The Girls Go Bald 6.01

First impressions:

Poor grape-stomping girl! I would’ve liked it if she made it to the final thirteen… or would I??

Racist Texan bitch = SEE YA! Wow, this girl was so hypocritical, she would’ve made Stan Lee blush. I know this sentence made no sense, I just wanted to quote Comic Book Guy. Anyway, she wanted people to keep an open mind about people whose beliefs were different, YET SHE HATED GAYS AND MUSLIMS. Does she even know the word hypocritical? Does she think it a river-dwelling animal with enormous chompers that lives in Africa? Actually, I don’t think her brain is big enough to comprehend this.

Nnenna is the frontrunner, and I’d loved it if she won, but I hope she falters here and there… or it’d just be too fricking obvious she’s the winner.

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and Jade just smacks of arrogance. There were others in previous cycles that were also confident, but didn’t sound like a complete douchebag while at it; they had something different. Also, she’s old. Granny.

Gina is the most stereotypical Asian girl ever. She’s a composite of about five different girls I’ve personally known in my life, from her speech, her looks, her mannerisms even to the sound of her voice. She also has terrible diction. Not good times.

Furonda should shut the fuck up, she looks like one of the aliens on South Park that stuck a transmitter up Cartman’s asshole.

Moo-moo, moo moo moo moo?


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