Æon Flux DVD

The Complete Animated Collection

I thought I’d check it out just to see what the big deal was about (granted, the movie garnered bad press and similarly bad box office returns, but it had to have made a big enough deal to generate a live-action movie). It starts out interestingly enough, but soon I realized, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Lost have spoiled me. Each episode was a self-contained story and had little to do with one another. You just need to know Æon Flux is a secret agent (or assassin, it’s never that clear and I rented it from online) from Monica; Trevor Goodchild, her antagonist, is the leader of Bregna (who I think has entirely way too much time on his hands, considering his position), and they both want to fuck each other up in every sense of the word. Knowing that bit of info and you can really watch any episode in any order (except I suppose for the last one, which I read is an ending of sorts).

Around the middle of the third-season episodes, I thought they were trying too hard and wanking off on their creation of a scantily-clad chick. It was not their intention, but I would’ve liked some character or plot arc, or even better, some individual background information. How did Æon and Trevor arrive at their current situation? How did they first meet? When did they first have sex? Who took pictures that were showcased in the episode Reraizure of their sexual romp? Maybe not that specifically weird, but you get the idea. Instead of continuity (there is some, somewhat), in one instance she’s shot dead as her clone takes her place and in the next she’s trapped in a paralytic fluid, I’m assuming, forever. It all leads to a lot of flash and a shiny exterior, but not enough for me to care about the characters. Luckily, there were only ten, very well done, standalone episodes. The pilot and 5-minute shorts (which were on the last disc unfortunately, since they aired before the 22-minute episodes and I like chronology) were just as good, if not better.

It seems like I’m bashing the show, but I liked it on a episode-by-episode basis. Looking at it as a whole, I would’ve enjoyed continuity and more character information (I’m telling ya, I’m SPOILED like a princess by all these serial TV shows in the U.S. cropping up). I wouldn’t mind owning it. Too bad it doesn’t have subtitles nor captioning. Curse thee! ::shaking fist::


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