Blast From the Past 2×05

First post, I wanted to give more of my own thoughts than recapping it, but I wanted to provide some backstory, so it turned out a lot longer than I wanted it to be…

A bunch of blasts from various pasts: Alicia’s ex, Wallace’s real dad, re-emerges in their lives; something Keith did in the late 80’s that seemed like what a good Samaritan would do bites him in the ass; a voicemail left at the exact moment the bus crashed surfaces; and Lilly’s spirit has a message from the netherworld… or does she?

The episode picks up where the last one left off: Carl Morgan (or Nathan Woods??) proclaiming to be Wallace’s real father. Alicia admits the man they buried in Cleveland signed papers officially declaring Wallace as his son. She also claims that even though his real father was a narcotics detective, he was a junkie as well and she gave him a choice: drugs or family. Later, Carl/Nathan shows up at Wallace’s place of work with numerous letters addressed to Wallace, but were returned to sender, and argues he was never given that choice. Apparently he didn’t even know about Wallace until Alicia’s mom told him (“guess Grandma always liked me.”) and by then she had left. Taken aback, Wallace produces these letters to his mom, exposing her lies. I think Carathan is lying about something, too, or will lie about something. Because face it, everybody that has a recurring role here is going to lie at one time or another.

Meanwhile, the campaign for sheriff is under way (I still think Keith will lose — the good guy always does… at least in Neptune). During a debate, Lamb underhandedly dredges up something from sixteen years ago: then-Deputy Mars let a certain Ed Doyle off the hook after catching him driving drunk, instead just following him home in his car. If he had had a DUI charge on his record, he would never have been hired as a bus driver… the same bus driver who drove a busful of students off of a cliff! Oh no he di’int!

Ah, Sheriff Lamb aka Officer Fuckface. The guy we all loooove to hate. He has a certain charm and snarkiness about him, but at the same time I want to punch him in the face! (Man, I’m rhyming again.) If Lamb’s plan is to rake up Mars muck, Veronica decides to play dirty, too. She bugs Lamb’s office with — wait for it — a bug (a beetle, which is an insect actually, but nitpicking takes the fun out of it). She sends the package posing as Jake Kane with Kane Software stationery telling “The Exterminator” (another Ahh-nold nod?) to “knock ’em dead.”

The rift between Veronica and Jackie widen as Wallace chooses to confide in his friend about his father, fanning the girlfriend’s fire of jealousy further — until Jackie approaches Veronica for help with mysterious credit card charges. Friend? Foe? After asking for help Jackie asks rhetorically of Veronica with V not in the room, “can we skate on her?” (Some of V’s friends are disappointed she didn’t win a spot on the Royal Court for Homecoming, and Logan snarks maybe she should try for Winter Carnival as ice princess, although I think this might’ve been a subtle “icy bitch” comment.) Logan somewhat defends Veronica while at the same time somewhat flirts with Jackie… so we know something will happen between these (more on that later).

That skating comment clued me in to her true intentions (never mind the fact I was spoiled). During a little female bonding moment, Veronica gives up a secret of using Mamma-Max (boob cream) as a freshman to Jackie, after she admitted her own secret, which was lame anyway. (That’s why you should always reveal secrets on the same level of lameness! Duh!) Figuring out the psychic, Madam Sophie, did the crime, Veronica goes on the psychic’s community-access show to reveal her as a fraud… only to be revealed as a Mamma-Max user! OH NO SHE DI’INT! (So definitely… foe.)

I have to say though, that was a pretty elaborate setup just to humiliate Veronica. Couldn’t she have waited for her to come to school in a skirt and pull it down during lunch or something? That was pretty sad on Jackie’s part. I could just imagine her tenting her fingers and going, “Eeeexcellent.” Could Jackie just trust her man? Could Wallace’ve been more considerate of his girlfriend when confiding in Veronica? Possibilities.

But that’s not all. As all of Neptune High is (supposedly) watching, the psychic says she has a message from Lilly: “Back off my man, bitch!” {paraphrased} This was a completely unexpected moment and I think I got a little shiver down me spine. Jackie’s reaction was hard to read, but Wallace looked concerned. Logan looked a little whatthefuck and Duncan, as always, just looked like a dead tree. (Duncan and Logan interaction are some of my favorite scenes though, which we do not have enough of.) During the commercial, I thought this too, had to be Jackie’s work. However, she denied it, so I guess she didn’t really supply it? If the psychic really is a fake, she could’ve easily read the news and realized she was talking to THE GIRL WHO WAS ALMOST FLAMBÉED BY LILLY’S MURDERER. And I’m sure tabloids and gossip abounded with the fact she dated Lilly’s murderer’s son, also Lilly’s boyfriend. Lilly can be petty, but she’s dead, although I guess you can afford to be petty then. She also “saved” Veronica’s life. Why? To bitch at her four episodes later through a medium? But I’m 50-50 on this one… (Anything involving Lilly this season seems very supernatural, kind of unusual for the show; whereas last year were dreams, flashbacks, tapes, etc., though the one where Veronica was imagining her sitting on the pool chair explaining even if her family members were buttwipes no way they could murder anyone was the most supernatural-ly of them.)

Remember that bug? Veronica downloads a conversation between Jackie’s father and Lamb to play during Homecoming for revenge. Fuckface as always, is a fuckface: he blackmails Terrence Cook into donating a hefty sum for his campaign, lest he reveal some betting secrets. (The way Lamb said this sounded like he meant Cook was either throwing baseball games for bettors or Cook did some nasty freaky things sexually.) Veronica backs off though when Wallace tells her to be selfless and let it go, which really struck a chord — Veronica is the titular character, the protagonist, the heroine — but in her quest for the truth she may perform unethical, even illegal acts, stuff the viewers may at first ignore or root her for — because c’mon, she’s Veronica Mars! — but as time goes on may think, “Hold the mayo, Cletus, did she just say one thing and do the other? Duplicitous!” She’s also used to exacting vengeance (she’s no longer “that girl” from pre-Season 1), even for little things: “just because you got all drunk and slutty” means the crushing of a prized surfboard, “now there’s a woman [Veronica’s mom] who could drink” (among other taunts) equals a planted bong, and more. Veronica isn’t Beelzebub, but as Wallace said in 2×01, “I was wondering where we were drawing the ethical line this year.”

Michelle, who was also on the community-access show, reveals she received a voicemail… from beyond the grave! OoOooOoOOooh! In all seriousness, it was freaky — what sounded like an explosion, screams, then splash. Sabotage? Here’s the thing, though: Is the sheriff department that inept, that dense, that retarded they couldn’t think of checking the wreckage for any sign of foulplay? No autopsies to discover cause of death, if they died after or before the crash? (Although the voicemail implies people were still alive as the bus was going down, but still, gotta check all avenues.) Were there bodies? They found Meg, who’s breathing with a machine, so I’m assuming they found others… at least some. Anyway, this makes me think the sheriff department may have a hand (they ARE suspects in making that anonymous phone call from Aaron Echolls’s house accusing Curly Moran, Aaron’s friend, as the bus saboteur), or at least Lamb. He wasn’t part of the cover-up last year… but anything goes this year. Veronica plays the message for her Dad, who decides to bring it to Lamb, who’s suspicious, but Keith really just wants justice — if he wanted to fuck him over he would’ve went to the local news station. Keith, however discovers the “bug” and surreptitiously whisks it away…

Wallace doesn’t take Jackie to Homecoming, who takes it hard and pops some pills. The pill popping was obvious since each person is paired with a piece of imagery in the opening credits, hers are a drawing of pills. (Still up in the air: Duncan and the security camera [Kane Software and streaming video?], Wallace and the chalk outline [his dead Dad died by homicide?], and Beaver/Cassidy with hat and a camera [I think this one they just pulled out their asses].) She either really likes Wallace or just really desperate for attention — again. Some guy grinds against her. Then Veronica spots her all over Logan. She rushes over and takes her head off by bewaring Jackie of her wrath for humiliating her and breaking Wallace’s heart. Jackie counters that Veronica should just “pick one of them already.” She has a point; sure she was trying to help Wallace, but I bet Jackie was with other guys beforehand (like the grinder), Veronica just happened to notice her when she’s with Logan? Which leads to my next thought — supposedly Duncan, Logan, and Veronica are supposed to be the “first leg” of a triangle. Will Logan and Jackie be involved in the second leg? Hm… hm… Anyway, Wallace spots this and leaves. The next morning, Wallace is missing — he’s in a car with his Dad.


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