One Angry Veronica 2×10

[Italics is commentary from second viewing.]

They really amped up the class tensions in this episode. Poor Logan! Go to Veronica! Eventually!

Okay the way the jury deliberation ended kind of made little sense to me, mainly because my mom was being a see you next Tuesday again during that bit.

21:59 – Original ending won! That’s right, bitch!!!

21:56 – WALLACE IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s her late night visitor, they were trying to hype it in the commercials. I’m so glad it’s not Duncan. He’s never taken initiative and he stands idly by…

21:55 – So Meg died?!?! (She had a blood clot and the baby girl survives.) THEY SPOILED IT IN THE ALTERNATE ENDING!

21:51 – They vote to convict. The white CEO changes his mind because he figures the boys will appeal and the new jury they get won’t be headed by some high school cheerleader. V’s car is shoe polished again. OMG LEO STOLE THE TAPES! That’s why they brought him back. His sister has Down Syndrome and he wants to send her to a private school with special treatment.
That white CEO is a such a cocksucker. He was the one who volunteered Veronica as foreperson and now he’s all pissy about it.

21:48 – Logan watches the tapes and cries. Then he gets rid of them. $50,000 for that, what a waste. And he still calls Lilly the love of his life… No showdown though, I guess Keith doesn’t hate Logan that much. Only when he thinks he will hurt his daughter.

21:40 – Logan e-mails everyone on the list offering money. Keith takes the bait and figures out it’s him. The white rich CEO won’t vote against the two kids. Veronica deduces the gun is the girl’s: if it was the boys’ she wouldn’t need to throw it away. She’s already been busted for a firearms rap, and can’t own one legally. The pimp is really her boyfriend or whatever, not the footballer. The footballer tore his ligament, so how could he jump a 6-foot fence? KEITH AND LOGAN SHOWDOWN!! (Again, that is.)
All righty, the girl is telling the truth. One of the boys’ fathers represented Carnell Myles, the footballer with a torn ligament. With some fiduciary incentive, Carnell turns himself in as her “pimp” to get the boys off the hook. In reality, after she was beaten, she called her boyfriend, also a black guy, who at a distance looks like Carnell and is the one jumping the fence with the gun. She called him up so he could dispose of her gun, which she wasn’t supposed to have.

21:36 – Logan stole a list of e-mail addresses of the sheriff dept. staff.

21:34 – Haha, Dunkin’ Donuts commercial! Not to mention Lianne doing Chex commercial, Butters doing a Pizza Hut commercial and Rob Thomas (of matchbox 20) for Target in the past all aired during VM. There’s some kind of weird conspiracy goin’ on…

21:32 – Keith’s gift to Veronica is a souped up laptop. When she opens it she finds two articles about the girl’s supposed pimp… a football player. I would’ve went for the pony myself. The camera caught her “pimp” running from the scene, 12 minutes after the gunshots. What is going on??

21:29 – The old Latina says she will switch her vote if no one crosses to her side. Another woman and Veronica cross over. Everyone is pissed they are still doing duty during holiday break. Like The Todd (from Scrubs, heeeee).

21:26 – Keith questions Logan! Logan steals some document from the sheriff’s department!

21:22 – Thumper visits Veronica at her job and wants to know if she’ll find the Mexican girl’s story false. So apparently the Mexican girl said her and two 09er guys smoked some weed and went to a hotel room, and the girl says they had a gun, beat her and tried to rape her. The gun was never found. The boys say her pimp came in and threatened the girl. The only dissenting voter, an old Latina, says why would a girl work all day at the car wash and then turn tricks at night?
Veronica greets Thumper with, “Which one are you? Blinky? Humpty? Zorro?” Does Veronica know about Logan’s escapade with the masked bandidos? She did emphasize on Zorro in a certain way… unless it was just dramatic irony. (Veronica didn’t realize she was being ironic.)

21:19 – LEO! He still sounds marblemouth-y.

21:17 – 11 innocent and 1 guilty. Sacks is back!!

21:12 – Haha, Veronica’s been involuntarily volunteered as foreperson. OMG Lamb is working out instead of solving crime. HE TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF! Is he coming onto Keith?? Goodman wants Keith to find out who stole the tapes.

21:07 – Oh shit! Meg’s parents are finding info on Duncan’s epilepsy to prove he’s unfit to parent! Does Kristen Bell have a pimple on her cheek? Meg begs V if anything happens to her to not send the baby away and not let her parents keep it. Jury duty! Her wrath is like Twelve Angry Veronicas.

21:04 – Who stole the Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes? And sold them to Logan? (Okay that latter one is a spoiler… for now.)
Goodman asks Keith to investigate the sheriff department since it’s most likely an inside job. Is he in love with him or something?? Okay maybe not as romantic a reason, but there’s something up! (Oh, that kinda sounds double entendre-y.

21:02 – The letter from Chris is her aunt. And Dick is SOOOO a dick. He obviously doesn’t know Meg is pregnant, yet he knows she’s awake? He thinks she’ll make it to his New Year’s Party. Duncan is going to be with his ‘rents.
Duncan is keeping so many secrets. Knowing Meg was preggo, not telling his parents about being with Veronica again, not telling Veronica about Kendall at all, and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE. DUMP HIS ASS.

20:58 – Oh my God, I’m right! I think my mom’s gift is rubbing off.

20:57 – I’m guessing: Nicole?!

20:51 – First time ever liveblogging… so who’s going to win ANTM?? For the first time, I don’t have a clear favorite. They’re both good; Nik was always below my radar, and I never thought Nicole was really “modelly” until last episode…


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