Plan B 2×17

As I said previously, Logan wins the county-wide essay contest on freedom. Although, it's weird Mrs. Murphy would just announce it in her class rather than Principal Clemmons announcing on the P.A. to the whole school. Veronica is suspicious and checks out his essay, which has been posted for all to see. After the girls de-flock from Logan, she goes up to him and quotes his essay, but it turns out he just lifted lines from Easy Rider, which he made her watch last summer. (He also made Hannah watch, but that's neither here nor there.) I would like to see this flashback!

As honorary deputy county commissioner, Logan can’t fire Lamb, but manages to steal his parking spot (ha!). Instead, he’s stuck with shitty-ass jobs such as sorting mail into corporation and non-incorporation piles. What a terrible prize. At least call it, “working for Woody Goodman” instead of “honorary deputy” whatever. Woody (God, what is his real name? So his parents willingly named their son Woody?) has asked Keith to come by so he could personally ask him to drop all his other cases and focus on clearing Terrence, who’s been resting in the hospital after getting shot (by Naima’s father after breaking into their house) before being transferred to the county jail. At the same time, Logan comes in and shows them a DVD recording found in the mail: ominous footage secretly taped inside Woody’s home. Logan says this had no return address, then snarks this would probably go into the anti-incorporation pile.

Furonda is the winner of America’s Next Top Model’s acting challenge and lands a guest spot as Woody’s secretary. Yeah, I don’t see a lot of people flocking from ANTM to Veronica Mars because they are huge Furonda fans. Another thing Woody makes Logan do is spot him while he benches at the gym Lamb set up. He comments on Logan’s fine physique (which is true, but the scene played out creepily) and feels up his bicep. Logan clearly looks like the dial’s stuck on awkward. Keith, who’s been investigating the DVD, realizes it was recorded late last fall, before Woody ever publicly spoke for incorporation, and asks him who else might send it. Later, Woody asks for the DVD back because he figured out the videographer was a bitter ex-gardener, whom his wife fired. They worked things out though and the gardener wants to destroy the DVD. Keith notes he’s pretty nonchalant about the whole thing now, as he returns the disc. Woody says there’s bigger fish to fry, such as clearing Terrence’s name. When Goody leaves we see that Keith has copied the file onto his laptop.

Who recorded it? The movie only showed Gia and Woody eating dinner (a wall blocked the rest of the table), but no Rodney or his wife; did one of them do it? Some people have theorized that Woody is a child molestor or at least gay, and his actions seem to support that. Okay, he only squeezed Logan’s arm, but it was obvious Woody did not regularly bench (there was only one weight on either end) and needed his help after a couple lifts. Was he “showing off”? (Ew.) Some more proof: Beaver in this episode was quite uncomfortable discussing and going past making out with his girlfriend of four months, Mac. The same people speculated that Beaver was one of his victims, and victims of sexual abuse often have trouble with their sexuality. In fact, when Mac tries to bring it up again (and mentions going to Veronica for help), trying to explain to him she’s nervous as well, Beaver breaks up with her and parts with, “Good luck getting laid.” OUCH. Beaver’s a dick!

Another couple that splits: Wallace and Jane. No!! They were so cute together; that’s how I knew they wouldn’t last. I can still say, “No!!” Wallace definitely still has feelings for Jackie, as he talks with her in class and gives her glances during the Sadie Hawkins dance (that Jane asked him to). Jackie’s asked a mentally-challenged boy to the dance to show she’s actually nice, not a man-eating bitch. And you know, I think Jackie is actually nice, because she didn’t act condescending or patronizing to him at all. I suppose the man-eating bitch part is the facade. (God, Jade is so fucking stupid; Furonda said Jade had a stupid facade for others to see and Jade just laughed and was all like, “A facade? Whazzat? A facade, please. A facade. What’s a facade?” SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH.) His mom, who came with him, tells her it’s time for him to go, so she leaves too. Wallace follows her out (after excusing himself to get a drink) and kisses her. Jackie tells him to go back inside to Jane, but gossip must travel at the speed of sound because as he enters the school, Jane is leaving — her friend spotted them canoodling. Wallace says it was a weak moment, and Jane can’t believe she kissed him; Wallace doesn’t correct her. The next day, he confesses he started the kiss and they break up (NO!!). He goes to Jackie’s table and asks to sit down, but she refuses… that’ll just cement her old (bitchy) reputation and she doesn’t want that. Isn’t there ONE relationship still standing? I guess Madison and Lamb, lol.

At the Sadie Hawkins dance, Veronica is taking pictures while Logan and Gia are collecting tickets. Gia is, well, a vapid blabbermouth, and when she finally presses Logan to tell her what he really thinks of her, Veronica asks Logan to dance. Did she do it to save Gia from his verbal lashing or did she do it to save him from giving a verbal lashing? Yeah, I don’t really get it either. But let this be known it was the season two squee heard ’round the world. (Also, have you ever noticed Logan’s hands, like, fit perfectly on her hips? OMG!)

Weevil asks Veronica to help prove that Thumper killed Felix; either he’ll go down the legal way, or Weevil’s planning something on his own. So she goes to Logan and asks what he remembers about the real witness that night. He snarkastically says unimportant matters became fuzzy to him, as he was dropped of the murder charge. (Ask not what Logan can do for you; ask what you can do for Logan, lmao.) As he’s walking away, he turns around and remembers the witness was a Mexican truck driver for a seafood company. Aw, that’s right Logan, slowly strip away your armor of not caring. That night, they stake out at the a San Diego seafood company and Logan points out the man he saw on the bridge. They confront him and… I guess it looks like him. The guy won’t come forward because he’s scared of the PCHers that hang around his neighborhood and doesn’t want his family in danger; apparently he chased them off and saved Logan’s life.


There’s no good news to report to Weevil, so he tries another route: Molly Fitzpatrick, Felix’s girlfriend. In Weevil’s flashback he remembers Felix talking about the good pay for trucking, and settling down and making shorties. He gives her a toy truck he says he found in Felix’s locker and asks her about their future plans. Weevil thinks she never cared about him, but she says loved him. In an explosive confrontation (and I mean explosive: I think Weevil killed his vocal chords), he yells at her that HE loved him, because he’s the only one trying to find out what happened to him. Background kids look shocked. At River Stix, Molly tries to not-so-smoothly extract some information from her Uncle Liam and Cousin Danny, but they want her to forget him, because they claim Felix bragged about having sex with her (pluggin’ the good ship, Molly-pop), and if her father wasn’t in jail, he would’ve killed Felix himself. Turns out the toy truck was bugged and Veronica and Weevil heard the whole thing.

Lamb won’t admit this as evidence, since it isn’t a real confession and obtained illegally, he says. Veronica tells Weevil to give her more time, but he tells her he’s running out of patience and it’s time for plan B. Later, she somehow convinces the truck driver to bring himself forward by talking to his wife? What? He tells Lamb he saw a PCHer stab another and put the knife in an unconscious Logan’s hand. He also remembers the bike: red with a spider. Lamb apparently has a good memory as he immediately knows who’s it is. He gives a call out to pick up Eduardo “Thumper” Orozco, but it’s too late — Plan B’s in action. Weevil chloroforms Thumper as he’s making the drop-off at the church in front of a couple of kids in a van, which I don’t really get… for now. He takes the money and when he comes to, the Fitzpatricks interrogate him on where the cash is. They’re not convinced he was knocked out since he doesn’t have a head wound, and Thumper doesn’t know the word chloroform.” Danny comes back with a bag of money, which he found on his motorcycle. Some indeterminate amount of time later, Liam and Danny are tying Thumper to a urinal and they gag him, but not before he spits out that he’s got something on Liam… is it Curly’s death? The haunting sound of a melancholy horn and the long shot of an immaculate restroom with Eduardo tied up literally gave me chills for some reason — I knew what would happen next. Some guy reports to Woody he found a red motorcycle with a spider on it underneath the stadium. It would take too long to remove it, and the warning horn’s been sounding forever, so they go ahead with the ceremony. Veronica and her father watch a televised Logan push the plunger and the stadium begins to fall. Thumper realizes his fate.

Final shot: Weevil finally goes to confession after a long, long time.

So Thumper was commissioned by the Fitzpatricks to off Felix because he was running his mouth about sexing Molly, which Weevil thinks was a rumor started by Thumper because in the flashback Felix was too in love with Molly to say things like that? Okay, then why specifically blame Logan again? It’s not like anyone was getting ready to finger Thumper and he needed a patsy. Why did Thumper start the rumor in the first place? Wow, so that’s like, one question that’s been answered since I posted my list last week.

Oh right, we also found out that anonymous calls went to everyone in the gang, and Weevil beat up Curly to save his life, because the other PCHers wanted to drop him off a cliff. The call said Curly crashed the bus to get rid of their gangmate Cervando, but Curly claims to know who crashed the bus, but, he’s now, you know, dead beached guy. Thumper notices a parked car and warns Weevil. It turns its headlights on and everyone runs. Wait, so that’s another question, and… yeah.


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