Versatile Toppings 2×14

I hoped the MotW wouldn’t be as sloppy as last epispode’s, unfortunately, it was just too easy to figure out. Not because of obvious clues, but really bad acting by Kristin Cavalleri. Thanks for being unsubtle, you untalented reality show… person. Might as well, since her appearance was supposed to coincide with her new reality show, Get the Party Started or some stank-ass shit, but this episode aired about a month too late and her show was cancelled after two episodes. Karma’s a bitch.

Veronica was asked to find out who was blackmailing gay students to keep their homosexuality a secret, and I figured it out by Cavalleri’s second appearance that she was the “blackmailer”; it was only to get money from a self-hating gay to get out of Neptune and be out and proud with her girlfriend Marlena. Stunt casting can bring in viewers… but I hate it when they make them the perp. Like Dean Cain guesting on L&O: SVU — the obvious conclusion would be that Dean Cain’s character is the culprit, duh. When Paris Hilton guested (shudders), she did not play a suspect or whatever… well, actually she did, but it turned out she didn’t do it, and that’s what I’m trying to say: Quit making it so obvious! But I also blame Kristin Kalamari’s lame acting, so… 50/50?

Here are the important parts of the main mysteries:

Terrence was at a casino when the bus went over, so Keith decides to go over there to acquire some security footage to clear his name. Terrence isn’t so sure Leonard Lobo, the casino head, would be so acquiescent since the two Fitzpatrick men threatening him at his house (whom Ms. Dumass overheard) were sent by Lobo. LeoLobo (heh, Sheriff Lobo) says Terrence owes him millions, but realizes a jailed man can’t pay him back. At least, like, not immediately. Lobo only offers two photographs of Terrence: one at 7:01 and the other at 7:06, but none at 7:03, when the bus went over. Keith tells him he needs one at that time, but Lobo just smirked suspiciously… does he have another motive? Did he suddenly change his mind and want Terrence caught? Additionally, Keith finds out the casino jams cell reception, so there’s no way Terrence could’ve activated the bomb with his cell. Lamb still doesn’t buy it (he could’ve used a landline), and isn’t deterred when Keith plays him a recording of Lamb blackmailing Terrence (there’s a lot of blackwhatting in this episode). Not because he has moral convictions, but he wants to see Terrence crash and burn. Which is weird, because I thought he catered to rich people so… he does have moral convictions? My brain hurts.

Jackie offers Veronica a ride to the game (I know!) since V’s car’s in the shop and it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. Snooping around for a screwdriver in a cabinet, Veronica thinks she’s found explosives in Terrence’s garage and reports to her father immediately. Why do I think it’s a red herring? Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m pretty sure Jackie said WOODY GOODMAN lets her father use his hangar to store his luxury cars.

Logan and Hannah are seeing each other on the down low, so much so that he practically ignores her in public. He claims it’s because he wants to protect her, since his first girlfriend was murdered and his last girlfriend had a similar attempt on her life. Playing hard to get = successful, so they get all cuddly after she accepts the explanation. Dr. Griffith, her father, arrives home and confronts him privately. He wants Logan out of his house, and he’ll leave… but only if Dr. Griffith backs off as the mystery witness in his murder case. The next day, hannaH tells Logan her father told her the truth, but he argues that her father’s a lying cokehead in cahoots with the Fitzpatricks to frame him. He practically begs her to look around the house and keep an “open mind.” Hannah is highly suggestible so she snoops, finding River Stix (well-known Fitzpatrick hotspot) on his Caller ID several times and a baggie of coke in a band-aid box in the bathroom. She runs back to Logan as fast as her little skewer legs can carry her and they finally go public. Based on an offhanded remark by Mac (willowy blondes have plastic surgeon fathers), Veronica has an idea of what’s really going on.

I didn’t realize Dr. Griffith was a cokehead to boot. Logan emerged from the bathroom before speaking to the good doctor, so did he plant it, or did he find it after some snooping of his own? (Blackmailing and snoop, this episode’s got in spades!) I can’t imagine his running the risk of buying drugs when he’s the defendant in a murder trial, and if he did put it there, what if the doctor had found it first? I’m leaning towards Dr. Griffith likes his nose candy. Or however he likes his drugs.


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