Profit DVD

The Complete Series

Jim Profit’s To-Do List for the Pilot

[x] blackmail dead boss’s secretary
[x] have sex with stepmom
[  ] become president of Acquisitions
[x] become senior VP of Acquisitions
[  ] destroy Jack Walters for ruining plans and becoming president of Acquisitions
[x] kill _____________
[x] sleep nude in a cardboard box

How many corporate thrillers are on TV right now, or have been on? Can’t say I can name any, or at least remember any. Jim Profit is the antihero, working for no one but himself and doing what it takes to rise to the top. The two-hour pilot plays like a movie, so much so that I knew immediately any subsequent episodes just wouldn’t live up to it. In fact, they revealed pretty much everything about Profit and his motivations by the time the episode was over, I thought, “where’s the mystery?” The second ep is a good “sequel” in that in delves further into his background, but now that I know where he’s coming from, when I saw the third episode, so what?

When he was actually protecting his own skin, whether it was trying to hide his past and keep his opponent, Joanne Meltzer, the chief of security, from exposing him, or seeing what unorthodox (to put it mildly) methods he would use for the company, I was interested. Yet that’s the thing: FOR THE COMPANY. Instead of being loyal to himself, he is also loyal to a corporation. I know he wants to bide his time and get into their good graces so he can come out on top, but it just kind of diluted the series. I think if it was a miniseries or a movie, it would’ve been strong throughout, instead of opening with a bang and dropping into “better than most shows, but not as great as itself in the pilot” territory. Even so, it was unfortunate this unique series was cancelled so soon.


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