Did Kendall Casablancas crash the bus?

I’ve already offered shaky reasons why Woody Goodman might be the perpetrator behind the bus crash, but I had never really considered Kendall. I mean, I knew she was a suspect, why else was she introduced, appearing in several episodes, with some more in the future to come? After ten episodes though, I’m beginning to see clues that point to her, or red herrings at least. (I’m going to be spoiling season 1 and 2, so, yeah.)

1) She’s this season’s Aaron Echolls, in that she’s married, yet carrying on an extramarital affair with a younger person, who happens to be Aaron’s son. Aaron slept with Logan’s girlfriend, Lilly, the daughter of Jake Kane. It’s all connected in sexual ways. Also: brown hair and eyes, slightly tanned weathered face. (Charisma Carpenter is hot-looking, but she can’t really play a convincing 25-year-old.)

2) She’s a gold digger. I’m sure Big Dick Casablancas more than likely has his share of expensive cars, and Kendall tried to sell his Maserati in 2×09 to no avail. So maybe Kendall had brought one of them into the auto shop that only services fine European automobiles (man, I can’t remember the name), where Curly worked. Veronica joked in 2×04 that they’d make a cute couple and we brushed it aside, but what if in retrospect she was unknowingly being ironic? It was a slightly odd line, anyway, so maybe it really means something.

So, what if Kendall and Curly met when she brought a car in, and they too started an affair? Curly’s not much of a looker, but I don’t think Kendall has particularly high standards, except I suppose when it comes to shoes and working out. Let’s say she convinced him to rig the bus to crash, since we know he was a former stunt coordinator who rigged a truck to crash back in the day. The fact that he was also Aaron Echolls’ friend would be a red herring, then. Her intended targets were her stepsons, Dick and Beaver. This motive has been tossed about, but how did she do it? is what I’ve wondered. Well, now we have some idea.

With Dick and Beaver gone, their trust funds would be useless and would presumably go back to Big Dick. Which means more money for Kendall. Of course, Big Dick sent the limo Dick, Jr. requested and the rich kids were spared. Curly washes up onshore dead with “Veronica Mars” written on his palm.

This isn’t really why I think she did it, but more like why she could’ve done it. Of course, I’m apt to leave Curly off as the one since Weevil got an anonymous phone call that basically said Curly did it in 2×04. I don’t think they would give that up so early so easily. And why was her name on his hand????

I’m really hoping the bus crash and stabbing tie together. I like things like that.

ETA: Oh yeah I’m not going to write anything about tomorrow’s episode, Donut Run, because I have been a) more spoilt than a rich princess riding her hairless pony; b) spoiled up my ass, through my mouth and past the stratosphere or c) all of the above. I’m still going to watch it, though. I’m really upset at how things turned out and… whatever. :(
Edit: Unless Rob pulls a fast one on us: he premiered Donut Run with a fake ending at the Austin event, and will show the real one on television! Oh, wishful thinking, where would I be without ye…


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