S.O.B.s 3×09

Best. Episode. Ever.

George Sr. thinks the family needs to hold a dinner to improve their image in the community. Michael wonders if the Bluths are even worth saving (YES YOU ARE). They decide to tap Andy Richter to host the party, who happens to be brothers with Donny Richter, George Michael’s teacher at his new school. Andy and Donny are part of the Richter quintuplets, one of whom doesn’t want his face shown.

Obviously, saving the Bluths is a thinly-veiled metaphor for saving the show. What were some tricks they employed and/or stole from other shows to bring in the viewers, thus hopefully saving the show?

– Lindsay becomes a housewife to support her daughter’s tuition, and Gob accidentally gets a job as a waiter. (To be more “mainstream.”)


– Special 3-D moments! Get your glasses now!

– Celebrities! Zach Braff, Ben Stiller, Jamie Kennedy, and more!


– Tune in for the live finale!

And I know there is so much more. This is who died: the racist white old lady (so that makes it okay). George Sr. is the murderer; he was the notorious Muffin Man who sent 25 teachers poisoned muffins in the seventies! (Actually the first two were his, the rest were just copycats.)

Michael decides to call his father out on his shit at the party and people run when they find out he’s the Muffin Man. Gob starts threatening to follow them to their cars if they don’t tip him (he’s a waiter, remember). Tobias’s handwritten cards meant for casting agents end up in the guests’ gift bags, freaking them out as they say, “I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! HAHAHA!” Actually, Michael’s speech was not desperate enough to get donations! TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

There is just so much other stuff in this episode I won’t even bother to get into, as it’ll take at least three people working eight hours straight to do. It’s really a testament to the writers how much they pack into a 22-minute episode, with at least twice as much content as the 44-minute Lost or Veronica Mars. That’s right, I went there!

Best. Show. Ever.


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