus left without her. In her bitchiness, she inadvertently saved her life.
– The only survivor of the bus crash, along with her unborn child. She was comatose for months and when she finally woke up, died shortly afterward of a blood clot, presumably as a result of the crash. (Lamb added her to the victims count when he charged Terrence.) The baby survived.
From Meg’s e-mails, Veronica wonders if Meg’s parents were trying to play matchmaker to Meg and Lucky (one of the school’s night janitors), whom her parents enjoyed having around because he’s religious, or at least appears to be.
– Veronica doesn’t remember she briefly met Lucky last summer. He is so named because he dropped out of college after his parents filed chapter 11, joined Army Rangers, then came home after only four months in Iraq after being shot in the butt. In Logan’s flashback, Lucky is a take-charge kind of dude who mentions doing something now that the ball’s in their court and tells Logan to hurry up and come with him and Dick (who’s also there). Logan says he’ll be there when he’ll be there and goes back to making out with Veronica.
1) HOW HOT WAS THAT?! I thought I was gonna ruin my tape by rewinding the Sway scene over and over; it’s only the next episode and I got a new scene.
2) What part did Lucky have to do with Logan’s summer of destruction (burning community pools and all)? Was he just that “cool adult” that bought stuff for minors or the leader?
3) Lucky knows how to use a gun, right? Is he another suspect (besides a PCHer) in who shot out Logan’s car window while he and Veronica were inside? If he were leading the class warfare last summer, did he do this to “recruit” Logan? Logan didn’t start setting anything on fire until after this shooting incident, hmm…

Rhonda Landers
– She called her friend, Michelle, twice, before the crash (first to landline, then to cell, or whichever). Michelle kept both messages and is kind of freaky in wanting to use the recording of them laughing on the bus as audio for the yearbook, like the way those greeting cards work. (Michelle is trying to raise money in school for this.)
– In the “new” recording, Veronica hears Dick’s voice and is distraught considering he was in the limo with the other 09ers at the time.
– Wallace, presumably because he was an office aide last year, knows Rhonda and her sister Natalie constantly got in trouble and were the epitome of the Poor White Trash (PWT) stereotype. When Wallace points out Natalie, however, she is donned in more gold chains than Mr. T and drives a Corvette. (She is still SO obviously white trash with that outfit.) Veronica asks her father to run a financial background check on the all the victims’ families, but nothing substantial came up; they were compensated for the funerals. However, Rhonda’s family was awarded a secret two million dollar payout from Woody Goodman because Mrs. Landers found a finger in her Ribwich (Simpsons shoutout, maybe?) from Woody’s Burgers (which was introduced last week).
1) Was there really a finger in her food? Was that the “official” story for all those P.I.’s like Keith out there? Woody’s everwhere (uh) in this bus crash plot.

– She’s the final student victim to be revealed. So final, we don’t have a surname. Or, I don’t have a surname.
– In the bus wreckage, Veronica finds a CD, containing recordings of Dick. (Um, what? Would the disc still be viable?) It turns out Dick had a summer fling with Betina, who taped his freaky-deak words and aired the dirty laundry for the whole bus, that Rhonda’s phone happened to pick up. She was a woman scorned.
– Dick reveals he just wanted to get laid good and heterosexually barebacked, even though she was a non-09er. Veronica asked if he wasn’t risking pregnancy, but he shrugged it off because she was on the Pill.
As compensation for breaking up with her, Dick gave Betina his memorabilia gift bag and baseball tickets that HE PICKED UP FROM THE GARBAGE that the “gay kid” threw out after winning the raffle during the field trip. (He could’ve sold them, sheesh, talk about lack of fiduciary acumen.)
– Veronica also talks to one of Betina’s friends, Maureen, who calls Dick the bastard son of Satan. (Thank you! Although, it speaks volumes about me that he is one of my favorite characters.) He treated her like a free hooker, but Mo laughed and said the joke would’ve been on him, because Betina was planning to get knocked up and be very public about it.
1) So, is this how they’re trying to make Dick into a possible suspect? Was Maureen pregnant and then Dick magically got the brains to crash a bus? Unlikely, I think.
2) Would her pregnancy have been kept private from the public? Were there any autopsies on the bodies? (I suppose they did; see Cervando below.) I’m guessing, they would’ve had no reason to check her uterus for trauma, and if they did check and she was pregnant, it would still be an embryo and difficult to see. (Of course, I am ass speaking.)

Peter Ferrer
– Pea Tear was introduced back in 2×14 as a Pirate S.H.I.P.er, who posted about the “outing of all outings” and then disappeared from the message board. Even though Veronica promised to burn the hard copies of this anonymous web site for gay Neptune students, I guess she kept all the MIZZ P(eter) postings for clues.
– Peter had a crush on Mr. Wu(uuuuuu!) and made his feelings clear. When Veronica confronts the teacher the about it, he says he reported the whole incident to the principal. He tells Veronica once she gets out into the world more, she’ll find not all detailed-oriented guys are gay — many of them are just Asian. (lmao)
– Veronica believes Mr. Wu and Ghost!Peter, or her subconscious, really, asks why was he on the trip at all? He obviously didn’t like baseball enough to keep the tickets he won. (She thinks she knows all about him, but again, her subconscious, or Peter, fires back how well can she know someone by reading an internet user’s posts over and over again?)
1) Did I mention Mr. Wu is my favorite character who’s a teacher? Ever since he appeared in only one episode last season (in the antepenultimate episode, no less). “Equal-opportunity confiscator”? “You’ll have to gossip with your friends with two cans and a string”? He’s the only teacher who seems to keep up with all the crazy comebacks the students are spouting.
2) I think the question of why he was on the trip is a red herring. Why wouldn’t he? You get a day off school and apparently there was free buffet of some sort. Why did Veronica go? She’s not a huge baseball (or people) fan, either. To be with Duncan? Why did Duncan go? He’s a soccer player, not a Little Leaguer. He missed the first day of school from visiting his parents, does this mean he crashed the bus because his missing school is questionable? I think Peter’s question is trying to throw us off.
3) Was the outing of all outings on or involved in the field trip? Is it Woody?? So obvious, that it may be also be a red herring.

Cervando Perez/Luna
– The academically-inclined PCHer, who was said to be the target of the crash early in the season by an anonymous caller. The person claimed Curly crashed the bus to off Cervando because he hustled Liam Fitzpatrick out of a few thousand dollars. Weevil beats him up to save him from the others, who wants to throw him off a cliff, too. Curly, amidst blood and blows, admits he knows who did it, but Thumper warns of a car who then turns its headlights on and they run.
– Cervando was reprimanded in summer school when he threatened Beaver, who flashes back to a class last year where Cervando is boasting to some guys (Beaver overhears) that he cheated Liam in a game of pool and bought a pricey pair of jeans with the money. Dick dickily squirts bleach from a water gun at his expensive jeans, so Cervando goes after Beaver the next day for compensation. (What a faux pas, he wears the bleached jeans to school. This is a little hard to believe, considering he was bragging ad nauseam about them.) Cervando couldn’t handle huge Dick, so he went after little Beaver — “story of my life” Beaver says almost sadly.
– In her dream, Cervando discusses how if they wanted to kill the bus driver, the bomb could’ve been detonated anywhere, but for the bus to have gone off the cliff, they had to have known when they were approaching the edge, thus had to be following closely behind. Ghost!Cervando suggests Weevil, who just happened to be at the pit stop. Everybody (except Meg) died when they hit the rocks, but he survived, and drowned. (Unless Veronica is making this up, she had to have read it from coroner reports, because this is a freaky piece of news.)
1) Obviously this is Veronica’s mind working out all the kinks, but is she also forgetting the limo was directly behind the bus? They were close enough that Gia saw the bus fall into the ocean (but couldn’t hear the explosion). They had already stopped at the crash site when Weevil and Veronica arrived at the scene.
2) We know the Fighting Fitzpatricks are raving meth heads, so I doubt they could be lucid long enough to plan such an elaborate attack. As we’ve seen, they get to the point fairly quickly: (1)Tie Thumper and his bike up. (2)Let the imploding stadium do the job. And if they paid someone, why spend all that money when you could do the job yourself and spend it on methamphetamine?
3) If the bomb only killed the driver, since everyone else was still alive at the explosion, maybe it was a coincidence the bus was nearing the cliffside. If they wanted to kill everyone, why not have a bigger explosion? What if the explosion had caused the bus to go inland, away from the cliff? Why did they have to die by falling off a cliff? It would be much more convenient to let the bomb do the job, but then again I’m not a mass murderer, so I’m not sure how they’re thinking. I always think, “convenience!”
4) If Curly knew who crashed the bus, it may be one of the wealthy, since they all seem to know him.
5) “Compensation” seems to be a theme this episode. Or I need a thesaurus.
6) Maybe it has to do with his everchanging surnames??

Marcos Oliveres
– Marcos was Cap’n Krunk of Ahoy Matey’s!, a cult radio show that lambasted everyone they could talk about. He was a closeted gay who went on the trip to be “normal” for his parents, who’d sent him to a summer camp to, erm, straighten him out.
– In the course of this episode, she’s constantly listening to his shows on her iPod. (It’s a wonder she’s even in the running for the scholarship.) She finally hears a song that features the lyrics “I am God” prominently. Ghost!Marcos aka Veronica’s subconscious, notes her disappointment in discovering the artwork was just some tribute to song he liked by the Wannabes. He says, “We all died because of you,” a reiteration of a sentiment she felt when when she found out Curly’s connection to Aaron. Ghost!Rhonda’s on the phone, and another cell phone’s ringing, ready to set off the bomb in a bag.
1) Wait, the bomb’s in a bag?? I thought it only took out the bus driver! Was the bag next to him? I thought the bomb was in a ball, which is why there were pieces of them in Driver Ed. I hope this is Veronica’s wild imagination. I bet they didn’t die because of her. Because.

Shortly before this final dream, Keith tells Veronica Big Dick took out an insurance policy on his sons three days after he married Kendall (they are worth more dead than alive). If it was Big Dick who crashed the bus, WHY DID HE SEND A LIMO?? Exactly. Things are getting confuzzled up in here. Maybe Kendall Casablancas really crashed the bus, and Curly merely provided the information and know-how. Although, I’m really hoping it’s Beaver.


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