Rashard & Wallace Go to White Castle 2×12

Last episode, Donut ran away from Neptune with his baby and Wallace had ran back (in 2×10) — because he was involved in a hit-and-run accident. The driver of the red Hummer with spinning wheels was Rashard Rucker, apparently the best high-school basketball player in the nation. His uncle, Monty Rucker, also Rashard’s agent and manager, told the boys to keep quiet. Fennel is feelin’ the guilt, so he spills to a reporter (oh, so not a cop?) in the beginning of R&WGtWC. He braces for the wrath that often comes when you sully the name of a beloved ball player, but instead is blamed himself when dear ol’ Uncle Rucker spooks the other passengers of the car.

Rashard’s coming out to California because UCLA wants to recruit him, and Wallace thinks he can convince Rashard to withdraw the story, because he is kewl (oh, Duncan). Uncle Rucker is like Hamlet’s uncle, pouring poison into people’s ears and won’t have any of it. Veronica and Wallace’s plan to isolate Rash from his overprotective uncle fails. When Veronica remarks she wants a cheeseburger (hey, I kinda want one too, now) for dinner, Wallace remembers they stopped at a White Castle drive-thru before the accident and asks his dad, Nathan Woods, still in Chicago (PD), to check it out.

Besides the exodus of Duncan, last episode also had Weevil learning Felix secretly dated Molly Fitzpatrick and planned to tattoo her face on his chest. (Class with a capital “K.”) Was he fraternizing with the enemy or was it The West Side Story? Well, Felix already kicked it, will Molly make a speech about hatred with her lisp? (Will we find out that her lisp means something of importance later on? It would make more sense to me that if one wanted to act, to not have speech impediments, so I don’t think it’s natural to the actress…) When Weevil confronts her about their forbidden relationship, she wants to keep it quiet: Her uncles and cousins would be none too pleased, to say the least. She reveals they met in church (“the only place the micks and the spics ever get together without someone getting punched”) and one of her uncles, Patrick Fitzpatrick (yeah) is the priest there. Weevil privately meets Logan at his Neptune Grand hotel suite (well, it’s Duncan’s, but he’s become a fugitive, so) and is convinced the way the Fitzpatricks are distributing drugs to the PCHers to deal is through Patrick (a family of hoodlums and one priest is suspicious to him, I suppose). Weevil and Logan ask Veronica to bug the confessionial to catch which PCHer is the culprit.

Nathan finds out the White Castle drive-thru employee (and witness to Rashard’s driving) hadn’t come into work for days and the security footage is missing. Wallace believes he was bought off to lay low by Uncle Rucker. He and Veronica formulate another plan: infiltrate the Alpha Rho Nu party Rash plans to attend, but Veronica finds herself out of place — it’s a black fraternity. (It’s a black fraternity, Veronica, they’re not racist.) Wallace heads into the unknown on his own, and finally speaks to Rashard one-on-one, but the latter thinks the former is being a rat by trying to expose the truth and ruining his future. Great rationalization there, Rash. I can see you are a pillar of morality. As Wallace leaves, he spots Jackie cozying up to Rashard. Even though he ignored her messages while in Chicago, and their first meeting when he returned was strained at best, Wallace tries to persuade Jackie to leave with him. She muses aloud angrily is she suddenly now his? Rashard calls over a couple of security-like enforcers and they trap Wallace in a closet. Jackie is getting tired of this shit and takes him to a Hollywood club; Veronica follows. Wallace is finally released, but Uncle Rucker spots him. Better off inside the closet, I say. Uncie Ruck threatens him to keep his mouth shut, though now he can’t find his nephew and Wallace doesn’t miss out on the ironing. It’s delicious.

When Uncle Rucker passes through the metal detector at Club Thin, a security guard switches his phone with another and hands the real one to Veronica. It’s Super Huge Deputy, who appeared last episode solely to clunkily tell her he’d let her into the club he moonlights at! I didn’t realize he’d be back! (Not.) Now they have his call records and can track down the White Castle employee (Guy Abrutti).

Veronica reviews footage from the bugged confessional, which clears Patrick Fitzpatrick and instead shows Liam Fitzpatrick leaving a hymnal full of drugs behind for a PCHer to pick up. Weevil holds another late-night meeting and finally outs their Benedict Arnold — Thumper… and the rest of the gang. (I thought it might be him, but I didn’t realize that everyone would leave Weevil out of the loop.) Weevs can’t believe they are in cahoots with the same people that made his successor, Felix’s brother, disappear. Thumper suggests maybe Weevil’s the traitor — Hector’s cousin works at the Neptune Grand and spotted him walking out of the room of Felix’s alleged killer, Logan Echolls. Whuh-oh. They proceed to beat him bloody. In a a not-so-surprising turn, Thumper takes charge of the situation, directing Hector to drive Weevil’s bike into the ocean. (Is that a morsel of remorse I see on Hector’s face or do I finally need glasses?) This scene — the dialogue, the diction, and the performance — reminded me of the “flashback” Thumper told of how Felix supposedly took command at the bridge. So Thumper probably was the one that ran things, not Felix, when Weevil was knocked out. But did he kill Felix? Weevs thinks so, but Thumper just calls it an interesting theory, “Eli.” (Thumper must be a fan of Lost.) Thumper shuts him up by showing him the video he recorded on his cell: Weevil beating up Curly Moran (aka Dead Beached Guy with “Veronica Mars” written on his palm).

Nathan finds Guy Abrutti hiding out in a hotel room dancing without pants to a couple of speechless (the bad kind) girls and a bag of cash. All I can say is: Woody from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch! Heh, another Woody. Nathan flashes his badge and before we know it, Wallace is off the hook. Jackie approaches our BFF team again and we realize her appearance at the party was planned. She must’ve done it to get back into his good graces, and asks if they can hang out again. Instead, Jane walks by and asks Wallace if they are still on for the weekend. Burn!

Eli rides the bus to school. Literary devices I like: foreshadowing. (He remarked in 2×09 he didn’t want to end up the bald guy with tattoos riding the bus.) Are they trying to woobify him? ‘Cuz… it’s kinda working. I actually care somewhat about him. He’s still my least favorite cast member, but — and I mean this — aw.

While shredding old surveillance photos, Veronica spots Terrence Cook (Jackie’s dad) in the corner of a photo romancing Miss Dumass, the journalism teacher on the bus crash, and tells her father. The wiley Keith Mars sneaks into the sheriff’s department’s evidence room to steal recordings of witness statements of the bus crash (like Veroinca!). Thanks to his missing sex-tapes investigation, he knows the ins and outs of the new security system. Listening to them over his headphones (like Veronica!), we find Dick recalling he asked for a limo because the bus smelled like dead butt, Beaver seems jealous of the extra affection their father gave Dick, and all knew Curly Moran, not just Dead Beached Guy, but a mechanic from Symbolic Motors, a garage that catered only to expensive cars, and supposed bus crasher. Oh, and Gia’s dad, Woody, told her not to take the bus back. O__O But, as if on cue, the news anchorman announces Terrence Cook was brought in for questioning as a suspect in the bus crash…

All the major fakeouts this season make little sense and thus, are annoying. First we have 2×01, where we’re subjected to the boyfriend fakeout. “He’s [her bf] visiting his dad.” “Why would he do that?” “That’s what I said.” Why would Duncan have a problem visiting? In the first season, it seems they had bonded quite well. I mean, sure the stigma of visiting a parent might be nerdy, but apparently Duncan is practically perfect in every way, so I don’t think he’d feel begrudged visiting his dad. He only covered up a murder, not actually murder anyone. Last episode, I had most problem with Kendall being there. Sure, it promulgated the impending breakup, BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS ILLEGITIMATE CHILD???? The baby wouldn’t affect their relationship, at all? I guess in 2×10, the Donut was onto something (“this [the baby] has nothing to do with us”). Finally it turned out Jackie was in on the ruse, but the way they showed it made it a little hard to swallow. Did she arrive first at the party or after they did? A lot of things happen off screen, but shouldn’t the misdirection and whatnot make sense afterward and not cause viewers to question so much of it? :'(


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